10-year program of innovation, investment and implementation identifying key eHealth goals for NSW Health. Due to the extensive permeation of information and communications technologies, there are endless potential applications for eHealth.
Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) which include patient records, e-prescribing, clinical administration systems, e-booking and digital imaging & archiving systems.
Telemedicine and telehealth systems that transmit medical information for diagnostic purposes resulting in lower costs, increased patient access and optimized use of digital health assets. Consumer informatics applications that include thousands of health-oriented websites and hundreds of thousands of mobile health apps that are becoming increasingly popular.

Clinical healthIT systems such as radiology, nursing healthIT systems, computer-assisted diagnostics, medical imaging, and surgery training and planning systems that help physicians provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments. Integrated regional, national and international networks that allow health services to be deployed in remote and rural areas. Online health IT systems - such as health portals - that are widely used to disseminate health information to promote healthy behaviours in patients and consumers. Specialised eHealth systems used by researchers for public health data collection and analysis - such as biostatical programs for infectious diseases, drug development, and outcomes analysis.
They support patient-centric care delivery through informed decision-making based on clinical evidence and patient-specific data.

By streamlining processes and improving cost-efficiency, they reduce waiting times and wastage and improve optimal utilization of digital health assets. As the proof of its value for patients, providers, and healthcare systems continues to accumulate, this broad digital health field will expand and evolve, making an even bigger mark on healthcare around the world.

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