These are just a few complications that go hand in hand with uncontrolled or poorly managed blood sugar levels. Mostly, the root cause of diabetic foot complications occur when the nerve supply is damaged, also known as neuropathy which attenuates the sensation in the feet. Of all the foot complications observed in diabetes, foot ulcer is perhaps one of the most grave and expensive complications. Diabetics should not take foot ulcers lightly as delay in the treatment can lead to greater chances of losing the limb. Most likely, your doctor will take X-rays of the affected foot to verify that the infection has not reached the bone surface. In combination with the tough skin, pressure on that part may lead to damage to the capillaries and the surrounding tissue. According to medical data, of the American diabetic population (which is nearing 16 million), almost one-fourth of them end up with foot problems, courtesy, diabetic nerve damage or neuropathy. Thus, the patient is unable to perceive sensations, such as those of pressure, heat, cold or even pain.
The key feature of diabetics is the intensification of the complication and the slow process of healing. Atherosclerosis or thickening of the walls of blood vessels results in hampered flow of blood to many organs, including feet.
Unfortunately, men and women with uncontrolled blood sugar levels are more likely to have severe foot problems which necessitate foot amputation. Did you know that flax seed and cholesterol can work together to help you lower your bad cholesterol? Not only can flax help you lower bad cholesterol levels it will also provide you with many other health benefits.
Studies have shown that when you add flax to your daily diet, the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) goes down, and the level of good cholesterol (HDL) goes up.
Michelle's Flax seed and Cholesterol Story: I've had high cholesterol levels for over 3 years.
The only change I had made in my life was that I had been taking the flax seeds every morning with some juice and that is what lowered my cholesterol! If the stool is moving slowly due to many reasons -constipation, drugs, low fiber, not enough exercise, age, etc- then the becomes harder + the intestines reabsorb cholesterol + toxins. Constipation can become so bad that it can cause an obstruction of stool, which can require surgery. Constipation is usually preventable with drinking enough fluids, exercise, natural supplements and a good diet.
In order to stay regular and prevent your body reabsorbing cholesterol flax fiber will help!
Flax fiber can also help those with diarrhea by bulking up the stool with its soothing and healing mucilage fiber.
You can visually see this at work when you put ground flax in some water and let it sit for up to 30 mins. A study done on the health benefits of lignans, showed that dietary flaxseed lignans helped to decrease plasma cholesterol. Flax has omega 3 oil, which has been shown in many research studies to dramatically reduce your elevated bad cholesterol levels as well as reducing the plaque buildup in the blood. Not only does flax Omega 3 help reduce your bad cholesterol, but it also helps your body and brain fight off stress, anxiety, and tension, which can help prevent heart disease.
HDL - High-density lipoprotein cholesterol is known as good cholesterol because it is helpful in clearing artery clogging stuff from the blood stream -things that come from eating fried foods, red meat, etc.
If the levels of LDL are too high, or the body doesn't have enough Omega 3, then the good HDL cholesterol cannot help. LDL - low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol because it leads to the clogging of arteries and to heart problems. The problem is simply that we get too much of it from the food we eat -and not enough good stuff to keep it balanced! Something simple like eating flax seed every day can help your body get the necessary nutrition you need. Flax seed also helps in preventing platelets from getting sticky and reduces chances of heart attacks. According to different studies conducted, results have shown that the level of total cholesterol can reduce by 6-9% and the level of LDL cholesterol can decrease by 14-18% by including flax seeds in your daily diet.
It is an important reminder that what we feed our bodies will ultimately affect the health of our body and if we eat things that are not healthy, eventually our body will be weakened, sick and fighting disease.
The body is an amazing machine that can fix itself, when fed good nutrition (of course genetics and other things factor in, but nutrition is absolutely essential)!!! The fibre, omega 3 and lignans of flax together help heal, prevent and maintain a healthy body.
As part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, flaxseed will help you stay healthy and fight sickness and chronic illnesses.
