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As you can tell in the video above, it has an absurd amount of controls for various brightness settings.
LOL!A required tool back on the FARM!Couldn't get thru a day without have a visegrip within reach. I like it, I save old LEDS and hope to get around to making some (very) basic lights with them. That’s 1500 lumens less than the average commercially available standard glove box flashlight.
I doubt that a commercially available standard glove box flashlight would give 5500 lumens.

People who follow LEDs, and I do, a bit, watch very closely how many lumens per watt an LED gives. Five outputs including Strobe and SOS cover from daily use to outdoor and professional use. It reminds me of this flashlight, made by Mac's Customs, which was an internet sensation a few years ago. Obviously the LED pack advertised will produce four or more times the amount of light photons. Most casings of LED lights, the 3 x 1w ones with the e27 base, have aluminum casings to deal with the heat.
Crees are apparently the best, they’re breaking records left and right, but it takes a while to go from the lab to the store.

Besides, the zoomable function is also very practical when you use it for different scenarios. They don't strike me as the whiny, dependent types who have put us in our current bind. The circuit uses a transistor and a transformer to send pulses through the LED (about 50,000 per second) to essentially blink the LED instead of lighting it continuously. This allows the LED to light using less than 1V in a AA battery, instead of the normal 3.2V to light a LED.

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