However, with good foot care, by wearing proper footwear and by keeping the blood sugar level under control, the risk of developing foot ulcers can be diminished. The role of footwear in the diabetic foot ulcer treatment process should not be overlooked.
Although most cases of diabetic foot ulcers can be cured with antibiotics, in a small number of cases surgery is carried out to remove the pressure from the foot ulcer site.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Radix Rehmanniae and Radix Astragali are widely recommended for treating foot ulcers.
According to an Italian study, regular intake of French maritime pine bark extract can rapidly heal foot ulcers in diabetics.
In a study, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Eau Claire found that applying honey on the ulcer helps to cure the wound. In diabetics, reduction in nitric oxide production slows down the wound repairing mechanism. Herbal remedies for wounds and sores have been used over long time in many parts of the world.
Renovict combines well documented action of several traditional wound healing remedies in advanced all natural formulation, beneficial for the healing of skin injuries. A soothing, fast acting herbal cream for open skin injuries, including bed sores, pressure sores, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, heat and radiation burns, poorly healing wounds, scars and similar conditions.
As a common approach, apply generously to wound, burn or sore area with fingertips or cotton swab. As soon as signs of wound healing will start to show up the frequency of application should be reduced and in several days only minimal amounts of the ointment may be applied, mostly around the wound. This product is all-natural and is deliberately made free of artificial preservatives, conservant, stabilizers and synthetic emulsifiers and solubilisers. IMPORTANT NOTE: As with any pharmaceutical drug or herbal medicine very small percentage of patients may have an allergy or skin hypersensitivity to one of ingredients. Medicinal herbs have been used for thousands years to heal wounds, skin ulcers, pressure sores, bed sores and burns.
Scientific research conducted during the last century have confirmed and expanded our knowledge about wound healing properties of many herbs. Animal studies conducted with a number of herbal extract and fractions of herbal extracts in the 20th century have demonstrated that certain herbs significantly accelerate wound healing process by reducing the inflammation of the surrounding skin and accelerating the rate of the proliferation of the epithelial cells in the wound area. Wound healing preparations obtained from herbal extract with regenerative activity demonstrated in preclinical tests were evaluated in clinical trials conducted in several countries. Combination of the reliable traditional recipes of wound healing medicine and results obtained in recent preclinical and clinical studies of the wound healing effect is a helpful approach in the development of safe and effective wound healing products.
Chronic skin wounds, such as bed sores, pressure sores, heat burns and leg ulcers are the source of significant pain and suffering. Bed sore is one of the most frequent chronic wounds which may significantly reduce the quality of life and negatively affect general prognosis. The location of the pressure sores is determined by the position of the patient, but the treatment in most cases is similar and should be adjusted depending of the presence of complicating factors, such as tissue necrosis, infection, inflammation. Effective treatment for bed sores, diabetic leg ulcers and other chronic wounds should provide conditions for efficient wound area drainage and cleansing, prevent and combat infection, reverse inflammation and, most importantly, promote and support skin regeneration. Available wound dressings are effective to a degree, but have significant shortcomings, such as high frequency of side effects, development of intolerance, and a low rate of improvement especially in elderly patients Disadvantages of current treatments include adverse skin reactions, negative effects on epithelial proliferation, high frequency of dressing changes, wound drying or dressing adherence, difficulties in administration and high treatment costs. Floraleads Gr is committed to the development of FDA approved formulation for the treatment of chronic wounds, bed sores, skin ulcers, burns and similar conditions based on Renovict. If no answer, please leave a message with your phone and best time to call or E-mail us, and we'll promptly respond. Post nasal drip is usually caused by upper airway infections, like colds, allergies, and sinusitis.
Post nasal drip is when mucus drips in the back of the throat causing irritation or discomfort. Possible causes of post nasal drip are: common cold, flu, allergies, pregnancy, sinus infection, certain medications (blood pressure or birth control meds), certain foods, deviated septum, smoke, household cleaning products, and weather changes.
