The ei.cfg Removal Utility is a free download, Windows only, and requires a Windows 7 install disc to use. Industry experts are always banging on about how IT professionals should learn to understand their business as a whole, and not just the technology side of things.
The ei.cfg Removal Utility, however, lets you create a new, universal installation ISO for Windows 7.

The ei.cfg Removal Utility creates a new ISO of your install disc that ignores this file, thus letting you choose what edition you want when you start the installer. The little pocket monster that could has smashed mobile download records and now has more active users than any gaming app you care to mention.
In that time, the game has experienced some astonishing highs and lows, with its phenomenal success tempered by gameplay frustrations and dubious media headlines.

IT leaders should change the way they communicate to their teams in order to help members develop business acumen.

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