L'Euro 2016 du Matin Suivez les matchs, faites le point sur les resultats et decouvrez les coulisses!
Votre sportif suisse de la semaine Pour elire le sportif suisse de la semaine, votez tous les lundis sur "LeMatin.ch". Mass Spectrometers need regular service to keep them performing to their published specifications. Labserv can provide manufacturer trained MS engineers at significantly less expense than going direct. GREAT NEWS: Labserv can continue to support these instrument even on a fully comprehensive basis long after Agilent cease to be able!! This is one of an ongoing series of first-person articles written by Reservists about their training in the Canadian Army. Kentville, Nova Scotia — Any type of military operation, at home or overseas, requires capable motor vehicle operators to move personnel and equipment securely and in a timely fashion. Delivered by 5th Canadian Division Training Centre’s E Company, the MSE Op QL3 course required candidates to operate various standard military vehicles. While on the field portion of the course, we were trained on how to provide tactical transportation support for combat operations, performing the duties of an operator in a delivery point and taking defensive action to protect the area, vehicle and load.

The course started with instruction on applicable regulations, defensive driving, and dangerous goods transportation. Once the written tests were completed, we participated in a familiarization drive on base, on off-road tracks and trails in a controlled area, followed by both day and night drives with the LUVW MilCOTS and MSVS on provincial highways and urban areas. While this was a mentally and physically demanding course, we were excited because we were gaining skills that are applied daily in both military and civilian settings – and we all looked forward to taking part in Exercise STRIDENT TRACER, during which we applied our training in an even more realistic setting with other Army trades from both the Canadian and United States armies. PM visits ensure that the instruments are regularly inspected and tuned to avoid expensive repairs and instrument down-time. This summer we were fortunate to join a band of eager candidates on the Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) Qualification Level 3 (QL3) course at Camp Aldershot in Kentville, Nova Scotia. These ranged in size from the General Motors Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled Militarized Commercial Off-The-Shelf or LUVW MilCOTS (a militarized version of the Chevy Silverado), to the five-ton Navistar Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) Tactical Truck. We were exposed to many different types of employment and environmental situations such as safe backing, field operations and road moves on provincial highways. Then came the really fun part where we applied knowledge from our training during the field portion with tactical convoy drills.
Et plus particulierement a Runar Mar Sigurjonsson, transfere cet ete en provenance de Sundval en Suede.Deja passeur au match aller, Sigurjonsson a marque deux fois jeudi soir contre ses compatriotes.

Having annual PM visit makes certain that all consumables are replaced at one time minimising any risk of unnecessary breakdowns.
In addition, we were instructed on different types of specialized equipment, like the material handling crane and the air brake systems of the MSVS, as well as how to maintain all equipment in serviceable condition. This was a very hands-on course, so it was not unusual for a lecture to take place on the parade square, vehicle compound or field training area. Le milieu de terrain, qui faisait partie du cadre de l'Islande a l'Euro mais sans jouer, a ouvert le score peu avant la mi-temps (45e), avant d'offrir la victoire a ses nouvelles couleurs a la 68e minute.Au 3e tour qualificatif, l'avant-dernier avant le barrage pour l'accession a la phase de poules de l'Europa League, Grasshopper en decoudra avec les Chypriotes de l'Apollon Limassol. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use.
Le match aller aura lieu le 28 juillet a Zurich, le retour la semaine suivante.Le deuxieme club de Super League engage jeudi soir, Vaduz, a ete elimine. Nettement domine au match aller par les Danois de Midtjylland (3-0), le club de la Principaute n'a pas pu faire mieux que 2-2 au retour.

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