Note:- when i tried to increase Maximum JVM Heap size to 1536 and try to reset coldfusion services, it does not allow me to start them and give the following error.
Should i not able to set my maximum heap size to 1.8 GB, because i am using 64 bit operating system.
How much memory you can give to your JVM is predicated on the bitness off your JVM, not your OS.
Basically the error is stating you're using too much RAM for how much you have available (which you know). Objects in session scope are particularly bad: they have a far bigger footprint than one might think, and cause more trouble than they're worth.

I'd also look at how many inactive but not timed-out sessions you have, with a view to being far more agressive with your session time-outs.
Have a look at your queries, and get rid of any SELECT * you have, and cut them back to just the columns you need. The information you provided was very helpful and finally I was able to get rid of the crashes. I have same kind of issue but it wasn't crashing it but CPU usage going high upto 100%, not sure it relevant to your issue but atleast worth to look. For me it was high traffic site and storing client variables in registry which was making thing going wrong.

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I'd be having a look at how much stuff you're putting into session and application scope, and culling back stuff that's not necessary.

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