Since many illnesses are manifested by skin rashes, it is a good idea to get diagnosis of the rash.
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Commonly, stress rash is what is known as hives or urticaria, and it might occur in greater or lesser amounts under a variety of stressful circumstances. Many people want to know why stress might result in a rash, and the answers to this are not as clear-cut. This idea of stress allergy is an interesting one, since some people clearly don’t have and will likely never get a stress rash. Hives sure can be a funny thing, and sometimes people get confused by what they really are. I have never been one to crumble under pressure, but I recently began to have some very major marital issues. Younger adults will show slower destruction of the ? cells in comparison to younger children . Today there are so many advances in the field of science which brought about the discovery of insulin, the glucometer devices which could even store data of previous readings, smart phones which could guide one to monitor ones diet, remind to take medicines and even plot their progress, have alternate sources to deliver insulin, alternate devices to check sugar levels painlessly and stem cell therapy and transplantation of the pancreas. Those people who lose weight dramatically, do not thrive properly, get admitted for vomiting and abdominal pain are found to have diabetes mellitus type 1.
Blood tests such as GAD 65 antibodies ( Glutamate acid decarboxylase), IAA ( Insulin auto antibodies), ICA ( Islet cell antibodies) , are some of the commonly used tests run to diagnose type 1 diabetes. There are advances coming up in the self monitoring devices and also novel ways to administer insulin. Young adults or children must be informed about a partial remission of the diabetes where either a low dose of insulin or no insulin may be needed in the early phase.
One has to take multiple injections a day to match the food intake just because the pancreas refuses to secrete insulin which keeps the sugars down.
Insulin has to be stored in the refrigerator ( not the freezer compartment) when not in use.
Never skip a dose of insulin as the sugars may increase and cause even an unconscious state which can kill if not treated in time.
Likewise, if you inject too much, the sugars can drop to dangerously low levels and can make you unconscious and can kill.
When sick, it is a common mistake to either reduce the dose of insulin or omit the dose as there is reduced food intake.
Teenage girls can have eating disorders and may omit the dose of insulin with a hope to control their weight, with grave consequences. As you grow up or have stress during exams, job interviews, marriage or family matters, the sugar levels can increase. If having a party or attending a buffet, you are allowed to take insulin in two separate doses like 30% before the party and 70% after the party.
Self monitoring of blood glucose can help detect low sugar or high sugar levels, help titrate the dose of insulin, can be used to assess sugar levels when sick or pregnant and also to check how the levels are after a workout.
Earlier good control of sugar levels will delay the onset of the feared complications of diabetes such as the retinopathy ( eye) , neuropathy( nerves), nephropathy( kidney), heart disease.
Educational programs such as DAFNE ( Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating habits) help in flexible plans for diet which help to overcome the rigid dietary control and fixed doses of insulin.
Do not exercise immediately after injecting insulin as it can get absorbed soon and cause low sugars.
Warm up for 5 minutes, stretch for 5 minutes and then go into activity for about 20 minutes and allow 5 minutes for cooling down. If the doctor says you have retinopathy ( eyes are affected by Diabetes), avoid lifting heavy weights and strenuous workouts. If hypoglycemia ( when sugar levels fall down) develops, drink orange juice or take sugar or dates.
If less than 8 years of age or weighing less than 25 kg give 500 mcg of glucagon Intramuscularly.
Do not use fiber for constipation caused by pain meds, it will just make the problem worse! Chips,Meat, chew on chewies in between so there is no stiffness of the back of your throat . Hows Your Weekend was just surfing aronud the net looking for some new interesting material when i found this post on an other blog. I wonder how long the pain lasts, because i had mine done on april 1st and its killing me!!!!! I would research nutrition and exercise to strengthen the muscles around the bones to protect them, consult a physical therapist, and then hopefully surgery is a last resort.
I’ll see the doctor tomorrow and get her opinion, my tonsils look like the pictures but the scabs are uneven so I suppose some have already come off.
