Alternatively, various plants provide hypoglycemic property and widely used in traditional systems to prevent or treat diabetes. Some herbs exhibit antioxidant activity and cholesterol-lowering property in addition to the blood-glucose level normalizing effect.
Salacia Oblonga - binds with intestinal enzyme alpha-glycosidase that break down carbohydrates into glucose in the body. Ginseng - has anti-diabetic property, which mimics insulin and alters hepatic glucose metabolism. Gymnema Sylvestre - is nicknamed as the sugar destroyer, which increases insulin production (insulin secretagogue) by regeneration of the pancreas cells.
This is a medical term, not a medical condition that is used to describe a type of skin disorder that is very common. Because there are many different kinds of capillaritis there can be a variance of symptoms but in all types there is one common symptom and that is the color of the lesion.
In people with dark skin the lesion can be deeply pigmented with pepper-like petechiae, or a red-brown color. The cause of capillaritis could be because of a leakage of the small blood vessels which are called capillaries but in many cases there is no exact cause known. Using certain medication such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen.
Excessive exercise which can cause capillaritis mainly in your lower legs or ankles and during warm weather may increase in frequency. Treating capillaritis is often not necessary because it will eventually go away on its own.
If is a prescription medication is the cause your physician may suggest stopping the medication temporarily to see if the outbreak will disappear. Boils also known as skin abscesses are local skin infections that are tender, red and often filled with blood or pus.
Diabetic boils are infections which are caused by the weakening of the immune system due to diabetes. Check the blood sugar levels regularly if you have diabetes and make sure that you keep it in check.
The skin safeguards our body against microbes and other foreign materials that can harm the body. Despite these efforts if you have persistent boils then use hot packs and hot soaks to treat the boils. Chinese Herbal remedies are essential in Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment and are often used with acupuncture together to achieve the ultimate result. More and more people now understand that Chinese Medicine not only treats symptoms like Western Medicine does but also can get to the root of the problem which is extremely important in any disease including eye disorders.
The most common concerns about taking Chinese Herbal Medicine are their safety and effectiveness. Safety: All the herbal remedies we use at our clinic are manufactured from the facilities which have been approved by Health Canada and also have obtained Natural Product Licenses from Health Canada. Effectiveness: Chinese herbal remedies have been used and tested for centuries and only the effective ones have got handed down from generations to generations in Chinese medical history. In order to prescribe an effective herbal remedies, the patient first needs to fill in the patient-intake-form as detailed as possible. As the patient’s condition changes and improves with treatment, the herbal remedies will be adjusted accordingly until the desired health outcome is achieved. The information presented herein by Herbal Extracts Plus is intended for educational purposes only.

