Herbal medicines are in use for long.  Survival of the early human beings was dependent on knowledge of their surroundings. Chinese medicinal herbs are used together in a formula or alone to provide terrific results.
Here are my tips on Chinese medicinal herbs that you may keep in your kitchen cabinet ready to use them when needed. We use it as seasoning for backed food, but it has been used as Chinese botanical medicine since ages. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Description: Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is one of the most common and painful conditions in the oral cavity. Etiology: The cause is not known, but is most likely multifactorial, and the following have been reported as some of the possible causative factors. Treatment: Review the patient’s medical history to rule out the need for medical referral for detection of systemic disease. Prognosis: Good, if the patient can gain relief from pain and sustain adequate nutrition and hydration. Etiology: In many cases of traumatic ulceration, there is a corresponding source of irritation.
Treatment: Relieving an obvious source of irritation or toxic agent should result in resolution of an ulcer.
Description: Benign migratory glossitis (BMG) is a common benign lesion that most often affects the tongue and sometimes other oral mucosal surfaces (erythema migrans). Etiology: Widely considered to be unknown, although some authors propose an association with psoriasis. Treatment: In the great majority of cases, no treatment is required other than reassuring the patient that BMG is a benign entity.
Prognosis: Typically, BMG is a chronic condition with periods of exacerbation and remission. Description: Lichen planus is a relatively common chronic, inflammatory, mucocutaneous disease seen most often in middle-aged females. Etiology: The cause is unknown, but appears to be multifactorial and is characterized by a T-cell medicated chronic immune response and abnormal epithelial keratinization.
Treatment: The reticular and plaque-like lesions are usually asymptomatic and treatment is not necessary. Prognosis: There is still controversy whether OLP is associated with an increased risk of malignancy. Differential diagnosis: The clinical features may be diagnostic of the typical reticular form of OLP. Description: Inflammatory papillary hyperplasia (IPH) is a reactive tissue response that is usually found in the hard palate underneath an ill-fitting dental prosthesis, or even one who exhibits parafunctional habits.
Etiology: Poorly fitting prostheses, poor prosthesis hygiene and wearing a prosthesis constantly without removal, appear to be the major reasons for occurrence of this lesion. Treatment: In cases of early IPH, denture removal for extended periods of time may allow the tissue to resume a more normal appearance. Description: This lesion consists of folds of hyperplastic tissue into which the flange of a complete or partial denture rest, most often in the maxillary anterior vestibule, although sometimes it can be seen lingual to the mandibular ridge. Etiology: Hyperplasia of the oral mucosa in reaction to an ill-fitting complete or partial denture is the usual causative factor. Treatment: Surgical removal and microscopic examination of the tissue is the definitive treatment for epulis fissuratum. Etiology: Reactions to cinnamon flavoring are found most commonly in products that are associated with prolonged or frequent contact with the oral mucosa, for example, candy, gum, and toothpaste. Treatment: Discontinuation of the cinnamon-flavoring containing product usually results in resolution of the lesions within a week.
Differential diagnosis: History of the use of cinnamon flavored products, clinical appearance and resolution of the lesions upon cessation of product use are adequate to diagnose contact stomatitis from cinnamon. Description: Dentifrice related sloughing of the oral mucosa is an increasingly common finding and may be caused by a variety of additives found in many dentifrices. Etiology: Hypersensitivity to dentifrice detergent and tartar control agents may result in dentifrice related sloughing.
Licorice root, the naturally sweet Egyptian herb, proves to be a great herbal remedy for sore throat. Alternatively, you may use a pinch or two of licorice powder in any tea you like- herbal tea or your regular tea. However, take note of the fact that using high amounts of licorice over prolonged periods can lead to high blood pressure. If your throat is badly swollen and you can not swallow anything, you might like to have some Marshmallow tea to soothe your throat. The traditional Chinese medicine recommends honeysuckle flower tea for soothing sore throat.