Symptoms of post nasal drip include: sore throat, cough, ear infection, bad breath, and upset stomach. In one double-blind study, freeze-dried stinging nettle was compared to the effects of placebo when it comes to treating allergic rhinitis. At the end of one week, results showed the nettle group experienced lesser itching and sneezing due to allergic rhinitis (hay fever). The researchers surmised that this effect of freeze-dried stinging nettle may be due to its ability to interfere with the body’s production of histamine in response to a specific substance that induces allergy. Stinging nettle can be bought as a root tincture, tablet, capsule, extract, tea, juice, and freeze-dried leaf.
So far, there’s no standard dose of stinging nettle that’s proven to be safe and effective for children. Diabetics should use this with precaution because it can raise or lower blood sugar levels.
Pregnant women are discouraged from using stinging nettle because it may cause miscarriage. Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) is a kind of shrub that’s native to North America, Europe, and in some parts of Asia. Today, the extracts of butterbur leaves are used to relieve nose discomfort due to hay fever (allergic rhinitis).
Participants were given either one tablet of ZE 339 four times a day or one tablet of cetirizine every night. Researchers suggest that butterbur is a considerable treatment option if you want to avoid the sedative effects of conventional anti-histamine drugs. Butterbur’s roots, underground stems (rhizomes), and leaves are often marketed in a tablet, extract, and topical forms. According to WebMD, you can take one tablet of ZE 339 for allergic rhinitis three to four times a day.
On the other hand, The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends taking 500 mg of butterbur daily. Mild adverse effects of butterbur are sleepiness, headache, itchy eyes, fatigue, asthma, and upset stomach.
If you have a known allergy to chrysanthemums, daisies, ragweed, and marigolds, you may be also allergic to butterbur.
Make sure to buy butterbur products that are labeled and certified free from pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs). Pregnant women and children should take this under the supervision of a healthcare provider. Eucalyptus is effective for these health issues because they contain chemicals that are considered anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Based on a study, three species of eucalyptus contain pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory activities. Eucalyptus is used as an ingredient in mouthwashes, teas, cough syrups, ointments, and lozenges to alleviate congestion, sore throats, and loosen phlegm.
A derivative of eucalyptus oil called eucalyptol appears to be safe when taken by mouth for 3 months max. You may not have heard of it, but terminalia (arjuna) has already been used as a heart ailment cure in India for thousands of years. Terminalia bellerica, also called bibhitaki in India, is mostly used for treating a fever, inflammation, and respiratory infections, such as cough and sore throat. This antibacterial activity of terminalia species may be possibly due to the phytochemicals they posses.
However, some clinical studies used 500 mg of Terminalia arjuna three times a day for 12 weeks to treat coronary heart disease. Diabetics should be careful when taking terminalia because it can decrease blood sugar levels.
There aren’t really enough studies done to establish the safeness or possible side effects of Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellerica.
Just like other ancient foods, tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is also used to treat a variety of ailments. A clinical trial on rats revealed that the methanol extract of tamarind seeds was able to significantly reduce inflammation and pain in rats with paw edema. Tamarind is also used in traditional medicine to treat infections because of its antibacterial activity. Sage is probably one of the most popular medicinal herbs out there because of its distinct effects for a wide variety of ailments. Lowering blood sugar level, preventing perspiration, and easing inflammation are just a few of the activities of sage. You should remember that using more than twelve drops of its essential oil could cause toxicity.
When you suffer from a sore throat or other respiratory infections, phlegm usually builds up in the throat.
When taken by mouth, clove preparations are used to treat digestion problems, migraine or headache, allergies, intestinal parasites, vomiting, common colds, nausea, and for trigger uterine contraction.
