Autoimmune etiology is scientific correlation of various causes for development of autoimmune disease. In T1D severity of damage caused by autoimmunity is dependent on the number and the concentration (titre) of antibodies.
Several factors are believed to trigger or aggravate autoimmune mechanism, yet none are precisely known to be the cause of autoimmunity. Yes they are.Due to reports on viruses being possible triggers, there has been considerable apprehension about routine vaccinations given to children.
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What is Vasculitis?Vasculitis refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders that are characterized by inflammatory destruction of blood vessels. Diabetes is the chronic disorder when blood sugar level is elevated due to lack of insulin (a hormone that maintains blood sugar level) or inadequate production of insulin. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease where antibody against Beta cells of Pancreas is formed within the body and hampered insulin production.
DISCIPLINE: Perform regular walking for at least 45 minutes 2 times daily to improve body metabolisms. DRUGS: If your physician advises you to take oral hypoglycemic drugs take that according to your prescription.
If you fail to maintain all 3D in your life after being diagnosed as a case of diabetes, another D will come to your life. Control your blood sugar and get free from diabetic complications and live like a healthy individual.
There are different kinds of hair loss, as you know, but all of them can be equally traumatic, sometimes leading to depression. If you’re noticing your hair thinning or falling more than usual, take a look at the list we have prepared for you. This is the most common type of hair loss and it affects both men and women in the same way. A disease also known as the bald spot condition. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that makes your own body attack the hair follicles. A type of hair loss associated with people who spend lots of time pulling their hair with harsh brushing or sporting tight ponytails.
This disease is also known as diffuse hair loss and it causes a lot of hair to fall in a short period of time. Besides the conditions mentioned above, other common causes that can explain hair loss are a poor diet, an injury or certain skin diseases.
When you have an unusual rash or skin discoloration, you frequently seek out pictures of skin disorders and skin diseases since using pictures is an easy away to self-diagnose potential problems. Cold sores or fever blisters, caused by the herpes simplex virus, are relatively harmless, although they can be painful and embarrassing. Vitiligo is a disorder in which pigment is destroyed, causing white patches to appear on various parts of the body. Yeast rashes can appear anywhere on the body, but they are most common in skin folds, such as the groin, armpit, and under the breasts. Redness across the cheeks, forehead, or nose is the most common and obvious symptom of rosacea, but it can also be accompanied by acne. Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox, so you're at risk if you've ever had chicken pox. Hollywood Celebrities, famous athletes, singers weight loss secrets, diet and workout routines. We have tiny taste buds on our tongue which tells our brain the exact taste of eating food. You may have a Salivary gland infection; in this case you mostly feel salty saliva on your tongue. Smoking can effect on your taste buds and you may feel a bitter or salty taste after smoking every time.
You can also use some homeopathic remedies for this disorder; we will discuss homeopathy treatment for this issue in our future posts, so keep in touch. Though girls are generally more prone to autoimmune disease, same is not found to be true for T1D. These Beta cells produce insulin, a special hormone that maintains normal blood glucose level. The main theme of treatment is to maintain a constant blood sugar level and to prevent complications of diabetes.
Both men and women are affected by this problem, but women suffer more with it because it really lowers their self-esteem. If you think you might be suffering from one of these conditions, check it with your doctor today.
The reason why this happens is yet been discovered, but doctors know that this condition usually treats itself without any drugs, despite some of them prescribe steroid injections for repeated cases. Telogen Effluvium can be caused by a lot of factors, such as pregnancy, chemotherapy, a very high fever, severe illnesses or high levels of stress. Symptoms will usually heal on their own in a few days, but over-the-counter creams, pills, and ointments are available to reduce pain and redness. While the exact cause of the disorder is not known, many theories suggest it is a genetic autoimmune disease.
The most common type, plaque psoriasis, is characterized by patches of thickened red skin covered by silvery scales. It is highly contagious and can spread from person to person and also from animals to people. There are several different types of eczema and symptoms may vary depending on type and severity, but they often include redness, itchiness, scaling, and dryness. Symptoms of shingles include small blisters accompanied by some or all of the following: burning, tingling, numbness, fever, chills, headache, joint pain, hearing loss, drooping eyelid, and stomach ache.
Furthermore, the studies show that adequate vaccination against mumps and whooping cough reduces the chances of juvenile diabetes. All tips, guides and recommendations are followed at your own risk and should be followed up with your own research.

If anyone maintains constant blood sugar level after being diagnosed as a case of diabetes, he can live more healthier than a normal individual.
A mild case of Alopecia Areata will probably cause bald patches on the head, but a severe case will affect other body parts.
Despite the look of it, it’s not a permanent condition and most of the lost hair grows back in a few months after the first symptoms. If you're experiencing a cold sore for the first time or are unsure of whether or not your lesion is a cold sore, check with a physician. Vitiligo isn't harmful or painful, although it can cause embarrassment and emotional distress. Psoriasis may affect any part of the body, although it's most frequently seen on elbows and knees. You can treat a ringworm with over-the-counter antifungal medicines, but you should see a doctor for a ringworm that won't go away or one that comes back.