After American, European and Chinese remedies, we should at least have one Asian remedy too for sore throat! Gargling with warm water having salt in it, is perhaps, the most ancient method of checking sore throat. Apart from all these home remedies, one more thing is crucial to cure sore throat- ample rest. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition.
Most people fall victim to the stomach bugs and flu in fall and spring, especially children. Even though we have had stomach bugs and flu before, we still run around Googling the best remedy for stomach flu.  And the best stomach flu cure is Cinnamon! Doctors like to call it gastroenteritis, which means an irritated and inflamed stomach and intestines. Stomach Flu Parasites include Giardia and cryptosporidium which live in the intestines of people and animals and is  mostly spread via water. And if you or your child is bent over backwards with horrible stomach cramps and sheer panic of diarrhea, you will take whatever assurances and placebo pills the Doctor will give you.
2. Cinnamon works against Viruses - This study found that Cinnamaldehyde from Cinnamon in its various forms is effective against adenovirus.
Cinnamon Stick Tea – The easiest and most effective method is to boil Cinnamon sticks.
Cinnamon Powder Tea - If you have no Cinnamon sticks or Cinnamon black tea then by all means use Cinnamon powder. The Nuclear Option (Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil)  - For a severe case and if you are careful, add 1-2 drops of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil to 8 oz. Add Ginger – Fresh grated or sliced ginger is also one of the greatest things you can add to Cinnamon. Disinfect with Cinnamon Oil – Get some diluted Cinnamon Leaf Oil or Bark Oil and wipe down your whole house and car. This entry was posted in Cinnamon Benefits & Recipes and tagged cinnamon, cinnamon oil, Stomach bug, stomach flu remedies, stomach flu symptoms, stomach flu treatment, stomach pain, stomach remedy, stomach virus by . Jock itch is an itchy fungal condition, mostly prevalent among athletes and people who are overweight.
For people who are prone to recurrent fungal infections or jock itch, it is important to keep your body sweat free in order to avoid getting jock itch again.
Even after a shower, ensure that the body is thoroughly dried to prevent moisture from causing fungal growth in areas that are prone to jock itch. Using a good antiseptic powder will help keep the body dry and also prevent fungal and bacterial growth. For people who are prone to fungal infections, using synthetic clothes are a definite no as they can aggravate the condition and encourage sweat and other skin infections and irritation. Many of us may have the habit of reusing the clothes that we have worn once and sweated in it without washing it. As a prevention method, you may think of taking a salt bath 2-3 times a week if you are very prone to recurrent infections. Other fungal infections like yeast infection, toe nail fungus, athlete’s foot, etc., if left untreated will lead to jock itch as well. After reading foods for gastric problems, many readers commented with their symptoms and problems. Though many Western countries are new to buttermilk, it is taking a spoonful of curd with water. Natural Medicine for Gastric Problems (aff) * Warning: Consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Another good remedy for acid indigestion is Natrum phos (sodium phosphate) which is both a homeopathic medicine and a cell salt. Ginger tea is best served by grinding up some ginger and adding it to a cup of boiling water. My mom .has a gastric prblm…so What should be good for her as a diet of daily lyf ????
Just one information to avoid misunderstanding, Butter milk is not adding water to curd, buttermilk is the product we get when we extract butter from curd through some process, that is the form of curd without fat, which improves digestion, hydrates body and reduces body temperature and also cures from gastric problem as well.
There are heaps of natural solutions that are made to treat health issues like digestive problems. I m 67 yrs old & facing sever pain in chest due to gastric problems from last four five yrs, even I took alopathy, ayurvedic treatment so far, as well as so many investigation also done. Gastric -Acidity problem leads to burping ,vertigo, Nausia, Loud speaker eco sound from ear, vomiting. Sir, I am suffering from various stomach problems such as excessive gas, pain, acidity etc.
Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland often due to an acute bacterial infection.
