Simple and simply addictive, this grilled corn on the cob is going to be your new favorite side dish. I’m cheap and have never invested in an ice cream maker, so when I decided I wanted to make my own ice cream, I relied on my trusty Nigella Lawson’s No Churn Pomegranate Ice Cream recipe. Toss with the shallot, soy sauce, vinegar, mirin (or sugar), sesame oil, cayenne, and salt (if necessary). 1Dice the cucumber, pepper and tomatoes in a bowl and season them with finely grated sea salt and olive oil. The traditional Greek Salad is a fresh, tasty and sating meal, which is wonderful for consuming plain or as garnish of main course dishes.

It contains a range of crunchy and juicy vegetables, as well as herbs and traditional Greek Feta cheese. So I was inspired and got creative one day and improvised the recipe to make Mango Ice Cream.
If it doesn’t have enough fat, the ice cream will be rock hard and icy.4The double cream in South Africa is 60% fat.
The salad can be consumed with chilled white wine with anise scents, or with the original Greek anise drink Ouzo. Any less and you’ll have ice cream that doesn’t taste like dessert.6Use a really thick mango nectar or juice.

Fold them in gently, adding as much air as you can in the process.10Pour the mixture into a large plastic or glass container.

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