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This question is from 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight-DISCONTINUED 1 answer In need of a switch (section) ~~ Light #115235 any info where parts are available?
I got this flashlight for Christmas after flipping through an AD and pointing it out that I wanted one. This light delivers a VERY bright beam, easily matching or exceeding my non-LED 3 cell maglite (though lacking the adjustable focus of the maglite).
Everything screws together and it has O Rings where it come apart so it should stay dry inside. Spotlights Rayovac Flashlights Indestructible 500 Lumen Waterproof Spot Flashlight Blacks Diy6aaspbBeing left in the dark is never an option with the Virtually Indestructible spotlight.
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The Defiant 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight uses high quality LED to produce 500 Lumens on 3 C-Alkaline batteries. Unfortunately, the Defiant 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight is discontinued and is no longer in stock or available to be purchased. Was surprised when I opened it up on Christmas day and shined it outside, and whoa is it bright!

Nice white color, doesn't have all of those rings in the beam like many maglights that I've seen.
The spotlight features 500 lumens with multiple light modes (High, Medium, and Low) for output up to 1,181 ft. The all Aluminum construction makes this a durable flashlight for any application, and run ups to 8 hours on fresh batteries. The item will remain on the website for customer reference, and the description will be updated with a€?DISCONTINUEDa€? if it has not been already. I have a Pecan Tree in the backyard, and always have Raccoons, Squirrels, and even Owls who like to scramble about. It has a tightly focused very bright beam but also a broader, less-bright beam, so it's like a searchlight within a regular beam--hard to describe, but a good compromise that gives you the best of both worlds despite the beam not being adjustable.
My son dropped mine from a 2nd story deck, the batteries seemed to compress.I changed the batteries and the flashlight worked like new! Shining this light through the limbs is great now because it doesn't just shine the front of the tree, it shines Everything.
Also, according to the packaging it has a lifetime warranty (I think the description online says one year).
I'm sure it would be visible from the stated 230 meters but this isn't a portable headlight for a car.

Have already had to use it inside for a blackout, makes a great lantern when propped up against something and shined on the ceiling.
It is in very short supply in my area (NE Ohio) so it may take some looking or an online order. Batteries that it shipped with are still hanging tough so I'm pleased that it's not a battery monster. It is with super bright Cree LED and Energizer Alkaline battery, up to 500 Lumens and can operate for a maximum of 12 hours run time. Build feels solid albeit on the large size (would prefer a shorter light for tight spaces but I do have smaller lights I can use in those cases.
After taking apart, it seems like there are a few spots where a rubber o-ring could have been installed.

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