It’s not over yet but I can say that comparatively my pain sounds like its been negligible. I have probably only lost 5 or so lbs but I suppose I’d rather miss out on the weight loss perk than be in pain or in bed for any longer. His original ceancr, for which he received experimental forms of chemotherapy, was called a nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which is a rare tumor along the eustachian tube behind the sinus cavity. I have been surfing online olpsostty more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. Of course, what a splendid website and educative posts, I will bookmark your site.Best Regards! Redness that spreads to body parts far away from the bite, drainage from the bite, increased pain, numbness on the bitten area, or a discoloration around the bite that looks like a halo are some of the characteristic features that help doctors in identifying a case of spider bite.
If injured by more toxic spider bites such as those by black widow spiders, muscle contraction and nerve function are affected adversely. In most cases, lamictal rashes are not serious and tend not to develop into anything too harsh.
As discussed earlier, lamictal rashes tend to develop serious symptoms in children more often than adults; however, that is not the only factor leading to serious symptoms from this condition. Conjunctivitis is redness and swelling of the clear tissue that covers the eye, the conjunctiva, and the inside layer of the eyelids. Along with eye redness and swelling, bacterial conjunctivitis usually includes a combined mucous and pus discharge, which can cause crusting around the eye, and a gritty or scratchy feeling in the eye, that usually affects both eyes, although it may begin in one. Virus caused conjunctivitis is usually a result of an infection from a common cold, and generally includes itchiness and a watery discharge from the eye, and may affect one or both eyes, and is usually left untreated. Allergy based conjunctivitis has similar symptoms to viral conjunctivitis, with eye itchiness and a watery discharge, but it is generally accompanied by other symptoms, like an itchy nose and sneezing, as in hay fever, or other symptoms associated with an allergy, and is usually treated with antihistamines if deemed necessary.
Chemical induced conjunctivitis is cause by chemicals that enter the eye, which can include airborne chemicals like smoke and fumes, as well as chlorine from swimming pools and other chemicals that may have splashed in the eye, and flushing of the eye with water to remove the chemical is usually helpful. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious and so extra care with hand washing and isolation from other people is important. Antibiotics can be used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis if the eye has not healed within five days, however they are not useful in treating other forms of conjunctivitis.
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Most of the cases of type 1 diabetes are caused by unknown triggers which results in varying amounts of destruction of beta cells in a genetically susceptible person.
They all  went through a tough time when diabetes management was at a very primitive stage. It is generally seen younger the patient at time of diagnosis of diabetes, higher the chances of having type 1 diabetes. However, all these may not be positive in the early stages as that depends on the damage to the islet cells of pancreas.
This is called the “honeymoon” phase of diabetes when there will be some activity of the pancreas but not enough to maintain sugar levels. Some may need to take a combination of long acting insulin at night time and one with each main meal of the day. If you take 30 units at night of rapid insulin, take 10 units before the party and 20 units after the party to cover the food intake. Ideally, a pre meal and 2 hour post meal sugar check will be needed.( 7 tests a day) This will have to be done at the initial stages till you know the “signals” your body sends. It is important to have the eyes checked, the feet checked and urine checked for microalbumin leak once annually after the age of 12 years. If the blood sugars are high and if there are ketones in the blood the following can be done before going to the hospital. If weighing more than 25 kg or more than 8 years of age, give 1 mg of glucagon intra muscularly. However, it is better to check the sugar levels an hour, half an hour and just before diving.
Tell your pharmacist what medications you will be taking after the surgery and let them recommend what to have on hand to use. I know all that sounds terrible, and believe me its not easy but it is suppose to give u a speedy recovery.
I also bought an armchair pillow for my bed, and before I went to the hospital I changed the sheets, set up a massive heap of pillows, and turned down the bed. Applesauce seemed to be the most appealing as I was thirsty but not fond of the feeling of straight liquid there. Tempting to stick a cotton swab back there and investigate but if I went and gave myself an infection I’d never forgive my stupidity.
I do have a high tolerance for pain, but as far as I can tell setting the president to eat and drink frequently those crucial first days is really what helped. The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned that I would have liked to have been warned about: Lortab Elixir (liquid pain medication) feels like drinking lava! Breathing is iretrnupted by the lack of effort in Central Sleep Apnea; in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, breathing is iretrnupted by a physical block to airflow despite effort.
