DescriptionGlucerna 1.0 Cal is specialized nutrition with fiber for abnormal glucose tolerance. In every week, a famous experienced renal medicine specialist will be invited to help diagnose and evaluate inpatient's disease condition, offering detailed therapeutic schedule. The patients with diabetes usually have a weak immunity, which can make them prone to infection. Medications prescribed to treat diabetes can cause feet swelling like Thiazolidinediones for Type 2 Diabetes.If your swelling is associated with medications,you should talk to your physician and he can change your prescription.

Glucerna 1 Cal is a reduced carbohydrate, modified-fat, fiber-containing formula clinically shown to blunt blood-glucose response in patients with abnormal glucose tolerance. Fluids collect in the feet, ankles and leg.This condition can occur because poor circulation in extremities in Diabetes. Start with the lower legs and move downwards to the toes.This will redistribute any accumulated fluids throughout the leg.
It not only can reduce fluid build-up in legs, but also can benefit the control of blood sugar.

Also, the patients with infection may experience fever and redness on the affected body part.
Also ideal for those with hyperglycemia resulting from metabolic stress, such as illness, trauma or infection.

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