O nosso "brinquedinho" de estreia no CT Auto, novo quadro do Canaltech focado em tecnologia embarcada, e o Peugeot 308 1.6 THP Flex. Nesta terca-feira (5), o mensageiro da Microsoft divulgou que sera possivel trocar fotos, videos e outros arquivos com contatos offline, alem de disponibilizar os arquivos para download mais de uma vez.
Voce consegue imaginar um computador que, ao inves de demorar bilhoes de anos para resolver um problema, conseguiria fazer isso em poucos minutos? Autoridades norte-americanas estao investigando acidentes envolvendo o recurso "Autopilot" presente em carros da Tesla. Maquinas capazes de interagir com os participantes de uma conversa agora chegam tambem os grupos do Skype. Dados do segundo trimestre de 2016 mostram que o valor arrecadado com as vendas de jogos para iOS no mercado chines superou o que os americanos gastaram com o mesmo tipo de aplicativo. Divulgado pela Flashpoint, relatorio mostra quais os programas e aplicativos utilizados pelo ISIS para o anonimato online. Pouco antes do lancamento de seu novo sistema operacional, a companhia de Redmond havia revelado o desejo de atingir a marca em dois ou tres anos depois da liberacao oficial do Windows 10.
O game de cartas mundialmente conhecido estara disponivel para Xbox One, PlayStation 4 e PC a partir do dia 9 de agosto. A empresa alema Bitmanagement esta processando a marinha norte-americana em US$ 600 milhoes pelo uso ilegal de uma aplicacao de realidade virtual trimendisional. One person is dead and several others have been seriously injured after a shooting at a rented house in the early hours of this morning. Police and ambulance crews were called to Church Lane, Headley, at 2.30am where the body of a man in his 30s was found.

Reggae dancehall artist Braintear Spookie, real name Jason White, posted adverts for the party on his Instagram account. The singer, who has produced songs with titles including Hurt It Up, Nuh Fault Wid Yuh, and Cah Tek Mi Life, also posted pictures of himself posing with a water pistol at what appeared to be the poolside at the venue prior to the party, which cost ?20 to attend. Prior to the incident, local councillor David Preedy had already raised his concerns with police. Police had been called to the scene earlier to deal with noise complaints before returning after the man’s death. A New Zealand athlete claims to have been kidnapped by armed police and forced to withdraw hundreds of dollars, just two weeks before the Olympics are set to start.
Jason Lee, 27, a national Jiu-Jitsu champion living in Rio, said that a group pulled him into an unmarked car and stopped at several cash machines to withdraw money before letting him go. The alleged incident took place on Sunday after the men, who were reportedly dressed in military police uniforms, pulled Lee off of a highway. According to local press the officers told the fighter, who is not part of the Olympic delegation, that it was illegal to drive in Brazil without a passport and asked him to leave the car, where he was patted down by one of the men. Lee said that he was ordered to pay 2000 Brazilian Reais (?467), or the officers would arrest him and take him to the federal police.
After stating that he did not have enough money on him, he was forced to get into an unmarked private car to visit cash points.
Asking the officers, who had guns on them, why he could not drive in his own car, he was told that his vehicle did not have tinted windows – and they did not want to be seen.
The athlete then pulled out his phone and sent voice messages to his partner on Whatsapp, as well as a GPS pin to show his location.

DigitalGlobe tambem elevara a qualidade dos servicos do app de caronas para fortalecer a concorrencia com rivais.
Montadora afirmou que ira dobrar seus esforcos para educar os clientes sobre as limitacoes da funcionalidade. Plugin tem como objetivo ajudar usuarios a realizarem compras online atraves do site oficial da Amazon. Agora, sistema utilizado e capaz de identificar reacoes de ciclistas com o objetivo de evitar acidentes. Ligada ao sistema de gestao de impressao do Windows, a brecha permite que os hackers infectem uma rede inteira de PCs.
People who attended had bought tickets and were bussed in, as were lots of scantily clad women.
It appears they were called back a few hours later and it is not clear if the man was found dead in the house or outside’. I could hear music was being played but I couldn’t see much as the place has an enclosed garden.

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