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Pt experiences normal fluidDM, HPN, Glomerulonephritis, Polycystic decreased urine output balance as evidenced by stable Kidney Disease, Obstrution, Infection, Confusion, weakness, 2.

Assess contributing nutritional intake as evidenced nausea, mouth vomiting factors t activity by being free of signs of ulceration, bleeding intolerance.
Assist in coping with normal HR, BP during activity loss of tone, discomforts resulting from and absence of SOB, Decreased GFR decreased ROM fluid restriction. Encourage high-calorie,abnormalities toxins disorders dry flaky skin, pruritus, low-protein, low-sodium,(hperkalemia) (pericarditis, (HPN, purpura, thin brittle low-potassium snacks.

Promote intake of high effusion, metastatic hair biologic volume protein pericardial calcification, HPN, generalized edema.

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