These rashes can be treated with over-the-counter antifungal creams, but you should seek medical advice if the rash doesn't respond to treatment or if you develop a fever.
Treatment often isn't needed, although many patients choose to use makeup to cover up the ruddiness. If you believe you have shingles, see your doctor right away for treatment, especially if you have a weakened immune system.
See your doctor for any mole that changes or for any new moles, lumps, or nodules on the skin. Some people lost the functionality of these taste buds due to some chronic diseases and they can tell you exactly about this great blessing.
The thyroid releases hormones that regulate your metabolism, body temperature, and muscle strength.
Vasculitis is primarily due to leukocyte migration and resultant damage.Although both occur in vasculitis, inflammation of veins (phlebitis) or arteries (arteritis) on their own are separate entities.
There is no cure, but some treatments can help disguise and possibly reverse the depigmentation. Some types of eczema are temporary and are the result of an allergic reaction, while others are chronic.
People with weakened immune systems should speak to a doctor before self-treating a yeast skin rash. You should check your moles periodically and be alert for the following: aysmmetry, irregular borders, uneven or irregular color, diameter larger than a pencil eraser, or growth.
Normally our mouth is tasteless unless eat or drink something, but sometimes we find a metallic taste, bitter taste, sweet taste and salty taste in our mouth without eating any thing. There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are treatment options, so see your doctor if you have signs of the disorder. If your mole is firm to the touch or elevated above the surface of your skin, have it checked out by a dermatologist. In some cases we found that everything we are eating giving a salty taste, if you got problems like that it is a clear signal that something is going wrong inside you. Chronic Urticaria is a type of hives which lasts more than six weeks and caused by an allergy. Most of the beta cells destruction in type 1 diabetes is attributed to autoimmune mechanism.
Triggers vary from person to person, but often include alcohol, stress, overheating, wind, extreme cold, and spicy foods. Although most skin issues are more inconvenient than dangerous, some do require swift treatment. Only a small fraction of nonfunctional beta cells are noted to be damaged by process other than autoimmune mechanism, the process of which yet remains to be determined. For example, the cause of syphilitic aortitis is infectious (aortitis simply refers to arteritis of the aorta, which is an artery.) However, the cause of many forms of vasculitis are poorly understood.
How do we become resistant to insulin and what causes our beta cells to fail?Insulin resistance can develop as a result of fat cells releasing more pro-inflammatory chemicals such as IL-6, and fewer anti-inflammatory chemicals such as adiponectin. There are some other causes like friction, pressure, exercise, extreme temperature, sunlight etc. In these cases, the antibody found is sometimes used in classification, as in ANCA-associated vasculitides.
That is not what some of my textbooks say, which claim that type 2 diabetes has a stronger genetic component than type 1 diabetes. Unfortunately their authors have been lazy and taken the fact that type 2 diabetes runs in families as evidence of a genetic link. It is all to do with the fact that people in the same family follow a similar dietary pattern, and often a similar exercise pattern as well.
Vasculitides can be classified by the ''type or size of the blood vessels'' that they predominantly affect. In fact type 1 diabetes has a much stronger genetic component with a few genes on chromosome 6 being responsible for much of the susceptability. In type 2 diabetes a large number of genes are associated with risk and none particularly strongly.What happens in the diabeticThere are some tissues in our body that let glucose in without insulin. However, it should be noted that there can be some variation in the size of the vessels affected.
Fat and muscle cells contain GLUT-4 transporters, which don't allow much glucose in without insulin being present. Their results will generally show signs of inflammation in the body, such as increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), anemia, increased white blood cell count and eosinophilia. The brain on the other hand has a lot of GLUT-3 transporters, which allow appreciable amounts of glucose in without insulin being present.Tissues which let in glucose without insulin are found in the eye, kidneys, peripheral nervous system as well as the liver, ovaries and seminal vesicles. Other possible findings are elevated antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) levels and hematuria. Signs that your thyroid isnt working properly include: constipation dry, pale skin hoarse voice high cholesterol depression lower body muscle weakness fatigue feeling sluggish cold intolerance thinning hair irregular or heavy periods problems with fertility You may have Hashimotos for many years before you have any symptoms.
The unfortunate result for these cells is that they can accumulate too much glucose over time. The definite diagnosis of vasculitis is established after a biopsy of involved organ or tissue, such as skin, sinuses, lung, nerve, and kidney.

However, those cells in the eyes, kidneys and in our peripheral circulation accumulate sorbitol, which causes swelling of the cells due to osmotic pressure. Most of these complications result from raised levels of glucose in cells which do not rely on insulin to obtain it. TreatmentTreatments are generally directed toward stopping the inflammation and suppressing the immune system.
In particular some cells lining capillaries and nerves in the kidneys, eyes and limbs are vulnerable.