Prostatitis symptoms include difficulty urinating, frequent urge to urinate, and pain in the prostate area. Conventional Western treatment is antibiotic therapy, bed rest, and consumption of adequate fluids.
In sciatica, pain travels from the buttocks down the back of the leg, following the course of the sciatic nerve. Acupuncture is exceptionally effective for this condition: Many people experience immediate relief. Bill Schoenbart has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since 1991, when he earned a Masters degree in TCM. Ellen Shefi is a licensed massage technician, licensed acupuncturist, and registered dietician. An otherwise perfectly healthy 35-year-old man presents with a 3-month history of white lesions that covered the dorsolateral aspect of his tongue.
There was no oral pain, except for some irritation of the tongue if it was brushed too vigorously. The patient denied habitual tongue-biting habits and skin lesions. Thick whitish plaques were noted on the right and left dorsolateral aspects of the tongue, as show in Figure 1, above. Which of the following key differential diagnostic contenders do you suspect was the cause of these lesions?
Astragalus or Huang qi, which means yellow leader is deservedly popular, not only in China but in America and European countries as well, because of its medicinal qualities. Ginseng is considered the king of all traditional Chinese herbs and has been in use for thousands of years. Although variable, the lesions typically begin in childhood or adolescence, occur more frequently in females and tend to be seen less often in adults over 40. Food allergies, stress, trauma, hormonal influences, smoking cessation, immunologic factors, GI disease such as Crohn’s or Celiac Disease and nutritional deficiencies such as B12 may have possible causal factors associated with RAS.
Aphthous ulcers are an immunologic condition and treatment should be directed toward suppressing the immunologic reaction responsible for the lesion. Traumatic ulcers are frequently observed in the oral cavity and can be of such varying size and shape that they are difficult to characterize. They may be due to mechanical damage from food, self-inflicted injury (such as biting), occur due to mastication, a result of toothbrushing injury, malocclusion, broken down or sharp teeth, placement of restorations, prosthesis irritation or injury during sleep. It is an inflammatory disorder characterized by multiple erythematous areas representing loss of filiform papillae surrounded by a yellow-white irregular border. If a patient complains of burning or sensitivity that affects daily life, topical corticosteroids such as betamethasone gel applied in a thin layer may provide symptomatic relief. For symptomatic OLP, topical steroids, such as triamcinolone mouthwash or mixed with orabase, clobetasol or fluocinonide are used first in treatment.
Excessive tobacco and alcohol use should be discouraged and it is recommended that lesions are observed at least yearly. However, biopsy is necessary if the form is atypical or if clinical features suggest the possibility of dysplasia or malignancy.

It may also occur infrequently in a patient who does not wear prosthesis, such as a mouth breather.
Often antifungal therapy involving the mucosa and denture must accompany daily removal of the prosthesis to provide complete resolution. Once the lesions are resolved, if the patient continues to practice good oral hygiene and allow the tissue to rest daily, IPH should not recur. The excess tissue is usually firm and fibrous, but can be inflamed and ulcerated, similar to that of a pyogenic granuloma. This should be accompanied by some form of correction to the prosthesis or remake of the prosthesis in order to prevent recurrence. Some of the most frequently found cinnamon flavored products are foods such as ice cream and candy, gum, mints, toothpaste, mouthwashes and floss. Tartar control toothpastes contain bitter pyrophosphates which require extensive flavoring to mask and therefore may cause oral lesions. Leukoplakia, hairy leukoplakia, and lichenoid reaction may also be considered.Tongue change from chewing cinnamon gumImprovement after discontinuation of cinnamon gum8. The natural chemicals within licorice roots are said to reduce swelling, help thinning mucous secretion, relieves off cough. Use very little amount of licorice if you suffer from high blood pressure and also do not use it for more than a week.
