In my 40 years of experience using acupressure and yoga therapy, I found that the most effective exercises and healing techniques stimulate a series of special acupressure points along the spine on both sides. For more specific Back Care Acupressure Points and healing techniques, check-out: The Back Pain Pack consists of The Bum Back Book and the Back Pain Relief audio program. I have been dealing with nspial stenosis for a lil over 3 years now, I have seen a nuerologist, as well as an orthopedic back specialist, I have done physical therapy 2 seperate times, I have done a nerve conduction text. For Spinal Stenosis – to relieve some of the pain and improve your flexibility of your spine, use the Acu-Yoga DVD, the Back Pain Relief CD, and practice the traditional Chinese Qi Gong breathing exercises once or better yet trice a day. When we do the rock n’ roll movement for spine, can we do side by side or back and forth, or any way is ok?. I hope you will get the illustrated Bum Back Book and my narrated E-audio called Release Back Pain.
Yes, I mean gradually roll on the balls, up and down different segments of your spine to stimulate the Yu acupressure points. For Scoliosis: I suggest that you ask a good yoga teacher or physical therapist or osteopathic doctor who knows your body condition.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The 1.1 kg heavy Honolulu ring puts swing in your hips and helps you shape your waist while having fun training.
Training with the balance board works almost all of the muscle groups and trains coordination due to its 3D effect. The GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilising balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. The toning ball is the perfect addition to your exercise program by increasing the training of the arms, shoulders and upper body. The flexiband can be used for any type of muscle stabilisation – for both your upper and lower body. The massage balls with stimulating nubs are ideal for relieving tension and improving blood circulation, e.g. The Pilates ring is an easy and effective training device for the main muscle groups in the chest, arms, legs and back. The new BALANCE STEP is the ideal training equipment to improve physical stability and body image and to strengthen the deep muscles.

The BASIC GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilising balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. These spinal points and back care exercises, detailed and illustrated in my Back Pain Pack, are therapeutic to all your internal organs.
Place them on a carpeted floor and lie down gradually on the balls, with you spine between the two balls.
To get a discount on downloading both the book and the e-audio, click on the Back Pain Pack. I have created a therapeutic set of exercises that has helped many people with scoliosis and MS called the Acu-Yoga: Flexibility of the Spine on DVD. But 2010 I caught a cold, took cough suppressants dehydrated developed into racking body pain from lower back thru entire lower skeletal nerves ligaments, couldn’t walk, sit more than a min.
The vibrations of the SWING STICK target the deep muscles, tone problem zones and relieve the back. Whatever the surface, the anti-slip, high-quality YOGA MAT PRO will provide for secure footing. Training on the moving surface gives the muscular system new stimulation and challenges and you will quickly begin to notice the positive effects.
It is used not only for physical therapy but also for sophisticated training and fitness purposes. After training, the GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. The toning balls, available in three different weights, can also be integrated into your Pilates exercises. The yoga ball is superbly suited for deep relaxation and for strengthening the muscular system, such as the spine and abdominals.
Along with crunches, biceps and triceps exercises as well as exercises to strengthen the buttocks and back muscles are all part of a balanced tube training session.
The flexible dome reacts to movement and, together with the two traction ropes on the sides, enables a particularly diverse variety of training – from simple balance exercises to intensive workouts. After training, the BASIC GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the stomach, back and pelvic muscles.
The proper use of these back acupressure points benefit your overall wellness and hundreds of health problems.

If it hurts because the balls are hard, double a thick towel over them for padding.  After lying on the balls for five to ten minutes, deeply relax laying flat on your back with your knees bent, eyes closed, and take slow, deep breaths for another ten minutes to discover the benefits. Another comprehensive spine healing routine that strengthens the nervous system is in my Acu-Yoga book, and also guided by my voice in my Acu-Yoga DVD, called the Flexibility of the Spine, a set of 14 special exercises for your well-being and preventative health. I have had and xray,and a ct scan my dr’s have requested that I have surgery to fix the problem but my insurance refuses to ay for it. I have a DVD which could help relieve some of your pain and discomfort called Acupressure Stress Relief which will guide you how to do easy self care for relieving neck pain, shoulder tension, and more. With nubs on part of the surface, the GYM BALL offers an additional light massage effect and promotes circulation. It is also commonly used for exercise in physical therapy for sensitisation and mobilisation.
Sturdy and anatomically shaped handles secure the device, so that the ring can be held between your legs or arms. After rocking on your back for a minute or two, relax deeply with your eyes closed and take deep breaths for five to ten minutes to obtain the full health benefits. Thank you very much for your new article about Back Pain Relief – Acupressure Points and Self-Healing Techniques for Common Ailments and Health Benefits.
Sent it to me, and it has made the difference between living in extreme pain or being able to remain active. What do you think, if we use this technique of pressing Yu-points, by not laying on the floor but by using wall and moving our body up and down? I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old I can play with her, I can hold her with out fear of droping her I can’t carry anything mor then 10 pounds, I can walk or stand or sit for long periods of time.
I am on a permanant regement of pain killers and I really wish I didn’t have to be on them.

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