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Solidbody pioneers George & Leo live on in the familiar silhouette of these two very different guitars. It has the same outline, neck materials and scale length as the American model, but the body is mahogany and the pickups are P-90s, while the TonePros bridge and tailpiece take it even further in the direction of Kalamazoo. All three pickup settings excel with overdrive, from choppy punk riffage (bridge) to smooth and soulful leads (neck) – although, as ever with P-90s, high gain means high background noise.
Read previous post:Andrew White Production Series reviewUS luthier Andrew White teams up with Korea’s Artec on affordable versions of his hand-built guitars. This super-affordable limited edition take on the Les Paul is distinguished by a pair of zebra humbuckers that dish out thick, trademark tone. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Edition blue 60-r dos canales con un sonido exelente, 60 vatios y un altavoz de 12 pulgadas rockdriver junior, son los responsables de esta explosion de sonido.
All solid wood construction : Red Cedar top, Indian Rosewood B&S, African Mahogany NK with Ebony fretboard.

However, you don’t have to look much closer to spot the distinctive polepieces that tell you these are not Fender pickups. It’s a lively, perky tone with loads of character and a little more bite than the average Les Paul Junior or Special. The only way to escape this is to leap into the hum-cancelling centre position – which is a sweetly snappy, perfectly balanced delight. Mahogany body with Flame carved Maple top, Hard-Rock Maple neck & 22fret Rosewood fretboard.Equipped with twin chrome covered Alnico humbuckers.
Auto Grab system holds your instrument securely, SFF rubber protects the finish, integral bow rest & bow hook. Auto Grab System yoke accommodates a wide range of instruments with necks between 28 - 55mm. On top of that, it's part of G&L's Tribute Series, which has been garnering rave reviews for more than a decade thanks to its solid combination of tone, quality and value. To think that Leo Fender had no idea how to play the guitar and what he accomplished for the music world.
As has been the case before with MF, I can't find any blemish although a couple of the pickup cover screws were not fully screwed down.

Otherwise, fit and finish and set up (including intonation) were absolutely perfect right out of the box. Note that I purchased another G&L a few months back and returned it for fit and finish problems. This does have 22 frets as opposed to the traditional tele 21 and the radius is 12 as opposed to 9.5. More accurately, think basic tele body because this thing has no fancy binding or fancy paint. Just a rich P90 punch, plain and simple, nicely balanced across the two pickups and potent enough to carry some gain.Also note that the P90 flavor continues when you turn up the gain. I didn't have any low end stuff available at the time and I don't own any high end, Mesa quality, or high end vintage stuff.
In my opinion, this is a much better place to start than a Les Paul or a Tele or Strat or a shredder as it sounds good straight up.

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