Just five minutes after application of these topical treatments, adult volunteers received two needle stabs. To ease throat irritation and facilitate phlegm expectoration, chew a piece of clove together with a few granules of table salt. There are some concerns that a clove oil may cause bleeding in people undergoing surgery or with bleeding disorders. In a large study involving 700 participants with colds, researchers concluded that echinacea pills were not better than placebo when it comes to easing cold symptoms, like sore throat and runny nose, and speeding up healing time. But in another study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 95 people who developed early flu and cold symptoms felt better sooner after drinking a couple cups of echinacea tea daily for 5 days.

Whether or not it works in preventing colds or promotes faster recovery time, echinacea herb is still widely used today for that purpose. A study showed that supplementation of echinacea may possibly boost the function of the immune system. Echinacea angustifolia root exact in tablet form (100 mg) – take 2 tablets per day for a period of 15 days, and then lowered to 1 tablet every day for another 15 days.
Echinacea should not be taken with a compromised immune system, such as people who have diabetes, leukemia, cancer, tuberculosis, and autoimmune diseases. Whether you’re lactating or still pregnant, you shouldn’t take any echinacea preparations. People with asthma or known allergies may be at greater risk of developing allergic or anaphylactic (a life-threatening form of allergic reaction) reactions to echinacea.
Extract of fenugreek leaves is said to have a similar mechanism to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
At this time, there are no medical or scientific information regarding the appropriate dosage range for fenugreek.
Some adverse effects of fenugreek are diarrhea, early childbirth, bloating, and unusual body in newborns (if taken by the mother before giving birth). People who are diabetic should take fenugreek with caution because it’s believed to lower a blood sugar levels. Fenugreek may also interact with medicines that slow blood clotting, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, warfarin, and diclofenac.
Most of us know chamomile as a tea that promotes good sleep and eases digestive problems (e.g. Scientific evidences show that it contains properties that ease a sore throat and other common cold symptoms. I suggest to try one or many of these above mentioned home remedies as a guide for treating your condition. Sore Throat Remedies Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to them. Poor blood circulation combined with numbness in the feet owing to diabetic neuropathy significantly slows down the wound repair process, complicating the foot injury, which might even lead to amputation.
Despite regular care, if an ulcer develops in the feet, it can be cured with proper treatment. Physicians usually refer patients with foot ulcers to specialists who design shoes to relieve pressure from the site of the injury.
Surgeries help to correct certain deformities on the foot such as bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs and flat feet. Laboratory studies have revealed that herbal preparations containing these herbs can heal foot ulcers even in people with uncontrolled diabetes that do not respond to insulin treatment. The active components in the pine bark supports wound healing by improving glucose metabolism, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.In Ayurveda, herbal preparations containing antibacterial herbs such as Tinospora cordifolia, Embilica, officinalis, Rubia cordifolia, Gycyrrhiza glabra, Balasmodendron mukul and Moringa psterygosperma are used for treating diabetic foot ulcers.
Herbal cream comprises herbal vitamins, antioxidants, biostimulants and natural bioactive ingredients with proven anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, skin regenerative properties. Natural ingredients with demonstrated antibacterial action help combat infection and inflammation. To that end remove the ointment as gently as possible 15 minutes after the first application, preferably using several cotton swabs.
At that stage one should try to keep the wound area as dry as possible to promote the formation of full coverage scar.
While widely used and in general useful to increase chemical and physical stability of cream, lotion or ointment these additives may cause irritation, allergy, inflammation and may reduce the rate of healing process.
Ancient wound healing recipes suggest a number of herbs, herbal extracts and oils, creams and ointments with alleged wound healing properties. Preclinical studies have shown that certain herbs, including Sea Buckthorn, Plantain, Rose hips, and others contain ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, skin regenerative properties, which are beneficial for wound healing.
Daily applications of the herbal medicines accelerate of the rate of wound closure and scar formation resulting in significant reduction of the time to complete wound healing. They were shown to be well tolerated by the patients, free of side effects and acceptable for continuous treatment. Biological activity is frequently lost in modern high speed, high throughput extraction methods, especially when applied without proper activity control.