The inner bark of this tree is used since ages for getting relief from cough and sore throat. Marshmallow root is the herb found in North America and Europe and is used as a traditional sore throat remedy since ages. However, if you are a diabetic, you must consult your physician before using marshmallow root as it lowers the sugar level in blood, more so when you are having diabetes medicines. If you have a scheduled surgery, you should stop having honeysuckle at least two weeks before the surgery date because it is said to slow down blood clotting which might increase the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery.
Asians, especially Indians, use fresh Basil leaves, called Tulsi leaves along with ginger and peppercorns to treat sore throat in no time.
If you do not have mortar and pestle, you can use any other heavy kitchen tool to crush them. As soon as you realize that you are going to have a sore throat (that typical itchy throat or sniffles tell you that), you should immediately have cinnamon mil or tea. If you are lactose intolerant and cannot have milk, you may use alternate milk such as almond milk.
Gargle with salty warm water creates an inhospitable environment inside your throat that is not liked by the bacteria causing sore throat. When you let your body and swollen painful throat take plenty of rest, you allow it to heal faster. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. It is usually caused by bacteria, a virus or a parasite which can spread rapidly by contaminated food or water. This is spread by using and touching contaminated things like door knobs, utensils, keyboards, light switches and anything we touch in common. Yes Doctors can and often do tests to identify the particular strain of virus, but this is of little use. You see, the Doctor knows there is nothing he or she can do to cure it, other than let nature take its course. Although this study was done with Cinnamaldehyde extracted from Cassia Cinnamon, Cinnamaldehyde, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil is the same and of much higher quality. Reduces bloating and puffiness – You will start to burp and let out air within minutes of drinking Cinnamon Tea. Cinnamon is far more potent in Cinnamon Bark Oil form than in a Cinnamon stick.  Forget about Cinnamon Tea made with natural or artificial flavoring.
Boil 1.5 cups of water and add 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder, let it brew for 5 minutes, strain with a cheese cloth or  fine strainer to get rid of the Cinnamon powder residue mix.
In addition to Cinnamon tea, sip small sips of Pedialyte,Ceralyte, Infalyte, or diluted Gatorodae at frequent intervals.
If you are hungry, slowly start with simple solid food like toasted white bread, rice and bananas. What you get in the grocery store is Cassia Cinnamon which tends  to have high Coumarin levels that can damage your liver (read the blog post on coumarin here), tastes pretty harsh and smells pretty strong. The condition affects areas of the skin that remain moist due to sweat and hence mostly affects the groin, inner thighs, toes, etc., though it can happen in any part of the body. This is especially true if you have sweated a lot, which causes perspiration to get accumulated in the folds of your body and create moist areas that can lead to fungal growth and jock itch.
After a shower, you must ensure that all areas are dried and antiseptic powder is applied every day. This is one of the most unhygienic habits that can not only cause jock itch, but also lead to recurrent fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and body. Avoid sharing clothes with others as it is not a healthy practice and can spread various types of skin infections.
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In continuation to that article, I would like to elaborate with home remedies for gastric pain. It provides relief to people who suffer from great distension and offensive gas from almost any kind of food.
The heating qualities are known to stimulate the gastric fire in the belly and help to ease gas and bloating. Sometimes it becomes severe and then i also start to have anxiety neurosis, inner palm itching and burning.
I have pain on the upper left side of the heart which will remain for 2 days and then it ends but after 3 to 4 days it was started again. It burns your stomach and make even worse, I tried it once by referring the internet and had bad experience.
I have been suffering from this problem from a long time now after having consumed coffee in excessive quantities to keep awake at night.
But even after taking english medicine you still have trouble, then try some natural remedies. In acute cases of prostatitis, either acupuncture or herbs can provide immediate relief, while chronic cases take longer to resolve, depending on the severity of the condition. In Chinese medicine, treatment of this condition, which corresponds to the pattern of lower burner damp heat, is the same as in acute urinary tract infections: Ba Zheng San.
