is probably one of the simplest and most addictive games on the internet and mobile devices right now. is an addictive new mobile game that combines the classic game of snake with elements from the popular Agario mobile and web browser hit. Getting started with requires visiting the website or downloading the game on your iOS or Android device.
Go to the web address on a desktop computer or download the game from the Apple or Google Play store on mobile devices. Object of the game – consume the colored dots lying around to become a longer snake, while avoiding other snakes.
In the beginning, you just basically just want to eat as much as you can to grow your size, but steer as clear of the bigger snakes as you possibly can – don’t get too cocky! When you reach a certain size, you’re going to want to try to fool other snakes into running into you so you can eat up the dots they become.
To dash on a mobile device you double tap then hold down on the screen or on the computer, dashing happens when you hold down the left-click button on the mouse. Many times when a large snake dies in front of you a huge surge of traffic heads that direction in hopes of eating up the most colored remains. The bigger you are the more vulnerable you are to crashing into others so if you’re pretty happy with your size, practice keeping your head circled inside your body to avoid crashing into others. is brand new so there aren’t any working extensions yet, but there are some mods and skins available. You can select from a number of custom skins once you share the game on Facebook or Twitter. Skins – to get a set of skins in the game, you just need to log onto the desktop version of the game and in the lower right-hand corner of the screen are options for sharing on social media. Additional Skins and Mods – visit this Reddit thread for information about installing mods.
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When you are killed after crashing into another snake, the dead fragments of your snake will be approximately 20-23 % of the mass you achieved when getting killed. The big colorful pellets that wander around the map and always run away from you have around 50-60 mass. The other pellets usually scatter around the players; they will increase the size over time, which starts from 1 to approximately 20. Speed boosting will make your length decrease, and the boost remaining will be about 30% of mass that was lost while you are speeding up.
When it’s late, there will be more additional bots that were sent out to hold the snake and maintain its life. If they are near the head of another snake, they will go forward and move faster to cut that snake off.

If there is a snake that is already killed, they will not accelerate and try to grab all those mass.
The ones who control the snakes from the gamers that left the game will move toward the edges of the map, running into it straightly to remove all the mass of players. The ones that try to duplicate a common player who appeared once a number of real players reach down to a certain number, they won’t head toward for the specific direction, though they can wander off the surroundings. The insane ones who were just appeared, they will speed up which will prolong around 20 to 40 seconds. The bots almost don’t try to escape away the enemies when being encircled, but there is still a chance to “farm” the bots, causing easy food and a broad extra mass even though it’s kind of slow. You can explore the Chrome Extension for mod to experience more features and find out new info of the game. Slitherio is a smash-hit game like and now become to the best survival browser game at now! Get the most out of your gameplay experience with our custom Google Chrome extension.
Add 30+ custom mods to to improve and extend your gameplay experience!
GRIAN.IO ( Just playing some slither cause my computer broke ?? Also, this thumbnail took my longer to make than the recording XD Follow me! DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". We’ve got all the tips, tricks, cheats, mods and skins sources you need to enjoy this addictive new mobile and web browser game! Following in the footsteps of the ever-so-popular Agario, if you haven’t tried the game yet, but have heard your friends raving about it, then we’ve thrown together a beginner’s guide of everything you need to know about the game, including how to play, tips and tricks for getting ahead and where to find the best extensions, skins and mods if you wish to add them. In this game you are a snake instead of a blob and the goal is become the biggest and longest snake in the game. Meanwhile, others will crash into you just because of your sheer size, providing a steady flow of dots to consume.
Once you share, go back to and in the lower left-hand corner you should see the option to Change skin. These allow you to connect with friends, see coordinates, change the backgrounds and add even more new skins to your snake. There are websites out there right now that will not only design the exact website you want, but also create a page that is tailored to your taste and the taste of your viewers. We will show you how to cut down on unhealthy fats, salt and sugars without sacrificing the flavor of the dish.
For those who are just beginners, they will find it hard and very tough to conquer this game.
Probably, the outside snake can make a fault, and then it will leave a mass for you and the inside snake.

They will pick up each fifth pellet that they see if the number of the pellets is so low and their quality is good.
With the wrap around strategy, you basically find a smaller snake near you and try to encircle yourself around it so that it has no other option but to run into you.
If you see a longer snake than yourself coming near you, you may want to dash forward and quickly turn to get in front of them and cause them to collide.
When these fights happen, try to stay nearby and be one of the last guys to go for the bait. It’s also a good idea to move to the edges of the game board instead of the center where most of the action happens. You can also learn about alternative ingredients available in your supermarket that will increase the nutritional value of your favorite meals. They usually complete tracking their tail, but if they catch sight of any enemy head that is close to them, they will go for that head, giving such a dangerous case for that snake.
If you can be the last man standing, you’ll be able to swoop in and gobble up many of the remains of the less restrained snakes.
You can check your location by looking at the small round circle in the lower right-hand corner of the play screen. If you answered yes then you have landed on the right page because we provide Update Since our last update, we have been working diligently to improve performance and gameplay by adding more servers. If you do run into them, you turn into a massive line of colored dots that the other snakes can gobble up.
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