This unit sells online for just about $315.00 and is amongst less expensive 2500 psi gas powered cold water pressure washers.
It has chemical injection through a siphon tube which you immerse in a bottle with your soap or detergent for automatic siphoning.
Designed to appeal to the eye, this Briggs and Stratton 2500 psi pressure washer is a gas powered cold water pressure washer which sells for about $330.00 online. This model of the Briggs comes washer has a total of four tips namely the 0 degrees, 15, 40 and the unique 65 degrees soap tip.
When using a power washer like the one above or any other washer for that matter, ensure to drain all the water out before a winter freeze.
Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more!
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Simply pop your item in the basket and proceed to checkout, where you can apply online for an instant decision from Pay4Later. Common usage for this petrol pressure washer includes cleaning patios, pathways, cars, rally cross vehicles, etc. Weighing just 36kg and equipped with large wheels, the B275HA is a portable machine, easily transported from one location to the next.
The B275HA needs minimal set up once delivered, allowing you to start cleaning within minutes. The steel frame around the B275HA is durable and powder coated, with anti-vibration rubber feet built in for smoother operating.
When compared to a typical electric pressure washer that can be picked up in any DIY store the difference is huge.
Needed something to give the vehicles and garden a good clean and this did the job perfectly. Excell pressure washers are one of the largest manufacturers of power washers in the world.
Easy-starting, reliable, and powerful, Honda's premium residential GCV160 engine is certified to meet 50-state EPA and CARB emission levels.
I bought a house several years ago and when I moved in I bought a cheap lawn mower which quickly gave out on me.

Depending on what best suits your needs even though most washers in this category are cold water washers, it is possible to find on the market hot water washers with output power of 2500 psi. Also follow link to see Karcher electric pressure washers reviewed on this site as well as some Karcher pressure washer parts.
It comes with two spray lances with the second one designed to boost pressure up by an additional 150 psi to maximum 2650 psi for handling tougher jobs.
Compared to Karcher the first review above, Briggs and Stratton whilst well known has not had very good ratings from owners. This has generally had a negative impact on most Briggs and Stratton model ratings particularly of gas powered cold water pressure washers. Most modern steam cleaners are eco-friendly using just water to clean and sinitize your home.
This 4-stroke, 160cc Honda engine provides fantastic cleaning power when paired with the Axial AR RMV 25G30D pump and is designed to handle even the toughest of domestic cleaning requirements. The benefit of a petrol pressure washer over an electric one is not being beholden to power cables, making it suitable to take far away from conventional power sources. Pricing for extended shipping areas like Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and outlying Islands (Outer Hebrides, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, etc) can be found on the map below. We would recommend it being used from mains as the pump is not supplied with a suction kit but you would need to gravity feed the water to have any real chance of getting decent pressure from a bowser. It would draw from a barrel but a reduction in pressure would be evident, as the pump is of non-commercial grade, as is the engine, so they are designed for only occasional use or domestic use, so you will see a drop in pressure.
We do a number of accessories such as turbo nozzles, extending lances and flat surfaces cleaners to go with this and other washers from the same range. Not a specific drain cleaning kit for this model yet, but we are hoping one is introduced soon.
Opened box surprised with all the extra's supplied with mower, ( oil, gas can, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, Sta-Bil. I leave the grass on the long side, setting #4 and Ialways mulch unless the grass is to long then I use the side discharge. I've only used it one season but have loved the simplicity of the mower and the fact that the mower is made by Honda and there quality is always great. In the same way as the above reviewed washer, this unit comes mounted on a compact cart with pneumatic wheels for mobility on professional job sites.

You may follow link to see more Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers reviewed within this site.
In considering to purchase a Briggs machine such as this one here it is of paramount importance to take into account this perception about its engines.
Under test, we have found that it will work, but you would be best served gravity feeding the water to the pump and siphoning the water off before connecting the hose to the pump. I finally bought a Honda and it started up the first time and I could maneuver it with one hand. This makes Honda powered pressure washers highly appealing for most pressure washer shoppers. You will find, that because the washer is a domestic-use machine, and has an axial pump, rather than a commercial triplex-type, it will not be as powerful off the mains as other washers can be, so a drop in overall pressure will be noticeable, however you can indeed get the washer to draw from a barrel. However, what I would say is that most drain cleaning kits I have seen are usually all professional and this pressure washer is a domestic-only machine, so you would have to make sure they would be compatible pressure wise. I love that mower so much that when my wife wanted me to get arider I compromised with her and bought a Honda HRX217HYA.
My push mower and trimmer both use a small amount of fuel compared to my other brand products I have owned in the past. It is worth mentioning though that you will only get optimum pressure from this washer with a longer hose when used off the mains.
If it is for more rugged use, I would suggest a more rugged pressure washer, however most market drain cleaning kits with the correct fittings and PSI ratings would be suitable for commercial work. As it is a domestic-use only washer, the pressure can drop when not being used on the mains. It has always started after sitting in thegarage all winter and I don't use any gas additive. A pressure washer with a Honda engine is likely to last longer and to be very effective in cleaning capabilities.

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