When a backend server is failed or recovered from a failure, it detects it automatically and bases its load balancing decisions according to that. For ease of use, I have created python SimpleHTTPServer to create an instant webserver on both servers. We have to edit the server and backend details in order to balance the load among the webservers. Under the “ListenHTTP” and “ListenHTTPS” tags, you have to enter the IP address of the server you have installed POUND. By default a server handles HTTP requests though port 80 and HTTPS requests through port 443. Now save the file after editing it correctly and restart the POUND service by issuing one of below commands.
First request should load the first webserver01 and second request from the other web browser should load the second webserver02. Furthermore, think of a scenario like if you have two webservers to load balance and one of the server’s performance is good and other’s performance is not so good. So when load balancing among them, you will have to consider for which server you have to put more weight on.
To balance the load like that, you just have to add a single parameter inside the pound.cfg file. Emergency Tag: This tag is used to load a server in case of all the back end servers are dead.
POUND will check the disabled backend server after every time period you have defined in the pound.cfg file in case if the server could establish a connection, then POUND can get back to work with the server. I'm a BSc Special (Hons) graduate in Information Technology and works as an Engineer-Systems. For those of you who for one reason or another, are experiancing difficulties adding clines, I have put together this basic tutorial showing how to add clines.
Once unzipped open the file and overwrite the test clines with your own active clines, then save the changes. Then place the USB Stick that contains the cccam.cfg file, into the USB connector at the rear of the receiver.
Now select CCcam,cfg [CCcam Plug] and click the OK button, you should then see a check mark or tick appear, indicating you have selected the file, if there is no tick shown, then you have not selected anything, and nothing will be installed.
Now highlight each cline you wish to activate, by clicking the OK button, a tick will appear next to each cline you have activated. First off get yourself a blank usb device which must be formatted to fat32 by plugging into your pc, most of these boxes come with the image preloaded so all you will need to add is your favorite see lion, which is simple you put it on your usb and stick it in the front of the box.
The pictures below will show you the rest of the story, if you dont have a hdmi tv you can use the composit cable and the scart adapter as shown below. As you can see its not that hard to get this box up and running just takes the time to read and do it step by step, after that reboot your router and you should be viewing your channels any questions just put a post up and i will try answer it for you if i can. It is a lightweight open source reverse proxy tool which can be used as a web-server load balancer to distribute load among several servers. So I will use a scenario where there are two webservers and one gateway server which needs to balance the requests comes to gateway server to webservers. Secondly, you need two web-servers to balance the load and make sure you have clear identifiers in order to test the pound configuration works fine. If we define the Priority number, POUND will load the server with higher priority number more oftenly.

This is the drop down box in the lower right of the panel.Set your home location by clicking the location tab on the bottom. There are several advantages POUND gives to end user which are very convenient and does the job right.
BackEnd tags bears the IP addresses and the port numbers which the webservers are running on. We can define after how many seconds POUND should checkout the backend servers by adding “Alive” parameter in pound.cfg. When we say not responding server may be dead or cannot establish a connection at that moment. By having that we don’t need to edit the pound.cfg file and we can issue Listner Server, BackEnd servers and sessions etc. Each NOAA weather satellite broadcasts an Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) signal, which contains a live weather image of your area. Hardware radio scanners can also work, provided the radio has a large IF bandwidth (30 kHz +) and a discriminator tap.Note that if you have success with this tutorial, you may also be interested in decoding Meteor M N2 weather satellites which provide much higher resolution images. First enter the name of the satellite you want to track in the Satellite name text box, making sure to replace any spaces in the name with underscores. For example if you wanted to track NOAA 15, then you’d set the Satellite name to NOAA_15.When a satellite comes into view the scheduler will automatically run the commands written in the AOS text box in the scheduler. If you have not bought a dongle yet, see the Buy RTL-SDR page for information and the check out the Quickstart Guide for an easy setup routine with SDRSharp. This is because as the satellites broadcast their signal, they also rotate, rotating the signal polarization. Click the icon with two windows next to the Driver drop down box and make sure it is pressed in. If a box pops up saying it could not find the driver then you may have specified the path in step 8 incorrectly. Three options for easy home made circularly polarized satellite antennas are presented below.Turnstile AntennaA turnstile antenna is a circularly polarized antenna. When a satellite appears overhead the frequency will immediately snap to the doppler frequency specified by Orbitron.Finally, if desired WXtoImg can be made to automatically output a live webpage of the latest weather satellite images.
A page showing a turnstile antenna for 137 MHz is here.Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) AntennaA Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) is a circularly polarized antenna that can be constructed out of PVC pipe and coax cable. If the satellite is going directly overhead, you can use simpler antennas to receive the signal no problem. Also, a good calculator for determining QFH antenna dimensions for 137 MHz can be found here.Double Cross Antenna (DCA)Another antenna that works well with the NOAA APT satellites is the double cross antenna (DCA).
Although not designed for satellite reception, you may also see limited success with other antennas such as quarter wave ground planes and discones, but you will probably discover that the signal will fade in and out.Software TutorialThe NOAA satellites only pass overhead at certain times of the day, broadcasting a signal. Uso el SDRSharp, WXtoIMG, Orbitron y USB RTL-SDR 820T2 No he encontrado en Internet ningun error similar no se si es problema de la antena o del receptor.
I use from either my home-based Wrasse KX-137P turnstile antenna or my home-made portable field version of the same.
There is also a paid version of WXtoImg which can unlock more features, however it is not required for use with RTL-SDR. While they are too slow to decode LRPT, they do a fine job for APT (dual-core is the minimum for LRPT) using WxtoImg decoding software (processing is on the slow side, about 15 minutes, but adequate for hobbyist use).Given the lifespan of the APT birds exceeding all expectations with NOAA actively keeping them in excellent operational status they should be around for another 5 years (or more) barring any major failures.
The city you are in should suffice, but you can be more accurate by entering in an exact latitude and longitude if you want.In WXtoImg set your audio piping method which you have chosen.

