Italians have grown fruit trees in containers for centuries, keeping them protected in special sheds during the winter.
The next step is to enjoy the lovely sight of theA  tree’s silvery-green foliage moving while the breeze rustles through it. A couple of things I did not see in your article is what size pot to use plus a source for them and what zone here in the US would they grow well in?
As the article pointed out… new tree grown from pits normally revert to the natural variant. While we can dream of owning an olive grove like the one we visited in the Galilee, olive trees successfully grow in pots too. Olive trees grown from pits revert to the original wild olive, and if they produce fruit at all, it will be wizened and not very good to eat. Tender saplings suffer under frost or harsh winter weather, so it’s best to transplant after all danger of frost has passed.

Wait until there are signs of growth in the following spring to add compost or concentrated fertilizer to the soil.Keep the soil lightly moist, but not over-watered.
Others recommend watching for flowering and then pruning off the tips of the branches, above a pair of leaves, as well. Her love of Middle Eastern food evolved from close friendships with enthusiastic Moroccan, Tunisian and Turkish home cooks. Say for instance I have an apple ore even a maple tree; can I graft my olive branch onto it? These can be used as grafting root stock on to which you would graft a cutting from developed cultivar ( ie: a cutting from a variant that has the characteristics that you want.
A mature tree can withstand drought, but until a sapling is established and thriving in its new environment, it needs light moisture.
Traditional Mediterranean farmers whitewash the bottom half of the trunk to keep ants away.

To maximize fruiting potential, you should actually have two of the same variety in the area.
Pour enough soil in to cover the bottom thickly.A  Knock the sapling out of its original container and place in the new pot.
But by then you and the tree will have become good friends, and the fruit will be a nice bonus.

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