The front end is off an SR400 with the front drum laced with stainless spokes to a 21 inch alloy trail bike rim.
HUH,what he wrote…clear over silver,thanks for the reminder,I bet you ride it everyday, should bike like that like a sweat woman needs to be shown off. VERY COOL, WHERE IN OZ R U?…LOVE THE SILVER FRAME, WANNA DO THAT MY SELF, KEEPING IN WITH THE METAL LOOK THAT I LOVE. SOOooo… im looking to do a bobber or bratsyle build on a budget and i found a 1982 yamaha 650 on craigslist but the guy dsnt know if its a Maxim or a XS.

Featured interviews with tons of pics and detail on guys building the sickest Yamaha's on earth!! It’s an XS1 frame with the all the tabs removed and seat area lowered about 2 inches. Rode mine to daughter’s elementary school award program, parked it on the sidewalk and the kids loved it.
I’ve got a 1971-5 Sl125s hear rear end has been chopped and a hard-tail installed, I wanna rego it but I am getting a lot of conflicting information.

The frame was powdercoated then sprayed in a couple of coats of clear to retain the shine of the silver powdercoat. Tough durability, classic look and abundance of cheap parts make the XS650 the perfect platform to build a KILLER Yamaha xs650 hardtail or cafe racer.

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