Hillary Clinton and newly-named running mate Tim Kaine hit the campaign trail together Saturday in the first test of the Democratic presidential team as the battle to beat Donald Trump in November enters its final stretch. The former first lady tapped Kaine, 58, late Friday in what was widely seen as a safe but wise choice: the popular Spanish-speaking senator from the swing state of Virginia is a political veteran and foreign policy hand who ticks a lot of boxes. Kaine also has strong ties to the African-American community, dating back to his work as a civil rights lawyer. Major labor and pro-Democratic groups also praised the Kaine pick, including Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO and other big unions, and the Sierra Club.
Clinton and Kaine officially joined forces ahead of the Democratic National Convention which kicks off Monday in Philadelphia, where they will be elevated as the official nominees to the party’s presidential ticket.

The New York billionaire painted a dark picture of an America mired in poverty and violence as he accepted his party’s nomination Thursday night, promising to restore law and order, clamp down on immigration and put America first. Trump’s choice of running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence who is a conservative evangelical Christian, could serve to reassure voters alarmed by his rhetoric.
He was referring to former governor Robert McDonnell, a onetime rising star in the Republican Party, found guilty in 2014 of using his influence to help a local business owner in exchange for gifts and loans. Bringing you the latest news about the new anime series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal and all things Sailor Moon. Born in the same departement of Seine-Maritime in 1930 and ordained in 1958, Hamel spent most of his working life in north-west France, including more than 30 years at St-Etienne.

After officially retiring at 75, he had asked to remain in the parish and continue to help when necessary, the archdiocese of Rouen said.

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