The hypertension is actually caused due to the increase in the blood pressure of the human body, which is just caused because of mental stress and unusual habits which are actually not safe for a healthy body.
The sufferer should take complete food like fresh fruit, vegetables, un-fried food which almost complete your healthy diet.
The major helpful foods to get cure from hypertension is raw fruits, garlic, olive oil, onion, vegetables, soy, nuts, whole grain, seeds and of course some specific varieties of fish like tuna, salmon, halibut, sardines. To decrease hypertension, one should reduce the food rich in sodium and increase potassium enriched food. You should drink water in high amount which has multiple positive effects in the body which also includes the reduction of hypertension in the body.
You should do Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi which actually helps a lot to decrease hypertension created by stress.
The green tea is the best source to prevent hypertension which actually happens due to increase in the amount of cholesterol in blood which certainly helps to avoid plaque, which is on the walls of artery. The oily fish that is actually the best balanced diet should be taken at least twice every week, which is the most preferred option to cure hypertension. The increase in the physical activity also maintains the rate of heart beat, which actually enforce our heart to work harder with each contraction. Adrenal fatigue spells a premonition of several serious ailments like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.
However, modern medicine is not holistic in approach and hence the treatment of this ailment becomes quite complicated. Licorice root can be consumed in a tablet or liquid form both of which are available in health food stores and stores selling herbal medicine. This is a popular herb and is used extensively in Chinese as well as western traditional medicine. It is available as one of the herbal remedies for adrenal fatigue in tablet, capsule and liquid form. The main root of this plant is used in the western traditional medicine to treat mental and physical exhaustion, low immunity and reduce stress. In recent studies it has been found useful in various manners like insulin sensitivity, better memory, increased cerebrovascular circulation, improved immunity, and resistance to common cold, improvement in insomnia, fatigue and headache in women with menopausal symptoms. This is an adaptogenic herb which has been used since historical times for the treatment of various ailments. It regulates the key mediators of stress response including nitric oxide, molecular chaperons, and cortisol. The most common excuse among people for not exercising is that they have no equipment at home or no time to go to a gym. Freestyle exercises without equipment can be done at home or in a park and at any time that suits you.
20-30- minutes of brisk walk pumps up blood circulation and it helps to keep your heart healthy and strengthens the function of the lungs.
Doing Push ups is an effective way of building your muscles and tone your arms, shoulders and chest muscles. Push ups is a simple form of freestyle exercise without equipment and it should be done in the right way for best results. Like push ups you should start slowly while doing sit ups and gradually increase the duration and count. Different kind of Yoga asanas target each and every part of your body and help to cure many ailments like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, thyroid etc.
Yoga Breathing exercises (Pranayama) is also an effective form of freestyle exercise without equipment to maintain a healthy body and mind. You can choose any or a combination of above mentioned freestyle exercise and use your body as the equipment to keep fit. Carpal tunnel is a small space or a passageway where the median nerve and several tendons run.
At night, you have more probability for the symptoms to appear where you have to get relief by shaking your hand. Ayurvedic treatment for CTS involves treatments like such as Pizchil, Ela Kizhi Swedana, Navara Kizhi, Mamsa, Abhyanga, etc. These therapies result in regaining muscle strength, power as well as relief from the symptoms.
Oil treatment with ruksha sweda made by string potali like Manal kizhi helps to get comfort from pain and swellings for 2-3 days. Mamsa kizhi, Navara kizhi, will direct to reduce wasting of nerves and controlling increasing blood circulation (more often in chronic cases). Gout is an arthritic condition that causes extreme pain and swelling, especially in the big toe and hands. It is when the joints are deposited with excess uric acid deposits that gout symptoms arise. Drinking water is the best way to minimize the formation of uric acid crystals and also avoid kidney stones. As they always say that prevention is better than cure, one of the best ways to control gout attack too is to prevent it from occurring.
Due to its anti inflammatory properties, Epsom salt can be used for treating gout pain and swelling. Powdered activated charcoal and flax seeds are excellent anti-inflammatory agents that can be used for treating gout.
Bananas are rich in phosphorus and this will help in treating swelling associated with gout.