Treatment is Rehmannia Six Teapills, to which a practitioner often adds herbs specific to the patient's constitution and complaint. Sciatica is usually caused by a lower back disk injury, usually a slipped disk pressing on the nerve; it's also possible that the nerve compression is in the pelvis or buttocks. The patent medicine Sciatica Pills is also quite effective in relieving the pain and inflammation.
He teaches TCM medical theory and herbalism at an acupuncture school in California, and also maintains a clinical practice. She is a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the American Herb Association, and the Oregon Acupuncture Association. Some of these plaques could be rubbed or pulled off of the tongue; detachment was not associated with red or bleeding surface. They have long been in use of herbs and plants in medicinal purpose before chemically compounded medicines had came in anyone’s mind. In Chinese medicine it is used to strengthen your immune, improve liver functionality, boost sperm production and to improve vision.
It prevents cold, flu and various allergies, stimulates immune system and fights with bacteria and viruses but work best as long term preventive measure. Many patients with mild or intermittent lesions may not require any treatment or may use over-the-counter anesthetic or protective bioadhesive products. Simple traumatic ulcers are most often found on the buccal mucosa, tongue, and lips, but may also occur anywhere in the mouth. Ulcerations can also be caused by thermal, chemical or electrical burns.A histologically specific type of ulcer with elevated and indurated margins called traumatic ulcerative granuloma with stromal eosinophilia (TUGSE) resembles squamous cell carcinoma. In some cases clinicians advocate application of corticosteroids to speed healing, while others claim this will delay healing. The map-like areas of red and white, (hence the name geographic tongue), usually resolve within a few days, but may quickly develop in another area.
In a recent study of long standing, symptomatic BMG, cyclosporine rinses or topical 0.1% tacrolimus ointment have been used with success. On close examination, the skin lesions, which occur mostly on extensor surfaces of the extremities, will show a fine lace-like pattern of lines known as Wickham’s striae. If the OLP is severe or affects large areas of the oral mucosa, systemic corticosteroids should be prescribed.
Isolated erosive lichenoid lesions should also be biopsied to rule out premalignant or malignant lesions. There are many oral lichen planus-like or “lichenoid” lesions which can confuse the diagnosis of OLP. Less frequently, this lesion may occur on the mandibular edentulous ridge or the surface of an epulis fissuratum. In susceptible individuals, the use of toothpaste results more in diffuse gingival involvement with enlargement, edema and erythema.
Although less common, there are reports that the spice form of cinnamon may also cause mucosal reactions. It also heals body ulcers which is one of the reasons it is also used as a remedy for acid reflux that sometimes leads to sore throat. Heart patients and pregnant women as well as breast feeding mothers should avoid having licorice.
There is a gel like substance called mucilage in the inner bark of slippery elm which is said to reduce the irritation caused by sore throat. Just like slippery elm, this herb too contains mucilage which soothes the mucous in your throat. It prevents the illness before it spreads due to its anti bacterial and warming properties. High concentration of salt draws out the excess fluid, also called edema, out of the throat reducing inflammation which grants you relief from ache.
You can, however, have honey mixed with lemon in hot water or add honey to any tea you take for treating sore throat, it is always beneficial.
Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes.
It is horrible and funny at the same time. It comes out of nowhere and we blame whatever we ate for it. Our body is not used to it and temperature conditions allow stomach viruses and bugs to propagate at hyper speeds. Yes a small minority of people maybe be allergic and pregnant women should not take Cinnamon but on the whole this is one spice that has very few side effects. Research has shown Cinnamon is one of the most effective substance against (click the links for the research) Escherichia coli,  Salmonella., Campylobacter .
That means it has the power to dramatically reduce the chills, aches and pains and make your comfort levels so much better.