Child obesity is increasing in size, and with countless companies advertising it to be fine to be overweight, others are living their life the way they normally do. With so many kids who are so unhealthy, you need to know that we are going to try and stop this. Children who are obese have a higher risk of all kinds of cancer and heart problems by the time they reach adulthood.

Beverages in Mauryan Empire included intoxicating drinks as well as types of fruit juices, syrups and buttermilk. Beverages in Mauryan Empire include a large variety of intoxicating liquors which has been described in the writings of Magesthanese and Kautilya. Beverages in Maurya Empire used rice beer which was common in other parts of India as well. Beverages in Mauryan Empire also included non-alcoholic soft beverages which were not intoxicating but refreshing fruit juice taken by all. The vicious interaction of this troublesome metabolic disorder with multiple risk factors leads to many complexities, either involving the skin, leg, feet or significant micro vascular and macro vascular changes.
Those living with diabetes are at an increased risk of suffering from diverse foot related problems. Other than neuropathy, less than sufficient blood circulation and heightened susceptibility of infections also has a role to play in causing foot problems. After carefully debriding the devitalized skin tissue, you may be put on an antibiotic course. The effect of this disorder on the capillaries which supply nutrition and blood to the skin of the leg and feet results in thickened skin layer known as callus or corn. If bleeding takes place within the callus area, a haematoma can be visible which causes an itchy or burning sensation within the callus.
To prevent its formation, one can wear therapeutic shoes with specially designed inserts that relieve pressure accumulation. Peripheral neuropathy is the most prevalent form of diabetes induced neuropathy which targets the peripheral nerves. Therefore, doctors repeatedly emphasize that diabetic people must under no circumstances ignore the formation of any skin infection or ulcer on the feet.
This change encourages the bacterial and fungal species to establish dangerous foot infections. Some diabetics also complain of pain and discomfort in their calves whilst walking on a hard surface. The vascular changes along with nerve damage make them easy targets for infections and ulcers which in turn may require amputation. After taking the flax seeds daily for about 8 months, my LDL (Bad Cholesterol) had been at 181 (high, bordering on very high) and my total cholesterol level had been at 243 (High Risk) for the past 3 years. It seems contradictory at first, but flax fiber has the ability to absorb water and bulk up in a gentle way.
If the digestive system is irritated, overworked, or 'under the weather', then lignans can help the healing process as well as help maintain a healthy digestive system.
This is important since high plasma cholesterol levels are associated with the increased risk of coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis (thickening artery walls).
Be first to find out about great discounts, delicious flax recipes, valuable health tips, flax seed articles and info! However, nothing is better than having a healthy body, exercising, and eating only the best foods. This website is meant to be your main source for knowledge and information on preventing and fixing this problem. Their late teens and early 20′s will be a struggle because of bad nutrition for kids that were once developed early on in their life. Getting into sports camps, getting guidance on their eating habits, and all these aspects come into play with your child’s health.
Liquors and beverages played a major role in Mauryan Empire which is visible in the writings of Kautilya in Arthashastra.
This has been widely discussed in Arthashastra that provides every details of Maurya Empire. Kautilya gave a lot of importance to the manufacturing of liquors which formed one of the important trades of this time.
Kautilya gives a detailed account of the methods and ingredients to be used while preparing various intoxicating drinks.
This included some common drinks which were prepared from curds, butter milk, sour gruel, fruit juices and syrups which were prepared from molasses. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. With diabetes, even seemingly harmless injuries may take a turn for the worse, leading to serious complications. Once the outermost, protective skin layer weakens or breaks, the underlying deep tissues, become unprotected and opens to infection by bacteria. In addition to this, he or she may also place a protective cast or brace around the ulcerated foot. As compared to unaffected people, the incidence rate of stiff corn formation is increasingly more in those living with diabetes. If overlooked, the exposure of blood (due to disintegration of callus) may subsequently result in the initiation of an infection or ulceration. As a result, sensory and motor nerves that supply muscles, skin, glands and other organs is drastically impaired. Neuropathy may also lead to other types of deformities in the feet, namely, hammer toes, bunions or Charcot feet.

