VOICE Clinics really help staff work more effectively.  The workshops have made everyone aware, and they are vocal when others don’t use VOICE skills. An extensive review of 20 years of research on healthcare communication supports the need and direction for interpersonal communications improvements in healthcare. Interviews, focus groups, and personal experience indicate that healthcare has its communication problems. Whatever the cause of these pervasive and debilitating communication break-drowns, hospitals need to address them not just for the sake of patient satisfaction, but for the quality of patient outcomes and the promise of medicine.

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Common carrier - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A common carrier common law countries ( public carrier civil law systems, called simply carrier) person company . Guidelines from National Quality Forum include the efficacy of asking others to repeat back instructions to improve memory and adherence to reduce readmissions. Published research on the use of assertiveness training in the airline industry has shown significant reduction in major airline “near misses” and accidents.

Over 80 published research articles indicate the most effective interpersonal skills for changing long-term health behaviors.

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