If you can use Ceylon Cinnamon sticks which has ultra-low Coumarin levels and will not damage your liver unlike Cassia Cinnamon. They have little if any anti-bacterial properties and retains only the smell of Cinnamon. Check out our Cinnamon Bark Oil infused tea. You need sodium (salt) to maintain the fluid balance in the body and replace lost minerals especially salt and sugar. Avoid dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, oily and fried food, tomato-based food, spicy food, carbonated or highly sugared drinks, sour juices.
Concentrate on the major germs areas like light switches, door handles, toilet handles, refrigerator door handle. Ceylon Cinnamon sticks by contrast are very fragile and made with thin papyrus like rolls of Cinnamon bark scraped from the inner bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon tree and rolled into a cigar shaped stick. Caused by Trichophyton rubrum, jock itch is not a difficult condition to treat and usually heals on its own. When you shower every day, you remove the sweat, dirt and bacteria in your body and prevent all kinds of infections from setting in. Applying powder on areas prone to sweating can help in preventing sweat from accumulating in the folds and causing fungal infections like jock itch. All undergarments must be of cotton as cotton can absorb sweat and prevent moisture from remaining on your body.
Sweat encourages bacteria and when we reuse clothes that have sweat on or do not remove sweaty clothes for a long time, it will result in fungal and bacterial build up and cause jock itch to recur.

Therefore, keeping your weight under check helps in keeping jock itch away and also in preventing many other health problems as well. There are many simple natural remedies like the use of yoghurt, neem, tea tree oil, turmeric, baking soda, etc. One of the best natural remedy for gas is to take any spice like cinnamon, fennel seeds with tea before breakfast.
Most gastric people desire to have carbonated drinks because they seem to help in releasing gas. My blood pressure was also fluctuated usually high BP during this gastric attack but once I use Gastophil or Gaviscon Advance, I get releif from the gastric and blood pressure. SINCE THAN I HAVE GASTIC PROBLEM, PAIN IN CHEST AND FEEL UNCOMFERTABLE IN WALKING AND BREATHING. Have found some relief with cold milk and also fennel seeds soaked in water but these solutions are great!
An herb that is especially effective in acute prostatitis is Vaccaria seed (wang bu liu xing). If there is a deficiency of yang, warm herbs such as aconite root (fu zi) and cinnamon bark (rou gui) are added. The most important points are located on the gallbladder meridian and urinary bladder meridians. There was minimal erythema of the anterior dorsal aspect of the tongue where there were no white plaques.
Cinnamon or Gui Zhi invigorates the blood and thus it is often advised for circulatory disorders, including, palpitations, numbness, chest pains and arthritis. Ginger or Sheng Jiang is suggested for morning sickness, pain relief, nausea, heartburn, cold, cough and headache.
Differences in minor and major aphthous ulcers are generally dependent on size and healing. RAS is not associated with herpes or any other viral infection and cannot be treated with anti-viral medications.
It most often affects the tongue and exhibits deep inflammation that resolves more slowly and typically requires biopsy. Patients should be advised that the lesions will most likely recur and the possibility of candidiasis associated with corticosteroid use may occur. Drug reactions, graft-versus-host disease, and oral contact stomatitis related to dental materials, most often amalgam, may be indistinguishable from OLP.
In more advanced cases, the excess tissue should be excised prior to fabrication of a new prosthesis.
This lesion is seen more often in older individuals, as expected with a denture-related conditions and is more frequently observed in females.
Sloughing of superficial epithelium is common.The reaction to gum and candy is more localized, with most lesions occurring on the buccal mucosa and lateral tongue. The ache, the itchiness, the dryness, hoarseness and that scratchy feeling, you just can’t stand sore throat. While you can easily get herbal lozenges having slippery elm as the main component, it is more beneficial to have tea prepared with it. You can, however, omit the tea leaves if you wish to and boil the other ingredients in water to have the essential concoction for sore throat. If you take 2 tablespoons of honey twice a day, you can destroy up to 100 percent of sore throat causing germs within 48 hours.
