Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Whole grain flour such as whole wheat flour, whole corn flour, whole grain (brown rice) is good cereals for diabetics. Avoid white flour and processed cereals (such as polished and processed white rice, white bread etc.), as they have very little nutrients other than loads of carbohydrates and calories.
All fresh vegetables are good (except potato and few other high glycemic index vegetables). Eating healthy and right food is highly desirable for diabetes patients to control blood sugar adequately.

Whole grain cereals are eaten as staple food in most developing and underdeveloped countries and products made of cereals (such as bread) are eaten as staple food in most developed countries.
Food products with whole grain such as whole wheat bread are also good and should be taken by diabetics. They contain fewer carbohydrates than fruits and better for diabetics and common people alike.
Vegetables eaten raw (such as cucumber, carrots, cabbage, onion, etc.) as salads are even better as cooking may reduce vitamin content of vegetables. Vegetables also have low fats and sodium, which is good for dieting and hypertension patients.

It is important for diabetics to know which types of cereals are good and which types of cereals are bad for diabetes and blood sugar control.
Cereals especially whole grain cereals supply good quantity of vitamins, minerals and fibers along with major portion of calorie intake. Cereals are full of carbohydrates but the carbohydrate is complex type and get digested and absorbed slowly and do not cause serious rise in blood sugar, but refined cereals should be avoided, as they may cause rapid rise in blood sugar after a meal.

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