If left without treatment they can cause life threatening complications and reduce recovery or worsen other health conditions.
If left without treatment bedsore may degenerate to the stage of decay of epithelial tissue, with inflammation, bacterial infection and other serious complication.
Even with no adverse reactions, healing of skin ulcers may take several months to a year of therapy. The product presented on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The first step to this aim is controlled blind clinical trial conducted by independent FDA approved clinical trial company. There are numerous methods of preparation of Sea Buckthorn oil from traditional low twmperature oil extraction to contemporary, featuring modern mass production technologies. We offer 6 hour a days, 5 day a week live assistance and consultation from 9 AM to 3 PM Standard Eastern Time ( New York time).
It can be a painful and annoying condition, but it usually goes away when it is addressed properly. Some of the common symptoms of allergic rhinitis include a runny and congested nose, itchy eyes, cough (due to post nasal drip symptoms) and sneezing.
BUT, further studies are recommended to be done to confirm this anti-histamine effect of nettle.
Compared to its root, however, its leaf (in capsule form) is preferable for treating allergy-induced conditions. Some of the minor adverse effects you can expect are digestive problems, rash (from topical preparations), and retention of body fluids. It’s called butterbur because its leaves were used to wrap up butter during the warm weathers in the past. It’s believed to contain certain chemicals that might help reduce swelling (due to inflammation) and spasms. Alternatively, you could also take Petaforce butterbur root extract, 50 mg, two times a day. In folk medicine, eucalyptus leaf and oil are used for treating respiratory tract infections, like cold, whooping cough, tuberculosis, flu, and asthma.
Other studies also suggest that it helps lessen the viscosity of phlegm in the airway passages. These are Eucalyptus tereticornis, Eucalyptus citriodora, and Eucalyptus globulus. This ability of eucalyptus oil to cure many ailments could be attributed to its active ingredient called cineole.
Since it’s dangerous to take it undiluted by mouth, steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil is a good option for alleviating stuffy nose.
There are three specific species of terminalia that are commonly used for medicine: Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia arjuna, and Terminalia chebula. Along with other Indian medicinal plants, a study showed that Terminalia bellerica and Terminalia chebula are effective against drug-resistant test bacteria. Since there are no clinically defined dosages for terminalia, it’s best to follow the directions of the product you’re using. Its leaves, bark, flowers, and fruits are used for stomach discomforts, fevers, swollen joints, constipation, inflammatory conditions, hemorrhoids, sprain, and boils.
Examples of these are iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, essential amino acids, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, citric acid (antioxidant), water, carbohydrates, fat, and tannin. Researchers suggested that these activities of tamarind seeds are due to the presence of tannins and flavonoids. The same result was derived from an animal study using tamarind leaves. Its pulp extract is said to be effective against different strains of bacteria, like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, and Escherichia coli.
You should take note that it contains fructose, which is a crystalline sugar that’s sweeter than the glucose found in most plants and fruits. In fact, the Internal Herb Association has given sage the title of “Herb of the Year” back in 2001.
A few laboratory studies also suggested that the essential oil from sage may be helpful in fighting against different pathogenic microorganisms, such as Candida, because of its active compound called thujone. However, a study showed that a combination of echinacea and sage greatly helps with alleviating sore throat symptoms, like pain, in just a few days.
Some of the side effects of using sage oil or leaf are increased heart beat, trembling, vomiting, agitation, vertigo, seizure, wheezing, and damaged kidney. Results showed that volunteers who received benzocaine and clove gel had significantly lower pain scores compared to those who received placebos. Most studies focus on its effectiveness against upper respiratory infections, like the common cold and flu.
Experts believe that echinacea is still a relevant herbal remedy for fighting or preventing colds because of its effect on the immune system. In fact, participants of the study had a 58% lowered risk of developing colds plus a faster recovery time by more than a day.
