Jaguar, BMW, and Ford are reportedly holding talks regarding building a factory that will make batteries for electric vehicles. The three automakers have not confirmed this possibility, but sources quoted by The Times claim that executives of each company have met their counterparts to discuss the potential collaboration. While Jaguar does not have a production electric car, and Ford and BMW have already advanced in the field, the claimed company insider claims that the three companies would be interested in this deal because it would reduce manufacturing costs for electric vehicle batteries. Jaguar has previously confirmed it wants to build an all-electric production car, and Ford is eyeing the launch of the Model E, another EV. Meanwhile, BMW already has electric vehicles in its portfolio, and it keeps expanding the range with new variants. The new facility should be active by the end of this decade to suit the goals of each automaker. Tesla Motors uses batteries from Panasonic, and has introduced new partners in this field in the form of LG Chem and Samsung SDI.

Panasonic, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, and SK Innovation are South Korea’s leading battery suppliers. If Jaguar does not sign the claimed deal with BMW and Ford, a rumor that we take with a grain of salt, the British brand would probably choose one of the three South Korean suppliers. Statue of Liberty to the United States, and in particular a symbol of New York, we can say that every tourist wants to go see.
Transportation :New York, or next to the statue and Ellis Island is accessible by ferry boat. However, the deal would help each of the three parties reduce costs by reducing reliance on specialized battery suppliers and having their factory.
Meanwhile, the industry leader in electric vehicles still uses third-party suppliers to obtain its batteries. The former three companies are the top three battery makers, and their capacity is shown by the contracts signed with Tesla Motors, a demanding OEM.

In the meantime, Jaguar does not have a disclosed battery supplier, since the company has yet to manufacture an electric vehicle or announce a deal in this direction. Our recommendation is going to Battery Park in the early morning visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will perform. Did you make a mistake when creating marker locations or did not provide a full geo-address? Sculpture removed from a warehouse in Paris, France by the United States (Centenary year in honor of organization) has been presented.
Ellis Island was the first stop operations are the first settlers came to the United States, and later turned into a museum.

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