I’m sure you never thought about picking out your fragrance based on your astrological sign. I was just about to celebrate my 37th birthday on November when I found out I was pregnant so that makes the month of conception October. Well, if I have a girl then, it's great I had her in my late 30s because we'd have a better chance at this girly relationship thing. Lee Shen GeeJanuary 6, 2014 at 2:36 AMIf this calendar is real, then we're both having boys!
When reading the horoscopes you’re bound to fill certain characteristics of your sign and your fragrance choices are not exempt from this phenomenon.

Plus, my OBG took one look at my face, noted all the pimples sprouting and said, "Looks like a boy again. But I know Vince wants a girl this time (although he'd totally love another son, too!) so I'd be happy with a girl.
I was 36 when I conceived, which means I was supposed to have a girl according to the Chinese calendar. I hope she grows up to be just like me—no nonsense, no drama, no frivolity, no arte, no crazy shopping. But if she does turn out to be dainty or feminine or inane or a damsel in distress or boy-crazy, I'd love her anyway!

Since your birthday was on November then your conception was on the October that would mean you were still 36 by then.
My birthday was in October then later that month was my conception so it states there that its a girl. I was asking according to the calendar am supposed to check on my age then know the day I can get a boy or a girl, I will be turning 38 in august so will I use the 37yrs chat or the 38yrs coz in august its when I will be 38.

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