You have no idea how my heart skppied a beat when I saw the huge rolls of baker’s twine in your wish list. For someone who has recently taken the leap from PAYE to self employed, I appreciate so much of what you say here yours is an inspiring story and I’m glad you shared it.
I knew it would be painful-they were right i am on day 5 now and still in a lot of pain days 3,4 and 5 have been worse.
I have a very sore taroht, sore ear and neck on my right side, there is white tissue on my tonsils, I have a ton of issues with my sinus s right now, cough and mucous from my chest.
And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Studies indicate that since most instances of spider bite get medically reported after more than three days, it is practically difficult to identify the precise species of the culprit.
Severe brown recluse spider bites can lead to symptoms such as sweating, chills, headache, body aches, stomach cramps, leg cramps, rapid pulse and exhaustion.
Lamictal is usually advised to patients affected by mood altering disorders like bipolar disorder, since they behave like mood stabilizers. In cases of severe symptoms along with the rash, the user requires swift medical attention. There are numerous other risk factors that can cause lamictal rash to have grave consequences: Sodium valproate, or valproic acid, when used in conjuncture with the lamictal drug, sometimes boosts the risk of a lethal reaction from lamictal rashes. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You need to have had chickenpox at one point in your life, as the virus sits dormant in the roots of your nerves for life.
However, in some cases the pancreas can be damaged by auto immune diseases in which the body cells are destroyed by some cells due to unknown causes. There were no sophisticated blood glucose monitors, no good hospitals or technology to support them, no education materials, no support groups or no insulin as well. There are a lot of young people and adults who are being diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes. There are some people who are diagnosed with diabetes when they visit the hospital with either failing vision or kidney problems. The estimation of Insulin levels and its precursor, C peptide done in fasting and after food are also used to define type 1 diabetes. There different insulin preparations which have been detailed in the post titled,”insulin in diabetes”. It can get frustrating and depressing at times and definitely may even lead to quarrels with parents.
Before exercising, check your sugar levels , if high, check on blood ketone levels as well. But am glad I found this page when I did I was a little worried that I might have an infection in my throat as I was very dizzy, nauseous, loss of appetite, had a slight fever and my throat looked gross. Remember it is also a learning time as she is transitioning & they are preparing her for the 6th grade…UGH?!? I cant come across much high quality any more on the world wide web nowadays with all the trash these days so any time I do discover a excellent blog post I enjoy it. I used ice cube trays and labeled them with the time and date I needed my sister to give them to me.
Then she took me home and about when she had settled me in bed that good ole alarm went off!
In Mixed Sleep Apnea, there is a transition from central to obstructive features during the events themselves.Many people experience elements of obstructive sleep apnea for only a short period of time. I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you saved to fav to check out new information in your web site. In my view, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be a lot more useful than ever before. Anyway I will be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently quickly. In most cases, spider bites are wrongly identified.  Most of the red, raised swellings are given first aid by considering it to be a spider bite.

But, since most of the spiders that we have to encounter with in the near surroundings are too small and their poison is too weak to be dangerous to humans. Lamictal is focused on suppressing the excessive activity of neurons, and thus it can also be used to treat epilepsy. It is also worthy to note that lamictal rashes are more likely to seriously harm children as compared to adults. Another potentially fatal reaction from the lamictal rash occurs if a user exceeds the prescribed amount, leading to an overdose of sorts.
You should avoid taking the substances listed above that may increase the risk of developing lamictal rashes.
A simple viral fever may cause the virus to attack the heart or pancreas leading onto diabetes. People had to monitor the urine and be on a starvation diet to try and find a cure for this. Islet cell transplantation and pancreas transplantation have also been done at selected centers round the world, but the prohibitive costs, the post transplantation medications to reduce the rejection and the uncertainty of life long cure have not led to much enthusiasm. There are machines that require a lot of blood sample for the testing and some which need very less.
If sugars are low before the exercise, have a carb snack ( biscuits or juice) before the program.
