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Coronary artery disease is said to be the most common cause of heart attacks, which occurs when blood flow to the heart’s muscular walls (the myocardium) is disturbed.

However, we know from news reports that the average American does not consume a proper diet of fruits and vegetables.
Even if we try to consume a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, we are often limited to what is in season or available. However, it can play an important role in helping you and your family to receive, year-round, the vitamins and nutrients that in an ideal world would come from a well balance diet of fruits and vegetables. Cully today to discuss Juice Plus+ more, or visit his website where you can obtain more information and purchase Juice Plus+ online. Throughout our lives it continuously pumps blood, enriched with oxygen and vital nutrients, through a network of arteries to all body’s tissues. Women are more likely than men to pass away, to be permanently disabled, or to have a second attack within a year. There are other theories which have been postulated by other experts in cardiology (such as Quintiliano H de Mesquita) that suggest that heart attacks begin inside the heart, not in the arteries.

As a result, we have seen a rise in obesity, diabetes and other health related issues attributed to improper diet. In order to perform the arduous task of pumping blood to the rest of the body, the heart muscles themselves needs a plentiful supply of oxygen-rich blood, which is provided through a network of coronary arteries.
Yet, a very insignificant amount of information is provided to women by their doctors and gynecologists to prevent possible heart attacks.

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