One experiment that we are going to try for May's sales only is to simply publish the entire month worth of sales in advance so that players can plan for the champ(s) and skin(s) that they really want to buy. Please note: the advance notice moves these sales into the category of pre-announced promotions, meaning that we won’t be offering partial refunds on content bought between now and each sale. PROJECT: DISRUPTION - Ashe, Ekko, Katarina skins now available, new crafting components, and much more!
The Legacy Vault opens for a limited timeBy UdyrNottingham Ezreal, Red Baron Corki and all their friends storm out of retirement for a limited time. From November 29th through December 31st, 47 previously retired Legacy skins will be in the store at their regular price. Since we're giving out the schedule ahead of time though, we won't be offering refunds if you purchase a skin before it's on sale and miss out on the discount.

For those of you who just have to have it all, we're introducing the Mega Legacy Bundle for a limited time. Check out the list of skins and the sale schedule below, and pick up your favorites before the doors to the Legacy Vault close until next time!
This will be the first of a few small tweaks from the ecommerce team to try and relieve some player pain. Between December 13th and December 16th, you'll be able to pick up Divine Soraka for 487 RP, Temple Jax for 375 RP, Loch Ness Cho'Gath for 260 RP, Zyra for 487 RP, Caitlyn for 440 RP and Kassadin for 395 RP. Each skin will be on sale for 50% off for one day during this time so you can nab a discount on all your favorite retired skins.
From November 29th through December 2nd, you can add all 47 skins to your wardrobe for 60% off and pick up the corresponding Champions for 50% off.

It’s never fun to open up the fridge every few days only to be disappointed that the sandwich you’ve been waiting for isn’t there. Of course, the bundle will automatically adjust in pricing depending on the content you already own.

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