Sydney, Sept 19 : The myth that red wine is good for preventing heart attacks has come under question from health experts, who have said that any type of alcoholic drink can only do a drinker damage. The coalition cites studies finding that the harms from alcohol are likely to outweigh any benefits. The coalition, whose members include the Australian Drug Foundation, the Heart Foundation and the Cancer Council of Victoria, have released the report to coincide with the United Nations meeting to promote international efforts to counter non-communicable disease. The coalition is also using the report to step up pressure on the government to rethink its refusal to give serious consideration to the reform of alcohol taxation at next month's tax summit. The chief executive of the Victorian Heart Foundation, Kathy Bell, said it did not recommend red wine or other alcoholic drinks to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease, cancer or liver cirrhosis. Pour rice and water into the bowl of a blender and blend until the rice just starts to break up (about a minute).
Have a little fun and rock out in this comfortable vintage style t-shirt based on the types of wine glasses infographic. Crystal is glass with lead monoxide in it and, depending on what country you live in, can vary from 1% (in the US) to 30% (in Europe).
Regular glass doesn’t shine the same way as crystal but it is more affordable and also tends to be more durable.
Join thousands of enthusiasts who subscribe to the most entertaining weekly wine newsletter online. This nice cocktail drink clip art can be used freely on your personal or commercial projects as this clip art has been released to the public domain. This free cocktail clip art is brought to you courtesy of our friends from You can use this glass of martini clip art on your cocktail or drinks projects, newspapers, websites, posters, flyers, advertising projects, etc.

This margarita cocktail drink clip art is great for use on any project of yours that require an image of a margarita. This free margarita clip art is brought to you courtesy of our friends from
This nice transparent cocktail clip art is perfect for use on either a white or black background. Brands like Rumchata and Velvet Cinn are dominating liquor store shelves and we just can’t seem to get enough of the cinnamon inspired beverage. Identify the different styles so that you can better decide what to buy based on your needs. Many glassware manufacturers also make lead-free crystal glassware with zinc and magnesium oxide which also refracts light. You should look into getting a set of 4-6 matching crystal wine glasses that you can use for years to come. Keep it simple and opt for set of 6 red wine glasses and a set of 4-6 white wine glasses or Champagne flutes. Use this clip art whenever you are required to show an image of a cocktail on your projects. Search no more as you can use this margarita clip art on your posters, flyers, menus, websites, magazines, e-books, presentations, etc. Whether for use on your menus or promotional materials, this clip art will definitely do the trick. This clip art belongs to the public domain so use it freely on whatever project you want whether personal or commercial in nature without restrictions. You can use this clip art for personal or commercial purposes as this clip art belongs to the public domain.

This clip art is in the public domain so use it freely on your personal or commercial projects without restrictions. You can use this clip art wherever you need to use a cocktail drink image on your projects. Have a few beers in the meantime and once enough time has passed, strain the rice water into a pitcher and toss the rice.
You need a set of glassware that works for your day-to-day needs, rather than necessarily needing the right glass for every single type of wine. Discover what glassware fits your wine drinking habits and what the best options are to build a proper wine glass set. We use the Cabernet Sauvignon glass for red wine and the Sauvignon Blanc glass for white wine. Feel free to use this clip art on your commercial or personal projects as this clip art belongs to the public domain.
Use this clip art freely on your drinks projects, websites and blogs, book illustrations, magazines, etc. This clip art belongs to the public domain so use it freely on your personal or commercial projects without restrictions.
For one, the minerals causes the glass to have light refraction which gives stemware a sparkle. Click on the image to get a better image view or right click on the image then click Save Image as to download to your computer. If you want to go lead-free check out Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Collection which is a better value and comes in sets of 6.

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