Additionally, other immune suppression drugs, such as cyclophosphamide and others, are considered. As a result they leak proteins which ultimately result in constriction of the blood vessels supplying the kidney. Since the brain uses sugar as its main energy source it goes to plan B which is creating ketones, which can provide energy also. Too many ketones acidify our blood and cause excess urination, thirst, vomiting and tummy pain. Levothyroxine is a synthetic hormone that replaces the missing thyroid hormone, thyroxine.
Ultimately severe dehydration, swelling of the brain and coma can occur, which is why hospitalisation is often needed. This is a serious complication of type 1 diabetes.
However, it is uncommon with type 2 as some insulin is normally available.Curing diabetes naturallyExercising more and consuming foods that do not raise blood sugar levels is the key to reversing diabetes.
While it becomes harder to regain full health the longer you have had diabetes, when first diagnosed, the vast majority of people have the potential to completely cure themselves of the condition.The correct dietThe modern western diet is the main cause of diabetes.
For instance on one of my GI lists I have a baked potato with a GI of 111, greater than pure glucose while peanuts are listed with a GI of just 7, which implies that foods containing the East Asian sauce, satay would be very low GI. So in other words the GI is not an absolute value, but just a guideline. Sometimes it is more realistic to consider the glycaemic load or GL of a food, which takes account of the amount of a food you eat.
Obviously one Cornflake (GI=93) is not going to raise blood sugar as much as a whole can of baked beans (GI=40), but a small bowl of them probably will.Foods that are normally low GI can be eaten as the main part of a diet for someone with diabetes.
These include meat, fish, eggs, dairy as well as nuts, seeds, most vegetables and some fruits. The one vegetable that has a high GI is the potato (this includes the sweet potato), and the fruits with a high GI include ripe bananas, dates and raisins. Generally speaking fruits from warm climates have a higher GI than those from more temperate climates. These include: heart problems, including heart failure high cholesterol decreased libido depression Hashimotos can also cause problems during pregnancy.
Recent research from Johns Hopkins suggests that women with this condition are more likely to give birth to babies with heart, brain, and kidney defects. For instance if you exercise soon after consuming the food then some of the blood sugar it creates will be taken up by your muscle cells. If you combine it with other foods of much lower GI or eat a small portion of it you will also find your blood sugar does not rise as far.Timing foodsIn general if you exercise then you will reduce your blood sugar level.
A 30 minute exercise stint before food will allow you to get away with a higher overall glycaemic load. Equally if you do some light exercise soon after a large meal you can lower the peak which your blood sugar will reach.In general it is best to leave some time between any meal and completely sedentary activity such as bed or watching the TV. Kids get it about right when they automatically rush about after a meal, often to the frustration of their bloated parents. A bit of housework, gardening or short walk are often quite effective at making a real dent in your blood sugar readings.Treating diabetes with drugsIt really is best to avoid the need for drugs.
I would always advise making concerted efforts to control blood sugar levels with increases in exercise and changes to the diet. Many people find they can come off drugs completely when they do this properly.For those who cannot control their blood sugar levels without drugs then it is sensible to take them.
The cumulative effect over time of high blood sugar levels is extremely damaging, and this is why so many diabetics suffer from amputations, blindness, heart attacks and strokes.Blood sugar lowering agentsThe main one is perhaps Metformin which lowers the amount of sugar your liver produces. Thiazilienediones such as Rosiglitazone increase insulin sensitivity of the tissues and glucosidase inhibitors such as Acarbose reduce absorption of glucose from the gut. All these drugs will be more or less effective in different people depending on how their diabetes is affecting them. Measuring blood sugar levelsDiabetes is diagnosed using criteria that are arbitrary. There are several ways that are used to measure blood sugar problems:Fasted blood sugar level - FBGThis measures blood sugar levels after not eating anything for at least 8 hours. However, this value will vary depending on factors such as stress, recent exercise and illness. Secondly their muscles get used to using fat as a fuel place of glucose and so more glucose is left in the blood.
If you come into this category the measure below could be more useful to you.Long term blood sugar controlTo assess this we measure the amount of glycosylated haemoglobin - HbA1c, in your red blood cells.
Haemoglobin - Hb, is the protein found in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen to your tissues. In good health somewhere between 3-5% of our haemoglobin is in the HbA1c form.Red blood cells live for an average of 120 days.
There are a number of factors that can skew the measurement:People with healthy low blood sugar have longer lived red blood cells that may survive for an average of 150 days. In this case a high end reading for HbA1c does not imply bad blood sugar control.Diabetics with high blood sugar levels have red blood cells that live shorter lives than average, typically around 90days.
It may be a better measure than HbA1c, and gives an indication of blood sugar levels over the previous 2-3 weeks(5).Glucose challenge or OGTTThe oral glucose tolerance test - OGTT is a measure of our response to consuming 75g of glucose in one hit. It is unrealistic as most people never consume such a large and purified amount of glucose. For most people achieving the low GI meal involves limiting the amount of starchy carbohydrates they eat.

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