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AS shown in  circuit diagram the LEDs are arranged in alternately reversed order so that a “twinkle twinkle little stars” effect is produced. This is a simple 2 led cmos robot ( flasher, multivibrator ) circuit using CD4069 six inverter IC. Can you imagine of making a formidable little LED flasher or blinker using just a single transistor and a couple of other passive parts. That looks too good to be true, however the following diagram will simply prove that it's really possible to create a legal LED flasher circuit using just one general purpose transistor as the main component.
I came across this phenomena some eight years ago, accidentally, while trying to make a smallest possible motorcycle side indicator flasher, and was really amazed.
However, then I did have not any idea that it was happening due to the negative resistance characteristics of the transistor.
SunjayDecember 13, 2011 at 4:51 PMI actually wanted a circuit of water flow controller which will be fitted in the overhead tank only. By inverting the IC’s low output by pnp transistor BC558 the other group of LEDs is made to flash. So, the red and green LEDs may not flash with equal intensity (as they require different threshold voltage).
Inverter IC1-d is connected so that its output is opposite that of IC1-c; when  pin 6 is high, then pin 8 is low and vice versa.

Depending upon the supply voltage used, the value of the resistor may have to be changed to obtain maximum light output. Many other NPN small signal or switching transistors can be used, including 2N4401, PN2222 or 2N2222 using the circuit on the left.
The Q1 and Q2 be Transistor PNP be usable general (2N3906,2N2907, etc.) The R1 and R2 limit current that flow through LED the bilateral.
Because pins 6 and 8 are constantly changing state, first one LED and then the other is on since they are connected in reverse. Our website contains Free Collection of Electronics Circuits, PIC microcontroller projects, diagrams, tutorials, cad and PCB design software, vintage vacuum tube archives, hobby designs, datasheets and many schematics.
Now I want a controller cum motor protector which can be installed in the overhead tank itself.
Request friends have fun LED Flasher , this please sir.This circuit is working well on breadboard. Until the voltage drop at C1 increases,Q1 to the value that work.As a result, the current Q1. LEDs that require more current or have a higher operating voltage (such as green and yellow) may work better with 300 ohms.
The RC time constant of the 39K ohms resistor and the 10uF capacitor determines the on time for each side.

The components layout of Dual LED Flasher by BC556 And An actual-size of Single-sided Copper PCB layout.Simple flashing light by transistor BC548This circuit basically the base of LED Flashing circuit, the character generally be have Transistor stay 2 work alternate be be like the automatic switch that alternate work.
Operation of the circuit assume the Q1 run before LED1 will be lit, so the current flows through LED1, R1 through pin C out of leg E of Q1 at the same current will flow through LED2, R4 and the charge on C2 left delete right B positive stand out through the leg C of Q1, but the current lines are not enough to make light LED2 when C2 charges to the voltage BE value of less than 0.7V, resulting in downtime LED1 off Q1 and Q2. LED Flasher with SCR and UJTThis circuit systematically main work from Oscillator Circuit.
LED2 C1 bright start running positive charge left and right negative Q1 Q2 stopped off LED2 will start running again. The principle of this circuit, I built the bicycle tail light flashing for my son.At first he was very appreciate. When riding a bicycle in the evening.3v-dual-led-flasherMy son want to builds simple LED flasher. The triangle wave causes the Led to slowly get brighter and then slowly get dimmer until it isn’t producing any light. MR OHM 1970 February 25, 2014 Great Circuits can Be Found here,,MANY THANKS FROM MR.OHM 1970!!!

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