I went back to my doctor and she said a few days after op this can happen and I probably didn’t have an infection but gave me antibiotics anyway. And I could not lay flat and sleep because where the back of my throat was swollen I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. I told her to MAKE me eat something as right after surgery is when you are going to be the most drugged and thus least likely to feel pain and it is also when it is most important to get the blood flowing in there to start the healing, prevent bad clots and prevent the scabs from bonding too tightly at the root. I recommend a sip of room temperature water, followed by the medicine then quickly washed down with several more small sips of water.
Certain particular species such as black widow spiders, red-back spiders etc are found to be more poisonous than their cousins such as brown widow spiders.
Redness, swelling, itching and pain in the bitten area are the general symptoms of spider bite. When it comes to seizures and mood disorders, doctors have a wide variety of drugs to choose from. Normally the rapid acting insulin is given on the abdomen and the long acting given on the thighs. The most recent guidelines state a 3 month average sugar level of 7.5% for any age of child till the age of 18.
Preferably do not use heavy weights while exercising as it increases the pressure in your eyes which can cause a bleed into the eyes. However if you look at it as a fact of life that requires attention and discipline, the child will be prepared for a healthier future. The second day of recovery was better, my doctor prescribed tetracaine numbing suckers, pain meds and antibiotic.
Each time I took pills I ate at least half of an applesauce and as many sips of Gatorade as my sisters taunting could yield. Less fortunate ones will be treated wrongly from some other infection.  However, spider bites are generally harmless. Lamictal though, in contrast with other medications, comes equipped with a warning label informing users about the side effects of the drug; lamictal rash being one of the most common ones.
Lamictal rash can also develop into a life threatening condition if the dosage is increased rapidly- so keeping a check on the intake of the drug is of the foremost importance. The people who have lived long to see the 2 world wars, have told they have learned this from life: “ Learn to live in spite of having Diabetes” and “take one step at a time” and “Live life to its fullest- enjoy every moment of it and thank the Almighty”.
Some may need insulin to be administered by a pump which delivers insulin in small doses based on food intake and physical activity. This is a very sensitive area and the repeated pricks for the rest of your lives can affect the sensation of these wonderful parts.
If you cannot feel either hot or cold sensations, please mention to your doctor or nurse urgently. You will need to have a glucometer machine that will check the blood sugar and blood ketones as well. I then went on this site and found out that the 7-11 day is the worse day of real bad pain as scabs will start to remove and need to watch out for bleeding. Most of the machines have data storage facilities and also some can be connected to a network and data can be transferred to a remote system such as ones parents or doctors or nurse.
If not feeling well, losing consciousness or dehydrated or vomiting with abdominal pain, go immediately to the hospital. If vomiting or abdominal pain or losing consciousness, get the child to hospital immediately. When I got home from the hospital I slept a lot and angled my pillows so I wasn’t lying flat which helps me sleep. This morning (4th day), the pain was bad again but as I drank soup and drank water my throat started feeling better. If an increased dosage is required, consulting the doctor before any action is recommended. If there is a problem such as difficulty in seeing while at class, please inform the teacher or parents. I wrote down when and what drugs and how much I took for pain and antibiotics so I could keep track of it. I do gargle a mouth wash called Cepacaine, which has got an anesthetic to numb area and a antibacterial, I use that every 2 hours do not swallow, you won’t be able to talk and if u do write on paper. I’ve been drinking as much fluids as possible especially the first day as I had to fast for the surgery and went over 10 hours with no food or water and ended up quite dehydrated and also the drugs make you a little dehydrated.
The child should be allowed to snack if low sugar levels are detected while in class, must have their parents notified in an emergency, but must not be restricted from regular playing and activities. Keep a glass of ice cold water with you when you go to bed, keeping your throat hydrated is the key thing.
But after a few days I got worse and things like ice cream and yoghurt got stuck to my throat and toast and other dry foods made my scabs bleed so I went back to soft food.
Also my tongue hurts which I didn’t expect so some foods that require extra chewing can be painful.
Oh and when bending down and getting up do it slowly, I didn’t once and nearly passed out! The first night after surgery I slept a solid 6 hours and woke with a burning throat, so whenever I wake I have a drink, meds if needed and food. Eating is painful so I recommend taking pain meds and then 15 minutes later or whenever they kick in then you can eat.

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