Since that time, the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes has increased in parallel with the increase in obesity. In accord with dietary recommendations, Americans have cut back on the amount of animal fat we consume (saturated fat).
As it became easier and easier to purify and distribute sugar, we (and the British) clearly ate more of it. It is incredibly difficult to disentangle the relative contributions of different factors when there are many involved. Diabetes Fact #1: In 2010, there were an estimated 346 Million people suffering from diabetes worldwide according to the WHO.
Insulin dependent or Type 1 diabetes is caused by insufficient amounts of insulin being produced. In the non-insulin dependant diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, the body produces insulin, but uses it ineffectively.
Diabetes Fact #5: Diabetes has many health consequences, especially when blood sugar levels are not kept under control. Diabetes Fact #8: Treating and living with diabetes, is very costly, both to yourself in terms of lost work, medical expenses and much more, but also to the State in the form of health care and Disability Grants. It is just as important to make up your mind you are not going to be part of these diabetes statistics while you are healthy.
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Some statistics about type 2 diabetes state that 215000 people under 20 will be diagnosed with type one or two diabetes. Pre-diabetes is also increasing because many of the younger generation have high blood sugar but not enough to really matter or effect the body. The amount of money spent in the United States on diabetic supplies and medications annually is 174 billion dollars, and will only increase as more people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Most of the people generally think that type 2 Diabetes will affect only aged and elder people, but in last 20 years, there have been numerous type 2 Diabetes cases registered among the children.
Few common symptoms in children that help doctors in detecting the type 2 Diabetes are dehydration, hunger, nausea, numbness and fatigue.

In general, the increase in calories has come at a time when Americans are increasingly sedentary. The striking increase in obesity comes only in recent decades, with the last 20% increase in sugar consumption. Could HFCS be the relevant factor in the obesity epidemic and consequent diabetes epidemic?
In USA the Hispanic Puerto Rican group have the highest prevalence at 13.8% and the non-Hispanic white group the lowest at 7%.
People suffering from diabetes cost the Government more than twice as much as people without diabetes.
Although they can be depressing at first sight, they can also be the motivation to do something different to what we have always done in terms of health. Statistic show that diabetes and diabetes type 2 affect 25.8 million people in the United States only, making it one of the worlds (besides AIDs) biggest health concerns. Type 2 diabetes causes (and is the leading cause) kidney failure, blindness, and lower limb numbness.
Gestational Diabetes occurs when a woman is pregnant and can be dangerous to both child and mother.
The main cause of increasing type Diabetes among children is high amount of cholesterol or fat content in their body.
With raise in the obese people, there has been steady increase in the type 2 diabetes patients.
People, unlike laboratory rats, tend to do what they want, and aren't eager to spend their lives eating a scientist's specified food pellets.
The prevalence of diabetes is increasing rapidly especially in developing countries like China and India.
In poorer countries, specially if they copy the more industrialized lifestyle, where there are often no facilities for diagnosis or treatment, the numbers could be much higher.
More than half of all diabetic patients suffer from neuropathy in some form, usually in the limbs. The vast amounts of diabetes is due to the high sugar amounts in today’s food and medical advances that keep the defective diabetes gene in the population.

People over 65 are 25% of the United States diabetic patients, meaning that more people develop diabetes at a later state. Type 2 diabetes statistics show that two out of ten mothers will develop this during their pregnancy.
See if you’re at risk for developing type 2 diabetes by looking up type 2 diabetes statistics and talking to your doctor. A medical research proved that girls are at 1.7 times more risks to develop diabetes when compared to boys. The food industry has done its share in trying to lower fat consumption, by developing low-fat and fat-free substitutes for higher-fat foods.
Food processors seem to use oils from different plants more-or-less interchangeably, judging from the ingredient lists on a variety of products. Some would say yes, because in the early 1970's, the technology was developed to convert corn starch into glucose, and then use a simple enzyme treatment to convert glucose into fructose. Type 2 diabetes occurred traditionally in older people, but the worrying fact now is that younger people and even children are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Despite this, however, the USDA reports that from 1970 to 2003, Americans increased fat consumption by 63%, while also increasing grain consumption 43% and sugar consumption 19% -- as part of an overall increase of over 500 calories per day. If diabetes statistics continue at their present levels of acceleration, the WHO predict diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in the entire world within 20 years. Of these, nearly a quarter of a million were children and young people under the age of 20 years. The consens now is that Type 2 diabetes occurs predominantly in people with incorrect eating habits, obesity and those who lack exercise.
These women also have an increased chance of getting diabetes in the next ten years after the pregnancy. With the invention of HFCS, and the government-subsidy of the corn industry, HFCS became a cost-effective replacement for normal sugar, sucrose.

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