I had difficulty with motivation, depression, arthritis, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, light headedness, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, excessive appetite, frequent constipation, digestive problems, bloated feeling, heartburn, anxiety attacks, nervousness, and my balance was way off. In one week, yes in just one week, in getting chiropractic adjustments, changing my diet, taking supplements and doing the home work brain exercises he gave me I am much stronger than I have been in years! My heartburn is gone, my pain is so much improved, I don't feel depressed, I have more energy, I have hope again.
PS - Within two weeks I decided to go off three of my medications - Oxycontin, Prevacid and Glucophage..
More than 80% of your brain activation comes from physical activity, exercise, physical work, dance, walking, etc. A recent study(*) reveals that among seniors aged 70 to 89, a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar contributes significantly to their chance of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.
Those with the highest carbohydrate intake were nearly twice as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment than those with the lowest intake of carbohydrates. Those with the highest sugar intake were 1.5 times more likely to experience mild cognitive impairment than those with the lowest levels. When compared with total fat and protein intake, those with the highest carb intake were 3.6 times more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment. Roberts RO, Roberts LA, Geda YE, Cha RH, Pankratz VS, O'Connor HM, Knopman DS, Petersen RC. Type 2 Diabetes is brought on by a combination of factors, including the Standard American Diet (SAD) with its huge amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, carbohydrates and processed foods. It is well-known that obesity and both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes massively increase your risk of getting Alzheimer's disease. Your brain also produces insulin, and this brain insulin is necessary for the survival of your brain cells. Your Brain can and will change, AT ANY AGE, as long as no irreversible damage has been done. Your Brain Health will get better or worse, depending on the decisions you make TODAY, and TOMORROW, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
The Standard American Diet (SAD), very high in sugar and carbohydrates and processed foods, is disastrous to your brain health. The Standard American Diet (SAD) dramatically increases your risk of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
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You see I have a rather long, lengthy addiction to sugar that I’m desperately trying to change. Food manufacturers got smart and realized that they could sell more products and make more money if they just sweetened their products.
Our office, The Center for Integrated Medicine, has partnered with Tenacity Performance Training to offer a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. I think that trying to find substitutes for sugar is something that we need to focus on, as well as breaking the habit of eating sugar. Diabetic neurology or Diabetic Neuropathy, is one of the most advanced conditions of Diabetes Type II, where patients suffer from damages to their nerves and other neurological problems. The symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus are progressive in nature and with the aging of the disease, various symptoms start appearing in different parts of the body. One of the most common symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy is the tendency to feel full even after a small meal. Sometimes the patients suffer from the symptoms of constipation, nausea and other problems related to the ingestion and digestion of food .Vomiting and throwing up after a few hours of having the food,is another common symptom of the development of diabetic neuropathy.

