Ingredients In Triphala : Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki fruit (Terminalia belerica), Haritaki fruit (Terminalia chebula), 500mg. Guggulu, also known as Indian Bedellium and Commiphora Mukul, is considered as one of the oldest herbs in ayurvedic medicine. Ingredients In Guggulu: Morpheme Guggul contains the finest ingredient and is 100% pure and natural, 500mg.
Triphala has helped in improving my bowel movement and Guggul has helped in lowering my high total and LDL cholesterol levels. Triphala and Guggulu Capsules are good combination of herbal supplements to protect me against bad cholesterol and to keep in check my diabetes. Many people worries about high cholesterol level and diabetes that is why I'm taking everyday Triphala and Guggulu vegetarian capsule. Tinospora cordifolia is used to improve the immune system and the body's resistance to infections.
Guduchi helps increase the effectiveness of protective white blood cells and helps in building the body's own defense mechanism (immune system). Herbal Guduchi Information: Herbal Guduchi or Tinospora Cordifolia is a large, climbing shrub.
Herbal Guduchi Usage: Guduchi is a Cholagogue, detoxicant, alterative, immune tonic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anthelmintic, nervine. Guduchi acts as a diuretic and found to be effective against Renal obstruction like calculi and other urinary disorders. Guduchi is useful in joints gout (vatarakta), arthritis (amavata) and other inflammatory joint conditions.
Guduchi is considered helpful in eye disorders as a tissue builder and promotes mental clarity. GIT Guduchi heals a bowel affected with constipation, intestinal bleeding, haemorrhoids or dysentery. Guduchi is anti-pyretic and act as a tonic after fever, also has action against alternative fever like Malaria. Guduchi is a Reproductive Its ability to clear heat is applied when sexual dysfunction is caused by a hyper-heat condition.
Immunostimulatory effect of Tinospora cordifolia Miers leaf extract in Oreochromis mossambicus.(Indian J Exp Biol. March 31, 2014 by info Leave a Comment Curcumin is one of the best herbs for inflammation.  What is curcumin?
Curcumin aids weight loss because it regulates the formation of fat cells and lowers the production of leptin in fat cells.

Another reason curcumin works as a weight-loss agent is because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
Your body retaining fluid as a result your body trying to flush the foreign substance out of your body. Curcumin is sold at health food stores, drug stores and online at Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Contains curcumin and antioxidants (demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin) to support DNA integrity and protect cells from oxidative damage. May interact with the following medications: NSAIDS, painkillers, blood thinners, statins or blood pressure meds.
If you tolerate it, this natural supplement may be a powerful tool for you in the fight against chronic inflammation. Filed Under: Anti Inflammatory Herbs Tagged With: best curcumin supplement, curcumin for inflammation, natural anti inflammatory herbs, turmeric for painFat-Burning Veggies? This complete self care 4-module program with amazing bonuses gives you the full foundation for your anti inflammatory lifestyle -- and all in one convenient place.
Inflammation Advisor brings you practical ideas, news, and updates that you can use in your self care plan for promoting inflammatory health.
These are haritaki (Terminalia chebula ), amalaki (Embelica officinalis), and bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica).
My Triphala and Guggulu Capsules are the perfect match for the maintenance of good cholesterol level and keeping away those bad one.
Triphala has helped in maintaining regularity in bowel movement and also improved digestion. Triphala has increases regularity in bowel movement and provided relief from indigestion and flatulence. Guduchi is an important part of the Ayurvedic category of Rasayanas, or rejuvenative tonics. It is described as one of the Medhya Rasayana (mental rejuvenative) in the Charak Samhita (The oldest and most potent book of Ayurvedic Medicine). Liver damage, viral hepatitis or poisoning from alcohol, chemicals or recreational and medicinal drugs. 2 It acts by clearing pitta toxins and uric acid via the urinary system that have accumulated in raktavahasrotas. Useful at redressing intestinal floral imbalance with candida-like symptoms (krimi, grahani) such as bloating, flatulence and malabsorption. It regulates blood sugar levels via its direct effect on rakta and medas-dhatu thus benefiting diabetes and hypoglycaemia.

It is often used in formulas for male sexual dysfunction caused by pitta imbalance as its sweet post-digestive effect nourishes shukradhatu. Curcumin prevents this cycle because of its anti-inflammatory response in the gut and the rest of the body, which can result in losing weight, at least in losing water weight from allergic swelling. Developed by a medical doctor and alternative medicine researcher, this site is your resource for self education and self empowerment in optimizing your health and health care. All these herbs have achieved their respective therapeutic recognitions among numerous ayurvedic physicians around the world. Guduchi helps increase the effectiveness of protective white blood cells and builds up the body's own defense mechanism (immune system). Its bitter yet heating qualities are used to stimulate raktadhatvagni and strengthen digestion in pitta types. Guduchi is very calming to vata and the nervous system via its unctuous nature soothing nervous irritation. Too much leptin also causes too much fat to form around the liver which can result in type 2 diabetes.
A blend of these wonder herbs gives birth to a miraculous holistic medicine in the name of triphala which is widely used to alleviate a range of health disorders. These two products had helped me in losing the excess fat and maintaining the normal body weight.
Guduchi Enhances the functioning of protective cells, macrophages, and improves body's resistance to infections.
Cucumin was used for thousands of years in Eastern Medicine Practice and is frequently used today in Ayurvedic medicine. Guduchi possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and anti-allergic properties.
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