Arrival in Sri Lanka.A Meeting and assistance at the airport and transferred to your hotel in Colombo.
In the evening, leave for Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to climb the 5th century A.D. Visit Aukana, which is one hour's drive from Anuradhapura is famed for its magnificent 39 foot rock-cut statue of Lord Buddha, considered one of the finest ancient stone sculpture in Asia. After b’fast leave for Polonnaruwa, a former capital of Sri Lanka 11th to 12th century. Later visit the Temple of the tooth or the Dalada Maligawa as it is called is a UNESCO World Heritage site. After early dinner view the Kandy Perahera, the annual pageant of gaily caparisoned Elephants, dancers, drummers, torch bearers, whip crackers, torch spinners. Morning, leave for Galle, the seafarer’s capital to visit the natural harbour and the Dutch Fortress with its towering ramparts and the mediaeval Dutch buildings. COMPLETED BOOKING FORMS & A DEPOSIT OF $500 PER PERSON ARE REQUIRED TO RESERVE SPACE ON THIS TOUR.
I would like to respond first by asking, have you ever tried to eat cooked plain rice or grain flour with no added sugar, salt, or butter?
Then why are people in most cultures almost addicted to eating rice, bread, pasta, flat bread, and other food items made with grain flour? The problem is, most complex carbohydrates are rapidly digested and absorbed as glucose into the body. Some starches are called “resistant starches” because they escape from digestion in the small intestine of healthy individuals. It is appealing to envision a world where modified food products like resistant starch rice can make you feel full during a meal while resulting in the absorption of fewer calories from them.
However, I have concerns regarding the world relying on resistant starch for health benefits. I believe there are better ways to control one’s starch intake than switching to rice with resistant starch. Second and most important, learn to stop eating without relying on stomach fullness as the trigger.
If you are overweight or concerned about getting diabetes, Eat, Chew, Live provides exactly the new science & inspiration you need.
Based on more than twenty years of research, Eat, Chew, Live offers a revolutionary new explanation of high blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes.
How you can lower your blood sugar to avoid or reverse Type 2 diabetes without using drugs. There are no special diets to follow or products to buy.  Get your copy today and inform yourself. We're working hard to get the word out on our revolutionary approach to curing diabetes and welcome any and all feedback. The ancient science of Ayurveda teaches how one can be in perfect health and live a long life.
This is not a traditional Ayurvedic drink in Sri Lanka, but It was during the British era that tea first began to be cultivated and manufactured here. Perhaps the most significant health-promoting properties of tea lie in the antioxidants or ‘flavonoids’ it contains. There are also indications that antioxidants in tea may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease and age-related memory impairment. Sri Lankan Tea Research Institute says that black tea also provide health benefits originally attributed solely to green tea.
This herb is described as “one of the best known remedies for bladder and kidney stones.

