Lenovo announced a collection of new notebooks today with the Yoga name and ability to transform from notebook to tablet as well as a new line of Flex notebooks that come with a very flexible hinge, but not the ability to fold flat like the Yoga 2 and ThinkPad Yoga. All of these new Lenovo products include the latest Intel Core i 4th generation processors as options.
The ThinkPad Yoga comes with a 12.5-inch touch display covered in Gorilla Glass for enhanced durability.
The ThinkPad Yoga pushes a keyboard plate out when swiveled into stand or tablet mode, removing the tactile feel of the keys which pestered owners of the original Yoga notebook. Users can also purchase the ThinkPad Yoga with a Wacom Digitizer supporting Pen input, with an included Pen for use on the Full HD display.
The IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro takes what we liked about the Yoga Lenovo first brought to market and adds QHD+ higher resolution display into a thinner and lighter package. The Yoga Pro 2’s 10 finger multitouch display comes with a 3200 x 1800 resolution and brightness rated at 350 nits, which should help users who plan to take this device outside.
The Yoga 2 Pro lets users wave a hand in front of the 720P camera to cycle through photos and presentations and there is software to detect when uses switch between laptop, tent, stand and tablet mode in order to deliver faster access to apps that fit that mode. The IdeaPad Flex 14 and Flex 15 don’t make the full transition to tablet like the Yoga, and are much heavier, but they do let users swivel the display around to stand mode, which is a plus for watching movies in bed or on a plane. The Flex 14 comes with a 1366 x 768 resolution 14-inch display while the Flex 15 can be equipped with up to a 1080P Full HD 15-inch display. Lenovo is getting ready to update its Yoga line of convertible, laptops with a new model sporting a 13.3 inch, 3200 x 1800 pixel display, an Intel Skylake processor, and Windows 10 software. The Lenovo Yoga 900 hasn’t officially been announced yet, but a few product pages showed up at a French retail site. Fnac has listings for two models: one with an Intel Core i7-6500U processor, and another with a Core i5-6200U chip. Deals of the Day (8-03-2016)So you may have heard that Samsung launched a new phone this week.
The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 is a strong business ultraportable with a top-notch keyboard and an included stylus for the touch display.
Lenovo's ThinkPad Yoga line has long been known for pairing a flexible, bend-back design with ThinkPad-level durability and usability. Lenovo just announced some very exciting products, the Lenovo YOGA 900 notebook and the YOGA 900 Home all in one (AIO). I just looked back at what the previous YOGA, the Yoga 3 Pro have meant for me and my family (Yoga 3 Pro: 8 months later), and now here we are with the successor to that product.
The YOGA 900 will be available in three color options: clementine orange, platinum silver and champagne gold.

By opting to go on the Core i7 route, the YOGA now is a viable alternative to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.
Avec seulement 14,9 mm d’epaisseur et 1,270 kg sur la balance, ce Lenovo YOGA 900 offre des mensurations plus que reduites.
Pour 1 199,99$ (ou plus !), vous pouvez desormais avoir pres du double en autonomie et des options en Intel Core i7 (Core M precedemment), la difference devrait etre flagrante. Si le design general de ce YOGA 900 reste tres similaire a celui du Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro, la charniere a ete grandement amelioree, elle tourne toujours a 360°, permettant donc notamment une utilisation facon tablette ou avec des inclinaisons differentes. Dommage que ce ne soient que des mots de la part de Lenovo pour ce qui concerne la France !
The 720p display supports multi-touch input, but lacks IPS wide viewing angle technology found on the Yoga 3 and other higher-end 2-in-1s. Like the original Yoga, this ThinkPad hinge allows users to swivel the display into stand, tent and tablet mode, in addition to using it as a laptop. The device uses the latest Intel Core i 4th generation U series processors which should help deliver better battery life overall.
Both offer the option of up to a 4th Generation Intel ULT Core i7 4th generation processor and up to 8GB of RAM. In fact Lenovo says is is the slimmest Core i7 notebook on the market at the point of release. According to Kevin Beck (and based on the pictures in the technical specification) the hinge will reflect the color of the cover. It solves the biggest complaint people had of the Yoga 3 Pro, and I beleive it will now be a good fit for a work computer – Core M could manage yes, but it had some limitations I talked about in my recent article and review. The YOGA products had recently quite high resolutions, so it is strange that a device with larger screen didn’t get a higher resolution. En digne successeur du Yoga 3 Pro - qui etait le portable le plus fin de 2015 -, voici le YOGA 900, la encore le plus fin de sa categorie selon le constructeur.
Le design du Yoga 3 Pro avait de quoi seduire mais ses performances et sa batterie laissaient a desirer. Il se decline desormais en trois nouveaux coloris : Orange Clementine, Or Champagne, Argent Platine. Specs-wise, the Flex is closer to the HP X360 11, Dell Inspiron 3147 and Toshiba Radius 11 convertibles. They are all basic chips, with Pentium offering noticeably better performance than the Celerons. The keyboard has no backlight, but is quite spacious for the notebook’s category and features ergonomically shaped keys.

His specialty are Windows-based mobile PCs, from tablets and ultraportables to full blown gaming laptops.
The ThinkPad Yoga also supports Onelink and Onelink Pro docking to connect to power and accessories at a desk with one cable. While the physical dimensions are a little bit bigger than the Yoga 3 Pro, it still has an impressively small footprint. So you can either lay it flat on the table or you can use it as a desktop when you attach a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, it is a budget-class mini-laptop with ability to fully flip the screen and transform itself to a tablet or a multimedia stand. All of these CPUs can handle the basic day-to-day tasks like web browsing, Office document editing, or multimedia playback, but if you want to avoid occasional slowdowns, getting a Pentium-equipped configuration with 4GB of RAM is recommended. The square, raven-black chassis gets small splashes of color from a flashing red light in the ThinkPad logos on the lid and deck, along with the red TrackPoint nub and buttons. The YOGA 900 HOME has a weight of 7.6 kg, it is not something you would be expected to carry around or hold in your hands for reading.
Given that Lenovo lead the way with the first Yoga notebook 3 years ago, and now other manufacturers are following along, I would say they are doing a pretty good job. The screen remained stable in the different modes, but it bounced a bit when I touched it in laptop mode; the screen on the Lenovo Yoga 900 was more stable. To help you grip the back of the ThinkPad Yoga 260 in tablet mode, it uses Lenovo's "lift-and-lock" keyboard, which makes the keys sink beneath the base and become unpressable when you rotate the screen back. The pen charges its internal battery when docked, and Lenovo claims that it will get 19 hours' worth of charge in just 20 seconds; I had no problems with its endurance. On the 10FastFingers typing test, I managed a speedy 99 words per minute, which is a bit better than my typical 94 to 95 wpm, with a reasonable 1.9 percent error rate. The spill-resistant keyboard also has a backlight that was more than bright enough to let me see the keys at both its high and low settings.
The system responded immediately and consistently to multitouch gestures, including pinch-to-zoom, three-finger swipe for switching apps or minimizing windows, and two-finger swipe for browsing through images in Windows Photo Gallery.

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