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To give you a quick overview, here is a map of destinations currently served by Southwest Airlines. According to this article, here is a list of AirTran served destinations that will migrate over to the Southwest route map: Flint, Mich. Unfortunately, my Airtran city of Lexington, KY has been cut and I just signed up for Southwest too! I haven’t really thought about seek out SW points until today, when you announced they are coming to Charlotte.

I noticed that the AirTran credit card is no longer available…otherwise I would have signed up for one in the hope of those points transfering to Southwest when the merge is complete. Amy, I will do more posts about the Grand Slam as we get closer, but I did do a post about prepping for this year’s. Not that I think of myself as a winner for having to fly on Southwest; but I win on ICT, and maybe lose on IND. What is not getting much play is what about Southwest at Birmingham, as Southwest takes over Airtran at Atlanta. OLT, I honestly have no idea if it will retain the ATL stop it has now on AirTran, or if it will change with the routes are integrated.

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