Yes, sometimes it comes from food poisoning but most times it is a stomach virus, bacteria or parasite from a variety of sources. After you have made it, add some honey because it creates a hydrogen peroxide effect and brings all the viruses to the surface of the stomach, to be then killed by the Cinnamon. Powder has very little Cinnamon Oil in it to be as effective as Cinnamon sticks or our Cinnamon tea, but it will do in a pinch.
Remember the Bark Oil will drop your blood sugar levels so taking too much will make you feel faint or burn your stomach. Signs of dehydration include thirst, less frequent urination, dark colored urine, dry skin, fatigue, light headedness, and the inability to sweat.
Yes, our Cinnamon black tea has caffeine in it, but this relatively little compared to coffee or soft drinks or energy drinks (very bad) and anyway has Ceylon Cinnamon Bark oil which will knock out most viruses and bacteria dead on.
One of the great things about Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is that its disinfectant properties lasts quite long.
However, it can also be quick to return if you are not careful about certain basic hygiene requirements.
Remember to use a good antibacterial soap when you shower so that the body remains protected from all kinds of fungus and bacteria. Wipe your body thoroughly after a shower, taking particular care to dry the folds with care. Therefore, whenever you change your dress and undergarments, use a good antiseptic powder to lightly dust the areas. Avoid remaining in sweaty clothes for a long time and never reuse sweaty clothes without washing them thoroughly and drying them in the sun. Obesity will also cause hormone problems as well like thyroid disorders which can cause excessive sweating and cultivation of fungi and bacteria, causing jock itch. Otherwise you can put them in a cup of boiled, hot water for 3 to 5 minutes and slowly drink.
So if you want to keep gas away, better chew pieces of ginger with honey in the early morning before breakfast or add some fresh ginger to your dinner.
Use as much garlic as possible in your cooking cutleries and add some grinded garlic to one of your teas as well.
You can take fiber, supplementing with glutamine, an amino acid that helps maintain intestinal metabolism, papain in low dosages etc. Most of the causes for gastric are related to diet, gastric, hereditary and other illnesses.
It is the chief ingredient in the patent medicine Prostate Gland Pills, an effective remedy for this condition.
If sciatic pain is due to a severe injury to a spinal disk, treatment can take months and sometimes only brings partial relief. You can use it as spice in you cooking or make your own cinnamon tea but pregnant women should use it with caution.
The chemical cautery agent, silver nitrate, can cause significant soft tissue damage and should not be used in treatment.Most patients who seek more aggressive treatment respond well to local high potency topical corticosteroids, which carry a lower risk of adverse effects than systemic treatment and should be considered the first line of treatment. No therapy currently cures OLP; the goal of treatment for symptomatic lesions is palliation.
In diagnosing erosive lichen planus, other ulcerative or erosive diseases such as lupus erythematosis and chronic ulcerative stomatitis should be ruled out by biopsy and immunofluorescent studies. Some believe this lesion is part of a spectrum that involves denture stomatitis as the earliest form. The lesions have an erythematous base, but are often white due to a covering of hyperkeratosis of the surface epithelium and can progress to the dorsum of the tongue.
The Calcivirus on the other hand is an equal opportunity virus and can attack any age group.
One thing to note, some Cinnamon powder is irradiated and stuffed with fillers or worse saw dust, so if you have cheap Cinnamon powder it just won’t work. And a little bit of sugar is needed but not too much since bacteria and viruses thrive in a sugar rich environment.
Exercise just enough to get some Oxygen and into your system and get your blood flow going. Ceylon Cinnamon tastes and smells mild with notes of citrus and cloves and tends be slightly sweeter. Another alternative to cotton is silk even though it could be expensive and high maintenance could be required.
Never borrow or lend clothes and make it a point to spread the work to your friends and loved ones who are prone to sharing clothes. The medicine works instantly and you can get relief within 10-15 min and succeeding passage of gas for next one hour. Rub on the stomach and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, before wiping it off with a clean cloth.