It has been noted that the process of tissue breakdown advances at a faster rate in such individuals and many a time manages to invade deep enough to reach the bone too. Due to the lack of sufficient nourishment, injuries or sores on the foot require an exceedingly long time to subside.
This particular condition is termed as intermittent claudication. Doctors may recommend daily exercise or prescribe medications to enhance blood circulation to the lower extremities.
For such reasons, those diagnosed with diabetes must take utmost care of their feet by controlling blood sugar and taking other preventive measures, such as abstinence from smoking and use of proper, comfortable shoes.
This mucilaginous -gelatinous texture is how it bulks up the stool and gently pulls toxins, cholesterol and waste out of the body. Children aged 6-11 years of age in the US had gone from a percentage of 7% back in 1980 to 18% in 2012. This site is your guideline for educating you and your family on childhood obesity statistics, the best ways to get healthier, and countless articles and posts to help you stay on top of this area.
Not only is that number growing, but thousands of other kids are continuing on the same path and will probably join the nearly 13 million kids on being overly heavy. Our website is going to give you articles and posts on all kinds of aspects of health aimed at your children. As parents, you can help your kid, but you and your child must be willing to make a change in their weight. This is how vital it is to maintain a good set of dietary habits for your child while they are young. If you are wanting to change your child’s health, you can do but only if you take the right precautions and make a lifestyle change.
Beverages in Mauryan Empire include both intoxicating liquors as well as soft fruit beverages that had enchanting taste and alluring effect. The Mauryan Empire provided that there should be well organised liquor shops which shall function under the Superintendent of Liquors. Two very popular and common drinks known as Medaka and Prassand were manufactured from rice. Askoka found it necessary to provide plain water to the people so he got a number of villages constructed at recent intervals. Such bacterial attacks progress quickly resulting in development of ulcers mostly on the undersurface of the big toe or the ball portion of the foot.
Its formation is, in fact, regarded as an initial sign that the person may be at an escalated risk for diabetic foot ulcer too. The most typical symptom of peripheral neuropathy is loss of sensation and numbness in either the hands or feet. It is thus imperative for such people to carefully observe the feet each day for changes in the colour, swelling, hot spots or deep cracks. It is important to moisturize the skin but make sure you don’t overdo it as surplus moisture from lotions or creams can increase the risk of skin infection.
It has been explained that a multitude of people in different lifestyles can reach this level in their health, and that is all depends on the parents to help their kids back to a normal and healthier weight.
Your kid must be willing to change and must educate themselves better on the unhealthy possible effects that are involved with being obese. Beverages were not only taken for self consumption but also formed a major part of trade in Mauryan Empire. The liquor shops which are described in Arthashastra included many rooms along with the provision of beds and seats and other comforts like scents and garlands. Kapittha and condensed juice of sugarcane were the principle ingredients while Arishta was a kind of medicine which was used in Maurya Empire. Beverages remained under careful scrutiny because Kautilya realised that excessive intake of liquor was the root cause of loss of wealth, insanity, absence of consciousness, loss of knowledge, life, wealth and friends, surrender of virtues and suffering from pains.
With plenty of adults and parents who are living unhealthy lifestyles and bad dietary habits, they are leading the way for more future children. We have articles on preventing weight gain and obesity, the effects that a child could deal with when they are obese, and the different causes that can make a child end up in this position health-wise. Diabetes in children is also not just a hereditary problem, but also a condition they can gain just from obesity. As such it attracted the attention of a number of scholars and foreign visitors who mentioned about the liquor shops and manufacturing of liquors. Diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer are all different things can affect your child’s life later down the road without making the right changes in their health. Everything you need to know about obesity in children is explained and broken down for you to understand everything easier and take action successfully.
Obese children can still get healthier, and there is still a shot at losing all of that weight and having the right weight that a kid in their height and age should have.
Alongwith this Kautilya mentions five varieties of Surds which were mainly prepared with the juice of mango, and palm fruit which also included spice liquors as well.

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