Certain acids can help in preventing the formation of uric acid crystals and diluting the crystals, which are already present.
Going on an exclusive diet of apples for a week when you have gout will help in reducing and finally taking care of the entire gout attack within a few days. Generally, people who have gout are asked to stay away from purine rich foods as purine can trigger a gout attack and worsen the symptoms. To make a child adopt certain behavior in his life, a practice from early childhood is an ideal solution.
The modern lifestyle keeps the mind of people ever occupied and thoughtful causing distress. According to new sleep guidelines, babies in ages from 4 to 12 months need to sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, while children in 1 to 2 years of age should sleep 11 to 14 hours over same duration.
Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented and somewhat controlled by making lifestyle changes especially regarding diet and exercise. Perspectives on Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes After Gestational Diabetes: A Qualitative vegan diet and diabetes study quaker oatmeal Study of Hispanic (GDM) have a fivefold higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Every medicine treatment needs a healthy complete diet which ensures the enough intakes of vitamins and minerals in the human body.
You should carefully see the level of prepared processed foods and almost avoid those foods which are rich in sodium. Generally we should drink almost half of our body weight daily, which will be surely beneficial for a healthy human body.
The exercises should be increased which gives you a weight lose as well as a certain decrease in the fat in body blood. Studies under-date has proved that those people who use to drink green tea everyday have a less probability to suffer dangerous disease like cancer, strokes and heart disease. The green tea is so effective just because the reducing nature of it actually avoids the oxidation of cholesterol in arteries. Garlic actually lowers the blood pressure if it is used on a daily basis in sufficient amount.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
This ailment is essentially the inability of the body to react to signals from the pituitary gland and brain.
Instead if you opt for herbal remedies for adrenal fatigue then it is possible to treat the body as a whole and get rid of all the symptoms as well.
This herb has been extensively used in traditional medicine to treat ulcers and adrenal insufficiency.
However, it is advisable to take the advice of an herbalist regarding the right dosage of the herb as it has strong side effects. However, the tablets and liquid should be standardized as far as their composition is concerned.
This herb is especially useful in stress induced sleep problems and improves the levels of testosterone and DHEA-S. This is a high dosage drug and a minimum of an equivalent of 2 gm root should be administered. Traditional Chinese medicine considers it as an herb that enhances vital energy and longevity. It is great as one of the herbal remedies for adrenal fatigue and also works great in stress and fatigue management, enhances mental performance, and cures mild depression. Walking is a weight bearing freestyle exercise that strengthens the lumber region and prevents back ache. Like walking jogging can be done at any time, and you only need to possess a good pair of jogging shoes. You should start doing push ups slowly and gradually increase the count as you gain stamina and strength. It strengthens the lower and upper abdominal muscles and it helps you to maintain a flat abdomen.
You should maintain a schedule of 40-50 minutes of different yoga postures for complete fitness. Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama and Bhramari Pranayama is most beneficial of all yoga breathing exercises.
Due to the swelling or some thickening of tendons, there is a pressure on the median nerve that results in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ayurveda works on the root cause of the problem resulting in a far better and long lasting relief. Therefore, many people with gout resort to efficient food and lifestyle control to prevent gout attacks. The excess uric acid that is present in the blood must be kept under control in order to prevent a gout attack. A soak can be prepared from Epsom salt and the swollen feet immersed in it for relief from inflammation and also pain associated with gout. Soak the feet for twenty minutes every day, preferably in the night for attaining good sleep.
When a gout attack is triggered, many people go on an exclusive diet of only bananas (consume as much as you can every day) for a week to relieve the swelling and pain effectively. For gout attacks, a paste can be made from mustard and whole wheat by adding adequate quantities of warm water. French beans are rich in purine and this is actually a contradiction to the general guidelines given to gout patients.

Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with ‘mother’ and add two tablespoon of honey to this. Together, they will relieve the pain as well as inflammation of gout within a few hours of its intake.
In kids, sleep deprivation causes obesity, diabetes, depression, behavior and learning problems, hypertension and more.
The number hours of sleep required in a day by 3 to 5 years old children is 10 to 13 hours every 24 hours. It is especially important as children reach adolescence to continue to ensure that teens are able to get sufficient sleep”, said Shalini Paruthi, MD, Pediatric Consensus Panel moderator and fellow of the AASM. How To Prevent Insulin Resistance Type 1 Ginseng For vitamin D Deficiency – A Silent Epidemic. Home Remedy Central does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the natural remedies listed.
The presence of Allicin in the garlic cools down the blood vessels whenever they are being subjected to high pressure.
This ailment affects several systems of the body simultaneously and hence it cannot be controlled by treating individual dysfunctional systems. The active compounds in this herb are called triterpenoid saponins and they influence the cortisol and cortisone balance in the body. This pressure can be due to pregnancy, making hands movement over and over, or illnesses like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism.
It encourages a holistic approach to various medicines, therapies, a Vata Hara lifestyle and diet plus yoga and exercise.
Generally it takes 1-2 months of time to get back to normalcy but to some chronic cases, it lasts 4-6 months. Drinking plenty of water will help in keeping the urine diluted and this will prevent crystallization. Cherries are known to contain an enzyme that helps in neutralizing the uric acid levels in the blood. Due to its acidic content and presence of vitamin C, intake of lemon juice will help the uric acid crystals from getting diluted naturally, thereby reducing the swelling associated with gout and also the pain. A poultice can be prepared by adding crushed flax seeds to half a cup of charcoal paste and warm water. Taking at least 2-3 bananas a day will also help in preventing gout attacks in people who are susceptible to it. Many children take sleep irregularly and many suffer with sleep deprivation, reason is sleeping less than required. Moreover, this also contributes to suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and self-harm in teenagers. On the other hand, children 6 to 12 years of age should sleep nine to 12 hours per 24 hours.
Diabetes mellitus commonly known as diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has blood sugar either because the body does not prduce enough insulin or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced.
Standard insulin therapy usually consists of one or two daily insulin injections one daily blood sugar test and A history of poor glucose control can be a red flag for diabetics as The condition develops quite suddenly and the factors that cause it to occur are not very well known. Results showed significant changes in physical activity and diet among La Vida Buena participants.
Hold this position for a moment, and reach through your right heel to engage the back of the right leg. The ayurvedic medicines, ointments, oils and medicated oils are actually good enough to reduce the swelling, empowering relief from pain and from other symptoms.
These remedies work best along with optimum food control for reducing the frequency of gout attacks.
It is also high in antioxidants and hence a wonderful treatment and prevention strategy for gout sufferers. Soak your feet inside and add more warm water  until the feet are fully covered with this medicinal water. Taking eight ounces of this juice every day is known to relieve gout symptoms and also control the attacks.
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Moving in one piece, lower your right leg toward the floor as you return to standing upright, resting the right foot lightly on the ground.
This will help in removing toxins from the body and also for preventing kidney stones and uric acid from becoming crystallized. To inculcate a habit of taking ideal sleep in children, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has offered guidelines on number of hours of healthy sleep required by children of different ages. General massage with herbal steam is a 7-21 day program that is very efficient to provide you relief. Oral antidiabetic drugs (see hypoglycemic agents) are sometimes prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes who cannot control their blood glucose with diet and exercise. With Ayurvedic treatment, there is almost 100% probability of recovering completely preventing its reoccurrence.

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