During the ancient times, fenugreek was used for cooking, inducing childbirth, digestive ailments, and menopausal symptoms. But a few medical literatures suggest that fenugreek contains chemical properties that treat or soothe fever, intestinal parasites, irritated body tissues, vomiting, edema, chronic cough, enlarged spleen and liver, bronchitis, heart ailments, and burns.
In one particular study that used German chamomile, researchers concluded that the possible reason why chamomile is a good cold remedy is because of its ability to boost the immune system. If no improvement is noticeable within a day or two after using the antibiotic medication, your physician might change the drug.

Your physician might ask you to visit a podiatrist who can cure corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. Peripheral circulation in diabetics can be improved with ginseng, ginkgo, goldenseal and burdock. Renovict includes potent herbal extracts manufactured according to proprietary technologies and is formulated to protect biological activity of herbal excipients and preserve their beneficial wound healing action. If necessary, and depending of the wound location, the application may be repeated twice a day, especially during the first days of treatment.
Furthermore, these artificial additives can make continuous treatment, frequently required for chronic wounds, intolerable. In the case when application of this product causes skin redness, itching, irritation, please stop using it as you may have an allergy to one of ingredients. Renovict comprises high potency Sea Buckthorn oil extract, high potency Plantain oil extract, Rose hip oil extract and Rose hip seed oil, Carrot seed oil, Rose oil and wax, high potency Calendula oil extract, Chickweed oil extract, natural vitamin E oil, essential oil of Immortelle (Helichrysum angustifolium), essential oil of Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), essential oil of Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), Essential oil of Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), essential oil of Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), essential oil of Oregano (Origanum vulgare ), essential oil of Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), essential oil of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), virgin Palm oil, virgin Coconut oil. It was shown that herbal extracts, oils and ointments traditionally used to help heal skin wounds are in fact able to accelerate regenerative processes of the epithelial cells and promote the restoration of the skin and mucous.
It has been shown that different methods of preparation of herbal extracts yield products with considerable range of activities. The acceleration of the wound healing process and reduction of the time to complete wound closure were demonstrated for several types of open skin injuries. This may explain lower than expected efficiency of some modern replicas of traditional medicines. Intensive and effective treatment can help restore skin integrity, and avoid unwanted health problems. A bedsore is a localized area of skin injury that develops when soft tissue is compressed between a bony prominence and an hard place for a long time. The body’s response to the infection often results in fever, shaking chills, changes in mental status, rapid pulse and respiratory rate. Herbal topical supplements developed from traditional herbal medicines may be extremely helpful for the patients with poorly healing bed sores and other chronic skin wounds especially for those who develop undesirable side effects or intolerability to conventional pharmaceuticals. All information on this page is provided for educational purposes and as a reference for the study of traditional herbal medicines only and is not to be considered as medical advice. Only certain types of oils have proven record of successful use in the treatment of skin conditions.
In today’s article, I have outlined 10 natural home remedies for post nasal drip sore throat. Scientists believe that it helps with a pain because of its anti-inflammatory effects and interference with pain signals. It was traditionally used to treat a variety of ailments, like bronchitis, asthma, headache, cough, urinary tract problems, and fever. In one study, scientists found out that a certain butterbur extract (ZE 339 – Zeller AG) could be as effective as cetirizine (10 mg), an anti-histamine drug for allergies and hay fever.
However, there aren’t really enough scientific evidences to backup these activities of eucalyptus.
The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends using up to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in approximately 472 ml (2 cups) of boiled water for steam inhalation.
Although they come from one family, not all three species contain the same curative properties.
So by consuming tamarind, you’re not only curing your sore throat and other post nasal drip symptoms, but you’re also improving your overall health. But the powdered form of tamarind leaves and bark are also equally beneficial for this purpose. Some of the beneficial chemicals found in sage are flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids, and volatile oils. They are used in herbal remedies and dental practice to ease the pain of anesthesia injection. Now, it’s used in alternative medicine for people suffering from poor appetite, diabetes, and skin inflammation. Mucilage is especially helpful for irritated body tissues, like in the case of a sore throat caused by a post nasal drip.
