They formed a small and specialized team called “Adventure Design and Research”, also known as ADR.
The purpose of this initiative is to think outside the box and to come up with very useful and unique designs to be used by Adventure Touring Motorcyclists.The first concept from ADR is AltRider’s very own take on the BMW S1000XR which transforms the bike by adding  protective gear, luggage solutions, and  knobby tires. Now there is one point low in front of the engine, and a second point high under the beak designed to transfer impact load.Steel mounting brackets are utilized to connect the crash bars as well as the skid plate, to create one solid protection package.
In doing so, they have constructed a skid plate of lightweight aluminum, that provides robust coverage without adding excessive weight to the bike.

The slightly tapered and rib-cage-like design protects the engine vitals without interfering with a rider’s mobility or controls.
Specially designed louvers deflect errant debris, while simultaneously directing airflow through the radiator to keep the bike cool. The rack is uniquely designed with a variety of cut-outs so whether on or off road, you can take along everything you need for your trip. 18-21, 2016Summer 2016, Touratech-USA will host rally events on both coasts for the second consecutive year!

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