By that time there should be several LRPT birds transmitting in the 137 MHz frequency range to replace them.73 Reply July 5, 2015 - 1:17 amRobert, VA3ROM Great tutorial! The very slow rotation of the satellite itself causes the signal fade which is because of Faraday rotation as the signal comes through the ionosphere which may or may not be right or left-handed (it’s usually random) and at times will reduce the signal and sometimes increase the signal.
I usually find that there a two deep fades for several seconds during any APT satellite pass that several minutes apart.I use a homemade Turnstile antenna with the USB RTL-SDR dongle right at the feedpoint (1 m run of RG58 coax with BNC adapter to IEC adapter to dongle. The recording and decoding will begin when the satellite appears on your horizon, and stop when it goes out of view according to the times in the satellite pass list.Open SDRSharp select the audio piping method you are using under the Audio Output drop down box and then tune to the frequency that the satellite will be broadcasting at. Adjust the gain settings in SDRSharp under the Configure button so that you get good reception of the signal. It may also be useful to ensure Snap to Grid is unchecked.As the RTL-SDR is not frequency accurate, and also due to the Doppler effect, the signal may not be at the exact frequency it should be at. Reply June 11, 2015 - 6:09 pmThe Lightning Stalker Your statement about the rotation of satellites causing the circular polarization is incorrect. Reply May 30, 2015 - 11:21 amGiftmacher Why can’t I get ANY signal with rtl2832u+fc0013? Press Alt+Enter to exit full screen if you wish.You will probably be initially presented with a TLE file update screen.
The TLE files contain the satellite orbit information, and will need to be periodically updated every few days. Running Orbitron in Administrator mode is important, as otherwise the updated TLE files will not be saved.In order to have Orbitron accurately track the satellites it is important that your Windows PC time is accurate. Orbitron comes with a method to synchronize your PC time to the NTP servers, which provide accurate time.
Goot for terrestrial listening but sats need an antenna that is truly omnidirectional to work unless you are using a motorized tracking setup and a yagi, or doing the same by hand. In the setup screen click on the Time Synch tab, and click on the Synchronize PC clock button (looks like a lightning bolt) to automatically synchronize the time.
But even a yagi has high losses due to polarization made up for by the antenna’s directional gain somewhat. You may also wish to select the Synchronize PC clock when Orbitron starts checkbox if your PC is always connected to the internet.Close Orbiton. Reply May 14, 2015 - 10:55 pmJorge I can get images from all the world or only from some parts of world? Reply May 15, 2015 - 1:26 amadmin The image you get is the live image currently seen by the satellite that is above you. Any ideas anyone I followed the above tutorial and the install instructions that come with the plugin Thanks Reply November 21, 2014 - 2:17 amadmin What’s the error?
It is inevitable how satellite imagery is being used in a lot of way and how it helps us with our concerns. Reply March 20, 2014 - 7:27 pmYolian Is there any audio piping program for a 64-bit Linux OS?

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