Chamomile may also trigger allergic reactions, especially among individuals who are allergic to daisies, celery, ragweed, and marigolds.
In a University of California, San Diego study, researchers found that tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative, commonly used for treating acne, can heal diabetic foot ulcer. Repeat daily applications for the first weeks or until signs of wound improvement will start to show up. Thereafter apply in abundance to cover entirely the wound area in thick layer and leave till next application. While the absence of artificial additives is one of the advantageous properties of the product, it also makes this product sensitive to improper handling.
If unsure about possible allergy or skin hypersensitivity to one of ingredients, use trial size package.
According to a legend, Achilles applied herbs, in particular Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium), to heal battle wounds of his fellow warriors.
A number of herbal ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties traditionally use in wound healing compositions were identified and employed in modern skin treatments. Technological improvements of the extraction methods allow to ensure the preservation of the activity retained by traditional low temperature non-aggressive extraction techniques.
While these skin injuries are inflicted by the different causes, the wound healing process and the wound treatment strategies are similar in many respects.
Bedsores usually develop from laying or sitting for a prolonged period without changing the body posture. They are safe, have positive effect on general skin conditions, including nourishing, moisturizing, sanitizing action. It becomes annoying when your body produces excess mucus and you would constantly try to clear your throat. Herbalists usually recommend using a fresh eucalyptus leaves as a gargle for sore throats and bronchitis. There are different conventional and traditional remedies to remove a hard phlegm, like clove (Syzygium aromaticum).
Stubborn wounds are treated with intravenous antibiotic injections to accelerate the healing process. Excessive moisture at that stage may disturb the scar formation and reduce healing process. When not in use, keep tightly closed in cool dark place, for longer storage, refrigeration is preferable. In case of skin irritation please contact Floraleads and we will provide free replacement of the trial size package with alternative formulation, where potentially allergenic ingredients are replaced or excluded.
Specifically the technology covered by US Patent US6576269 was implemented in the development of this product.
Obviously, in such cases as diabetic foot ulcer the main disease needs to be addressed and treated simultaneously. For those who are bed-bound, pressure sores are most likely to form on or around the heels, the hip-bone, and the lower back or tailbone. In most case herbal skin treatments may be easily combined with other treatments and devices utilized in wound care to enhance health beneficial action. Any intentional or unintentional referral to any part of the language presented on this page as a health claim for any product listed on this page is incorrect. To increase the effectiveness of the medication, blood sugar level needs to be lowered with medicines and diet.
When using fingertips for an application, wash hands at least twice before the procedure, preferably cleanse the hands with appropriate cleansing liquid (grain alcohol) and let it dry completely.
The product has not been so far evaluated in clinical studies but every effort is currently being made to enter this product into clinical trial corresponding to modern criteria and FDA requirements. Pressure ulcers may also develop in a variety of other areas, including the spine, ankles, knees shoulders, and head, depending upon the position of the patient. No products listed on this page is intended or qualify as a drug until appropriate clinical trials are conducted and FDA approval is obtained.
All products listed on this page are presented as natural skin care products or topical herbal supplements and we can not take responsibility for those who may treat themselves. We strongly suggest to any interested party to consult the health professional and obtain professional medical advice. Licensed health professional upon investigating patient individual conditions may help make informed and responsible decisions. While this product is reasonably stable and is generally expected to preserve its qualities for at least one year, the biological activity is decreasing, just like for any other product with the time. Therefore it is suggested to obtain the quantity sufficient for intended treatment and not to stock or store the long term supply. Obviously the product is most active when shipped from the plant and is manufactured in small lots to keep the supply fresh and ready.
It is also recommended to obtain the products from the authorized distributors who comply to the rules of handling and storage.

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