The best way to keep yourself healthy and beautiful is to eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Studies show that food products such as whole oats, barley, and various seed husks are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Many individuals have starting preferring fiber rich diet because they have realized the fact that this type of diet is good for health and beauty. But many people with Diabetes are not aware that uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to problems relating to their oral health. There’s a correlation between high blood glucose levels and an increased risk of gum disease. In addition, the areas around the teeth become populated with bacteria (and subsequent infections) and this in turn leads to an increase in blood sugar. Fact: Diabetics are more susceptible to bacterial infections and a decreased ability to fight bacteria that enter the gums.
This all comes back to our overall Wellness and how we all need to work on every aspect of ourselves…our mind, body and soul. The American Diabetes Association believes that there is a lot of misinformation about diabetes in the general public.  Type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes can be hereditary, but Type 2 diabetes is typically brought on by weight issues, obesity, unhealthy BMI ratios, and family risk factors. Common symptoms of diabetes are frequent thirst, hunger, urination, weight loss, fatigue and irritability.
All forms of diabetes have been treatable since insulin became available in 1921, and type 2 diabetes may be controlled with medications. High fructose corn syrupor HFCS for short,is used as a preservative and sweetener in many processed foods. Ever since I learned about the dangers of HFCS to my health, I tried to avoid foods that contain HFCS as much as I can.
Including some additional ingredients such as berries into your breakfast can add even more health into your breakfast every morning. Search the net and you will be able to find various recipes that are rich in fibers and can truly help improve your health and beauty.

If your blood sugar levels are not controlled, then this can lead to such systemic disorders as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
And not only do the gums become infected, but we also tend to lose the bone that is holding onto the roots of the teeth. Infections lead to an increase in blood sugar and this makes the diabetes harder to control…again…a vicious circle. If you have concerns or questions, go to your your general practitioner or clinic (go to the homepage for listing of available specialist) and have your blood glucose checked.
Insulin and some oral medications can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugars), which can be dangerous if severe.
Treatment should not significantly impair normal activities but can be done adequately if sufficient patient training, awareness, appropriate care, discipline in testing and dosing of insulin is taken. We hope all of you in the Great State of Texas are eating whole foods and exercising regularly! I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my own experience and thoughts online.
If you are not accustomed to writing it may seem difficult, but write anyway.whats critical is to write about what ou know and have passion about. In the 1980s, this high fructose syrup is very popular because it is cheaper and easier to produce than the sugar made from sugar beets and sugar cane. The fructose is HFCS does not trigger the brain signal that tells your body that it has consumed enough food.
Both oatmeal and berries are good to eat and are a rich source of fiber that have various health benefits that are extremely important. Our bodies does not treat recognize HFCS as a regular sugar, so it is not processed well by the digestive system and causes damage to our body. HFCS is used as a preservative and a sweetener in most processed foods, so it is easy to consume high amounts of HFCS without realizing it.
Learn to read the nutrition facts and ingredients on the back of food products to avoid foods that contain high fructose corn syrup.

Pancreas transplants have been tried with limited success in type 1 DM; gastric bypass surgery has been successful in many with morbid obesity and type 2 DM. Complications may be associated with both low blood sugar and high blood sugar, both largely due to the nonphysiological manner in which insulin is replaced. I have written this article to make people aware of the dangers of high fructose syrup and why you should avoid foods that contain this dangerous sweetener. The fructose found in fruits is not dangerous because the fiber in fruits slow down the absorption of sugar. Continue reading to know more about this high fructose syrup and the health problems that it may cause. The fructose in HFCS is dangerous to your health because it bypasses your pancreas (organ that processes sugar) and goes straight to your liver. The blood sugar levels drop after the sugar rush has passed, which causes our body to crave for more sugar. According to a study, an average person drinks at least two cans of soda per day and subjects his body to dangerous sugar levels.
The HCFS turns into fat and gets stored in your body, which leads to various health issues. This dangerous cycle repeats indefinitely and may lead to obesity, hypertension, or diabetes unless you stop HFCS consumption. The excess fat spreads throughout your body and most of it ends up in your abdominal cavity, where it covers your internal organs and increases the risk of developing diabetes.

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