The beginning of the nerve damage is revealed by a burning or tingling sensation in the feet and hands.
The numbness in the extremities of the hand and feet, are important symptoms that signal the beginning of this progressive disease.
The damage caused in the nerves may lead to a complete loss of sensation and power of response to stimuli in the legs and feet.
As the nerve damages spread to the various blood vessels and the heart, there is a feeling of lightheadedness called orthostatic hypotension when the patient stands up. The heart rate becomes faster than normal and the detection of angina, which is the pain in the chest that is a warning signal for heart attack or other diseases of the heart. The male diabetic patients develop sexual problems such as erectile dysfunctions while women face vaginal dryness or problems with their orgasms.
The damages caused to the nerves, makes it difficult to understand the situations that may lead to the blood sugar falling to extremely low levels. Most patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy develop bladder problems such as leaking of urine and difficulties in emptying the bladder.
Patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy may find themselves sweating excessively, even when they are at rest or when the temperature is not too high. One of the major symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy is blurring of the vision, appearance of cataract problems in the eyes, issues related to the retina, etc. The patient who has been diagnosed for diabetic neuropathy can suffer from sudden bouts of dizziness and muscle weakness. The difficulty in remaining alert can lead to loss in concentration levels and work efficiency. The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy develop as the nerves get damaged due to a deficiency of oxygen and blood flow to the nerves and uncontrolled sugar levels. There may be specific symptoms that are typically related to certain organs and their immediate functions, but it is important to note that the symptoms of diabetic neurology are not mutually exclusive of each other.
It is important to keep a track of all the changes that occur in the different parts of the body as the disease progresses. I went to see him at his office for an examinant ion where he screened me for pain, muscle strength imbalance, blood sugar problems, allergies and evaluated my nutritional and digestive status. Breakfast is hardest - I used to eat cereal with non-fat milk, dried apricots and banana every morning. Z's online Self Evaluation is geared towards giving you a basic starting point in order to make intelligent changes in diet and improve basic human functions such as digestion and blood sugar control.
Recent family health scares combined with the growing national obesity and diabetes crisis  have led to realization that I need change and that breaking the cycle of addiction will be a struggle. Sugar is such a common ingredient in many foods, and so the process of finding foods that work instead of sugar can be challenging.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. One of the most important causes for the development of Diabetic Neurology is high blood sugar levels and high levels of blood pressure and hypertension along with many other reasons. The problems in the nerves occur in various places in the body over a period of time and the symptoms are dependent on the location of these affected nerves.
The problems in digesting food leads to the elevation of blood sugar levels, causing other diabetic complications.
The swelling of the abdomen, bloating and gastric problems are other common signs of the disease. Abnormal sensations may start in certain parts of the body and this is known as Dysesthesia .

It is common for patients of Diabetic Neuropathy to not feel pain when they step on something sharp.
The sudden fall in the sugar levels can cause unconsciousness, dizziness and a complete collapse that needs immediate medical attention. It is difficult for them to understand that their bladder is full and they need to urinate. The changes that occur at this stage can cause various other problems connected to the eye and this can cause major discomfort to the patient.
These symptoms usually start developing after the patient has lived with diabetes for over 20-25 years. These include the motor neurons, pain fibers and the autonomic nervous system. As all the nerves in the body are interconnected, the problems spread progressively to all the organs in different parts of the body.
There are several symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and it is not necessary that all the symptoms occur in the same patient at the same point of time. Proper management of the blood sugar levels can help in the control and prevention of this diabetic neurological problem to a certain extent. For years I had gone from medical doctor to medical doctor - all they did is give me more medications which made me only more miserable. He told me that because I had these problems for so many years that I would have to make drastic life style changes and follow his recommendations absolutely I do that? Greek-American culture and society is centered on food and using food and sweets as a reward. Food manufacturers then came up with a more addictive and more devious product called high fructose corn syrup which is easy to produce, cheap to manufacture and way more addictive than table sugar. The deep seeded primitive reward centers of the brain are highly active when eating addictive type foods.
A cut or a blister may go unnoticed, as the nerves develop further damage. The sensation that is felt on touching something cold or hot is also lost, as the nerves fail to respond to different external stimuli. Thus, the symptoms are directly related to the age and duration of diabetes in the patients.
The situation is further compounded by the fact that my father was a restauranteur in the near western suburbs of Chicago and my grandfather owned a sweets shop on the southside of Chicago. Please take the next step and realize that action needs to be taken before you become another statistic in the obesity and diabetes epidemic. The symptoms start developing as and when the damages occur to the cranial nerves, nerves in the spinal cord and its branches and the nerves that mange the functions of the vital body organs such as bladder, stomach, heart and intestines.
They drove demand for their products, multibillion dollar profits and created a nation of ADDICTS.
Please follow that step with seeking assistance to help with your problem including the solution that we are providing. Unfortunately, the choice is up to consumer to reduce their own chances for obesity and diabetes as government has not intervened to curb sugary foods and high fructose corn syrup. Coach Paul will create a specific exercise program to address your deficits during the 30 Day Challenge.
The program will be an ongoing program, so start whenever you are ready.  Call The Center for Integrated Medicine at 708-532-2346 or Tenacity Performance Training at 708-620-4612 for more information or to register for this life changing 30 day program.

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