Ranawara or Ranavara (Cassia auriculata) flower has been widely used from generations in Sri Lanka as a Herbal tea Totally natural Caffeine Free Ranawara Ayurvedic Herbal Tea offers many medicinal benefits.
Acts as an agent in easing discomfort in women during menstruation In Africa the herb has been used for treating body aches, eye irritations, diabetes and venereal disease. The fresh flowers of the Beli tree (Aegle narmelos) gives Beli Mal Herbal Tea which has it’s significant fragrance and a good and lasting taste and fresh breath. In rural areas Buddhist monks drink more of these herbal teas than the common tea: In the dry zone, the Myla flower (Wood fordia fruticosa) is used as a herbal tea.
There is a great deal of influenza in the country and children often suffer from a heavy nose and painful coughs. It was a common practice among mothers to heat a few crushed leaves, in a teaspoon full of gingelly oil or coconut oil, and to rub it over the chest and head, for infantile catarrh. Among the Muslims it is highly revered, for it was blessed by the Prophet after it had cured an illness.
A teaspoonful of Rue leaves infused in three quarter pint of water will give you a bowlful of herbal tea. DisclaimerThe information contained in this website has been compiled or arrived at based on information obtain from sources believed to be reliable. It seems that researchers at the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka have created a process to reduce the amount of digestive starch in rice.
One major reason is that grain and grain flour have the ability to absorb water and swell up.
These are naturally present in seeds, legumes, whole grains, uncooked potato, green banana flour, and certain types of corn. This can potentially help people with weight management and reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes.
One of these is that when you eat resistant starch, you end up with a lot of undigested food in your digestive tract.
First, consider eating less rice and other grains-based foods if you want to absorb fewer calories. You can do this by listening more closely to your brain’s signals indicating when you truly need nutrients. Ayurveda deals with the maintenance of one’s health and the ways and means to lead a longer and healthy life. Tea (Camellia sinensis) from Ceylon soon gained the reputation of being the finest in the world. Antioxidants are compounds that help remove harmful toxins from the bloodstream, and tea contains uniquely high concentrations of them. Black and green tea both contain higher levels of antioxidants than common fruits or vegetables. Polyphenolic compounds present in tea may reduce the risk of a variety of illnesses, including cancer, coronary heart disease, oral diseases, diabetes and hypertension.
Polpala is effective in the treatment of cough and indigestion and is specially used in the treatment of diabetes and urinary troubles. Ranawara herb acts as an agent in restoring sexual vitality, increases sperm count, and counter acts ejaculatory disorders. Prepared as tea, this helps the balance of unbalanced watha, and helps to reduce rheumatic pains.
Rue was then used as a protection against poison and as a preventive for epilepsy and vertigo. However, we shall not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising from inaccuracies. They add coconut oil while the rice is being cooked, and then cool the preparation in the refrigerator.

This explains the rising obesity rates around the world, particularly in the developing world like China and India, where people rely heavily on grain as a cheap food staple. Cooking and cooling as the researchers in Sri Lanka did, or chemically treating starch-containing food can lead to the formation of resistant starch. Currently, we are seeing resistant starch being added to foods such as breads, biscuits, pasta, pastries, nutritional bars and cereals to increase their fiber content without affecting their taste or texture. Bacteria in the large intestine will act on this, resulting in the production of gas, leading to bloating. In addition, tests done by the FDA and by Consumer Reports found that rice grown in the former cotton fields of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas often has a very high level of arsenic.
In my book Eat, Chew, Live, I suggest making lentils, naturally containing resistant starch, a main source of carbohydrate for your body.
Research has shown that consuming such antioxidants can lower the risk of heart disease, strokes and cancer. Ranawara herb is used as a treatment for diabetes Ranawara Ayurvedic herbal Tea is also effective in relieving urinary problems, assists in stomach cleaning and restoration of the skin to its natural glow. Following the parade many more festive events take centre stage and visitors can expect to see a lively cast of Kandyan dancers and drummers in colouful traditional costumes. This process reduces glucose absorption in the blood, which could help people continue to eat rice with a lower incidence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Because they have no taste since the taste buds can’t register molecules of complex carbohydrate, which, by the way, may contain up to 200,000 molecules of glucose.
Other bacteria ferment the undigested food and produce alcohol that can irritate the intestine. Lentils are one of the most effective treatments to reduce elevated blood sugar if you have prediabetes or diabetes.
Experience the enjoyment of each bite of food by chewing it slowly to release as much flavor-producing nutrients into your mouth as possible.
These drinks are very popular in Kataragama, Anuradhapura and many other religious places situated in the dry zone.
Polpala can also be made into paste with cold water cmd used as an application for skin eruptions. Kandyan Chieftains in medieval court dress, gaily caparisoned elephants numbering almost one hundred, country dancers, acrobats, whip crackers, torch bearers etc., make it an unforgettable experience for any traveler. They plan to treat wheat in a similar fashion so that people can continue to eat bread without having to suffer the consequences of excess glucose absorption into the body. I feel that this is nature’s way of telling us that grain-based carbohydrates are not essential nutrients for the body.
For many people, in order to stop eating, they must feel that sense of fullness during a meal, so they consume a lot of grains or grain products—bread, rice, etc.
In addition, the undigested food is wasted in that it does not become used as a source of energy in the body.
Almost everyone who lived in ancient Sri Lanka knew something about the curative value of herbs.
Finally, many people may end up consuming even more because they think that they are eating something healthy.

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