Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? Two players who wore their hats backward a lot — one for fun, the other because he had to — and left indelible imprints on the game will be rewarded Sunday with induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame."It's incredibly powerful," said Piazza, by far the lowest draft pick in history elected to the Hall.
It was now possible for a performer to appear before widely different audiences in widely separated corners of the world, and Chaplin was the first to feel the full impact of this new kind of celebrity.With the notion of movie stardom just coming into focus — Keystone, for example, did not feel the need to mention the name of its performers on the credits of its films or its posters — Chaplin skipped a stage and passed directly to superstardom. By the time he left Keystone for a more lucrative contract at Essanay in 1915, he was on his way to becoming, not just the Elvis of his day, but the Beatles and Michael Jackson, too. It's such an honor."Dubbed "The Natural" for his effortless excellence at the plate and in center field, Griffey, the first No. All a theater had to do was hang out a banner — “Charlie Here Today” — to pack the house.And it all happened with astonishing speed, as documented by Chaplin at Keystone, a fourdisc collection from Flicker Alley that represents an amazing act of curatorship. 1 pick to be selected for enshrinement, hasn't followed form since his selection in January. A collaboration among Lobster Films in Paris, the Cineteca di Bologna in Italy, the British Film Institute, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive, and Blackhawk Films in the United States, the collection draws on material from 19 archives to create the most faithful versions of these films to be seen since they were first released.The challenge was not that the movies were rare. He's been feted in Seattle, which likely still has a major league team because of his tenure there, served as honorary starter for NASCAR's biggest race, the Daytona 500, and played a lot of golf to avoid thinking or talking about his induction.When he visited Cooperstown in late May for a mini-orientation, Griffey chose not to take the customary introductory tour of the Hall that's become sort of a tradition in recent years. Because of Chaplin's towering popularity they were widely distributed and remained in active distribution for decades. He did attend a series of brief meetings with Hall of Fame staff at a separate location in the village and said he wanted his first walk through the front doors of the stately building on Main Street to be with his kids."I wanted to share the moment with them," Griffey said.

Instead, like favorite stuffed animals, these fragile films had almost been loved to death. Copied and recopied countless times, they lost image quality and chunks of footage at every step, to the point where the prints in circulation had become all but unwatchable.
For this edition teams of preservationists have collated the best surviving prints, combining shots and sequences from up to five or six different versions to produce the most complete, visually satisfying versions we are likely to see.Although Chaplin discovered his trademark look quite early — the toothbrush moustache, bowler hat, hiked-up pants, splayed feet and swinging cane are there in one of his very first Keystone efforts, Mabel's Strange Predicament — it took Chaplin much longer to find the character than the costume. A 13-time All-Star and 10-time Gold Glove Award winner, Griffey hit 630 home runs, sixth all-time, and drove in 1,836 runs.Griffey also was named American League MVP in 1997, drove in at least 100 runs in eight seasons, and won seven Silver Slugger Awards. In the 1995 ALDS, he became just the second player in major league history to hit five home runs in a single postseason series (Reggie Jackson of the Yankees in the 1977 World Series is the other).Like Yankees great Mickey Mantle before him, fans are left to wonder what more Griffey might have accomplished had his health not become a hindrance. In Twenty Minutes of Love, most likely the first film Chaplin had a hand in directing, the Tramp scowls as he watches a couple embrace, then suddenly turns to kiss a tree with equal ardor.As the Tramp loses his aggressive edge, more recognizably human feelings emerge. From 2001-04 he averaged fewer than 80 games played per year while suffering through hamstring tears, knee problems, a dislocated shoulder, and ankle tendon ruptures.Healthy again in 2005, Junior slugged 35 home runs and captured the NL Comeback Player of the Year Award. Though The New Janitor, released in September, 1914, usually is seen as the turning point (the title character, Charlie, rescues his boss from burglars and wins the love of a pretty secretary), the revelation of Chaplin at Keystone is Caught in a Cabaret, released in April.Although nominally directed by Mabel Normand — Sennett's lover and leading female star — this film establishes a complex of themes and situations that Chaplin would continue to develop through his greatest work of the 1920s and '30s. Two years later, he had his last standout season — 144 games, 30 homers, 93 RBIs — and earned his final All-Star Game selection. A lowly waiter in a dingy downtown cafe, Charlie rescues a rich girl (Normand) from a thief and is rewarded with an invitation to a garden party.
Charlie and Mabel flirt, and Charlie instantly falls in love — only to be devastatingly humiliated when Mabel and her friends go slumming at his establishment.

He briefly quit the game while in the minor leagues, returned and persevered despite a heavy workload as he switched from first base to catcher and teammates criticized his erratic play."When I first signed with the Dodgers, I knew it was going to be a very difficult path," Piazza said.
I was just fortunate that I had great coaches and people looking out for me to encourage me to go back.
First out is Modern Times (1936) with Chaplin in his final, nonspeaking role as the Tramp.As its title suggests, Modern Times is in many ways almost daringly engaged with contemporary reality.
You don't make it to the Hall of Fame alone, you have a lot of people looking out for you along the way."And then it all clicked almost suddenly for Piazza, hitting 52 home runs in the minors before getting called up by the Dodgers in September 1992.
The fear of exposure has been banished, and the film ends on a perfect cadence of peace, hope and security — a chord, alas, that could not be long sustained.
A 12-time All-Star, Piazza won 10 Silver Slugger Awards and finished in the top five in MVP voting four times. All other catchers in baseball history combined have posted nine such seasons.Though the Dodgers gave him his start, Piazza found a home in New York when he was traded to the Mets in May 1998. He became a bona fide hero to the hometown fans with his walk-off homer in the first game at Shea Stadium after the terrorist attacks on Sept. Frick Award for excellence in baseball broadcasting, and Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy will receive the J.G.

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