Bitter Melon is said to be an effective anthelmintic that destroys parasites and expels worms from the intestinal tract, and it is also considered a laxative herb that soothes irritated tissues of the intestinal tract. It is recommended that Bitter Melon should be used for four weeks only, and then discontinued for four weeks before beginning regimen again.
Special Note: If any medical terms on our website are confusing or unknown, we have compiled a small dictionary of terms for you.
When this disorder develops, you might have excess of some substances or shortage of others that you need to stay healthy. These chemical agents have certain drawbacks, such as develop resistance to long-term treatment, adverse effects and lack of action in large segment of diabetes patients. The herbal Ivy gourd possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties, which protects against plague formation and thus, to some extent; it may prevent heart diseases and strokes.
Additionally, it enhances glucose metabolism thus results in blood glucose lowering effect.
It mimics insulin, increase glucose uptake, improve glucose tolerance and decrease hepatic glucose production. It improves glucose uptake by the cells by increasing the activity of the glucose utilizing enzymes, and stops adrenaline from stimulating the liver to dump extra glucose.
There can be color variations in the lesion because of the different stages of hemosiderin, which is the re-absorption of the blood breakdown product. When there is a leakage of blood the capillaries become inflamed when the blood passes through the little gaps that occur between the cells that are making up the capillary wall. The rash usually occurs after walking with my local rambling club and I used to think it was caused through wearing gaiters but this is not the case.
They are caused by the staphylococcus aureus bacteria which often enter the skin through wounds and cuts. Unfortunately diabetes can wreck havoc on the immune system and lead to a number of health problems including certain skin complications as well. With high sugar levels the efficiency of the immune system is greatly affected and it can lead to slower healing of wounds and cuts. When there is any break in the skin like cuts or open wounds then it can become infected with bacteria.
For larger and painful boils filled with pus you will need to drain the pus and take antibiotics to prevent any bacterial infection. Remember that for taking any medicine for boils it is best to consult a healthcare provider first. Besides effectively treating various diseases, Chinese Herbal Remedies also can prevent them, optimize our health, and enhance our wellbeing with minimum adverse effect. All the herbs in the herbal remedies have been tested for their authenticity and also for microbiological contaminants, heavy metals or pesticide residues to assure people that they are getting the best quality products. Each herbal remedy prescribed is based on the principle of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine which takes a holistic approach to understanding normal function and disease processes and focuses as much on the symptoms as on the whole body imbalance. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. The findings, which were published in the journal, Cancer Research, indicated that although promising, trials were still needed to establish its value without side effects. Click here for our Definitions, and go directly to the word in question for further information. Mechanical and chemical means in your digestive system break down the food into nutrients, your body needs. Metabolic disorder develops, when the liver or pancreas becomes diseased or does not function normally.
Approximately, 44% of diabetes patients develop resistance to sulfonylureas treatment within six years.

These plants may help delay diabetic complications and even corrects the metabolic abnormalities. The National Health Interview Survey found that 22 percent of people with diabetes used some type of herbal therapy. It is not a harmful condition but it can cause a person who has this skin disorder to feel insecure and embarrassed because of the way it makes you look. If you have existing boils with pus then drain out the pus by covering the boils with warm cloth, apply antiseptic and cover the boils with bandage.
If you have boils and there are clothes that rub against them then make sure that you wear loose fitting clothes that do not rub against wound. This is because certain immune suppressing medicines used for boils treatment can complicate the problem further. Each lot of product imported into Canada undergoes an additional certificate of analysis screening and an organoleptic inspection to further ensure quality. It’s not unusual that two Macular Degeneration patients take two different herbal remedies and a MD patient and a RP patient takes a same herbal remedy. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider. Additionally, these oral agents are associated with adverse effects such as bloating, flatulence, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.
This video focuses mainly on natural diabetes herbs used as anti-diabetic medicine in diabetes management.
Capillaritis normally appears in the leg but it can sometimes appear on your upper extremities and trunk but is never present on your face. Sometime there are no symptoms at all other than the lesions and usually the lesions are non-blanching.
For patients’ convenience, we carry pre-made remedies in tablets, capsules, granules and liquid extracts forms. Dietary Supplements such as Vitamins and Minerals will provide the body specially the retinal tissues the much needed nutrients.
There are some symptoms that are associated with capillaritis that may be managed by using prescription or over-the-counter medications. People suffering from boils should try to avoid sharing clothes and towels among family members.
Chinese Herbal remedies will target both the symptoms and the root issues which are extremely important to maintain the achieved acupuncture treatment result and prevent the progression of the disease.
This skin disorder is normally found in people who work in occupations that require them to stand for long extended periods of time.
If capillaritis is causing itchiness you could apply steroid ointments to help control this problem but it will not shorten the course of the capillaritis outbreak.
Since capillaritis normally affects your legs, especially the lower portion, wearing compression stocking may help with some the symptoms you are experiencing. If the outbreak is caused by food sensitivities or allergies you may need to start an elimination diet to find the food(s) that is causing the breakouts. The most common type of capillaritis is called Schamberg’s disease, which is referred to as progressive pigmented purpura.

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