So try to rule out each one and see which is the root cause, then we can find the medicine. The teeth and restorations were not sharp, nor did they impinge on the tissue of the tongue. Never consider all its type the same; you need to be extra careful while choosing Ginseng for yourself. Initiation of healing is usually noted within 24-48 hours with 0.05% betamethasone or clobetasol gel. The reticular form is more common and usually appears as multiple lesions with a bilateral symmetrical pattern. Gingival lesions of erosive lichen planus may also resemble pemphigoid or pemphigus vulgaris with biopsy and immunofluorescence required.5.
Therefore, salt water gargle does help in containing the growth of bacteria and stops your sore throat from becoming worse. However it is the Rotovirus which is the most common stomach virus, usually attacking infants and children under 5 years of age. But the overall effect of Ceylon cinnamon is it’s ability create very sophisticated yet subtle and fragrant flavors that never take center stage in any recipe but adds to the whole.
Avoid strongly scented powders as they can cause reaction with sweat and create an offensive odor.
So, ensure that the skin is well moisturized and the water is not too hot to prevent skin dryness and resultant problems. My recommendation is to keep fennel seeds in your pocket, in case, you have a bloated stomache, you can just chew them immediately. In my opinion, Natural Remedies, Diet, Exercise and Herbal Supplements play a key role in long-term recovery of acidity, bloating and gas. They are both found on areas of unattached mucosa, such as the buccal and labial mucosa, as opposed to recurrent herpetic lesions, which are limited to attached mucosa such as gingiva. These gels should be applied 4-5 times daily and are more effective intraorally than ointments or creams.For patients with multiple lesions, or RAS in difficult to reach locations such as the soft palate or tonsillar pillars, syrups or elixirs may be more practical.
Remember to gargle 4-8 times a day depending upon the severity of the soreness of your throat.
One to multiple ulcerations may present as shallow, round to oval, yellow-white ulcerations with a red border.
For example, prednisolone is available in syrup form and can be used in a swish and spit regimen. But if you are less than 40, I would suggest a good vegetarian diet with buttermilk and Rabesec 20mg (if it helps, consult your doctor before you use).
Herpetiform aphthae are less common, and while not associated with the herpes virus, are named because of their clinical appearance. A typical appearance shows slender white-gray lines radiating from the oral papules (Wickham’s striae).
Herpetiform aphthae are the least common form of RAS and are often found in a more localized area, usually not on the lips, and consist of small individual lesions which can combine to form larger ulcerations. In cases resistant to these medications, systemic steroids in tablet form may be considered or else a swish and swallow steroid syrup can be used for both topical and systemic effects. Instead of the reticular pattern, the dorsal tongue may exhibit more of a keratotic plaque-like lesion.Erosive lichen planus lesions are usually symptomatic to patients and therefore the patient is more likely to seek professional advice. Atrophic, erythematous lesions with central ulceration and fine white striae on the periphery of the erosions are seen clinically. Traumatic chemical ulceration: a case report and review of the literature, British Dental Journal 208, 297-300 (2010)Neville BW, Damm DD, Allen CM, Bouquot JE.
If confined to the gingival mucosa in a pattern scalloping the teeth, this is termed desquamative gingivitis. Saunders Company; 2009Viera I, Fernandes A, Cespedes JMA, Machado MAN, Brancher JA, Soares de Lima AA, Taste evaluation in adolescents and pediatric patients with benign migratory glossitis. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, vol 75 issue 10, October 2011, 1230-1233Oral lichen planus:Al-Hashimi I, Schifter M, Lockhart PB, et al. J Periodontol, July 1999, 70(7): 803-807Kowitz G, Jacobson J, Meng Z, Lucatorto F, The effects of tartar-control toothpaste on the oral soft tissues. Experimental Dermatology, 16, 574-579Skaare A, Eide G, Herlofson B, Barkvoll P: The effect of toothpaste containing triclosan on oral mucosal desquamation.

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