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According to information released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexico ranked #2 for obesity in the entire developed world. So Marco Rubio is arguing that fat Mexicans who live in the 2nd most obese country in the world must be allowed to illegally immigrate in to the United States, where they can join their fat, unhealthy Mexican American relatives to keep the United States as THE most fat, obese country on planet earth! Has anyone made a correlation between Mexican migration and the increase in obesity in the US? Hunter additionally, I had to explain the diffrerence between American Paleo-Cons and Neo-Cons to my communist bro the other day. In Sacramento ,CA (and probably holds true throughout the state) anyone from anywhere, wherever they may originate in the world, can cross the mexican border on a monday and get free everything by friday. Rubio’s Hispano-racism is a fail, none of the cults of the left can stand on its own. Any American who might read a little history (I’ll wait for the sneering laughter to ebb) about their forbears will read one long horror story of their struggles to survive another day do to hunger, dangers of every kind and the brutal realities of carving a civilization out the feral earth they so often found themselves staring in the face of.
But you see these people are white and it is written in the stars that they are here to work murderously for others who not only do not work but are both depraved and bereft of the capacity to understand honesty or gratitude.
White people are here to create (it must be written somewhere on high) and bear all burdens in this world for which they will be rewarded with contempt, hatred, murder, dispossession, and any and every other permutation of envy. Add Rubio (his type is certainly not the latest) along with all those evangelical elites to the pantheon of cultural-Marxist anti-whites and you indeed and truly have an impressive collection of false gods. Alot of welfare spending goes for the brown people, the day the EBT card stops working won’t be all that nice for them. Another question: if the poor, starving Mexicans treat even poorer, hungrier people jumping their southern border like shit, does that mean we have to treat Mexicans like kings? People can never get their mind around the fact that there are rich people and poor people in most ALL communities. Even if this isn’t true for mexicans, it will be true for hundreds of millions of africans in a few decades. Mexico is so poor these days that Air France had to cut its daily non-stops from Mexico City from three to just two.

I’ve just come across this website from American Renaissance and I totally agree with the article above. Joe: Unless the current situation changes drastically, the Southern border is not going to be enforced. Vdare has a whole string of articles on mexico and wealth, and all the ivy league degree holders there. Wanting to escape poverty makes sense; what doesn’t make sense and what pisses me off the most is our elected officials don’t do shit to stop it and the churches, most especially the catholic church aides the invaders.
Our little Aztec friends weren’t this fat when they were eating each other, were they? I’ve just come across this website from American Renaissance and I totally agree with the article above. Thank you for visiting us Miss Ladyfiaran and I must say that the Whiter Hispanic women are very special indeed. 5.) No Hobby Horse Riding – I’ve seen countless threads deteriorate into hobby horse riding. 6.) Use Common Sense – By that I mean keep your comments reasonable, civil, productive, and respectful. 8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories.
How much sugar is in a serving of soda (Source: AP)New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing an unprecedented ban on large sizes for soda and sugary drinks at restaurants, delis, sports arenas, and movie theaters. Additionally, people rely more on their eyes than their stomachs to estimate calories, leading them to eat more than they should when they have larger portion sizes. He wittered on about neocon this and neocon that…very superficial understanding of America really. I do the opposite–I keep reminding myself by going to none-mainstream news wesites online. Instead, White people are informed that they have to support indefinitely all the Mexicans who cross the border. I don’t have time to reexamine the research, but I know the VDARE website has information on this subject.

There is supposed to be some CoCC event outside of Nashville and I do have good Nashville connections. It has all the natural resources a nation needs to be successful what it lacks is the human capital to make it all work. And Rubio makes me almost embarrassed to Cuban-American, he’s a pandering Neo-Con who thinks this crap is going to make him popular with the illegals, most of whom wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.
These drinks would be limited to 16 ounces, although stores would still be able to sell cans and bottles that are larger. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that restaurant portion sizes are more than four times larger now than they were in the 1950s, and the average adult is 26 pounds heavier. A study found that when participants were given self-refilling bowls, they ate more soup than others who were eating from normal soup bowls. It will take dramatic changes to slow the soaring obesity rate, but even a small decrease in this number could save $550 billion in health care costs.
Not you know, through US gov run gunwalking schemes and by Mex Army soldiers deserting and working for the cartels with army weapons that were sold with US gov’s blessing to the mexican government. Mexico wouldn’t be such a crap hole if they elites actually gave a damn about the poor, but that’s what you get from a Third World Country.
If you want to criticize someone, that’s fine, but do so in a respectful and civil tone, and make sure your comment adds to the discussion, otherwise it could be deleted.
But the people with self-refilling bowls did not think they had eaten more, so researchers found that a larger portion increases the amount someone eats and lessens a person’s self-monitoring of how much they eat. If Americans want to help Mexicans improve their lives, we need to take away a lot of their food, not enable them to come to the United States and eat even more unhealthy food.

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