If you have received e-mail from us, it is because your e-mail address is currently on our newsletter list. Our records indicate that you have requested information from one of our partners or affiliates. Episode 7 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries is titled ‘Bedlam’ and is not surprisingly set in an asylum in chilly old Ballarat. Episode 7 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries is titled ‘Bedlam’ and is not surprisingly set in an asylum in chilly old Ballarat.  Written by Chris Corbett instead of regular Stuart Page, this episode has a bit more vavoom to it than previous episodes past. When a nurse is murdered, Lucien (Craig Mclachlan) overlooks the ‘obvious’ (the mentally-ill man caught with the knife in his hand over the dead body) and begins to look at the victims life and the conspiracy of why she would be killed in the first place.  As usual, he unravels a sad tale of a meanie doctor who has begun experiments using ECT and the killing them accidently and it’s the lovely nurse who finds this out and is killed to silence her. Lucien shows us his lovely piano skills and he as a drunken late night as he wishes away the feeling of disappointment of not living up to his father’s name.  For the first time, due to Jean’s (Nadine Garner) snooping, we finally have a visual for Lucien’s lost wife and daughter. Even though everyone has given the poor bugger schtick about his one hit wonder ‘Mona’ he has managed to beat the odds and show he’s still got life in him yet.  And yes, I danced around my lounge room to that bloody song for months.  Catchy as hell but very uncool with hindsight!

The weep counter has remained steady now since episode two and looks like there will be less weeping and more piano playing for our beloved Dr. Film BlergFor writers: Film Blerg gives opportunities for new and aspiring writers to develop their writing skills through screen criticism.
For readers: Film Blerg is a compendium of accessible and substantial reviews on as much screen content as we can get our hands on.
Okay after watching the first episode I kind of feel like I just got suckered into watching this series all the way through. So with episode 3 it seems everyone thinks of Ranmaru er I mean Jeane as a guy no problems here. It’s a real shame that he hasn’t has more opportunities to shine in Australian dramas in the past because he’s really, very good. Nobukatsu pretty much would of united the clan, but at the same time would of had no hope of surviving the Sengoku period here.

Yay! I hope that if a new series is granted that the move the story along with a much faster pace so audiences can look forward to learning more about the characters and actually caring about them too.  I’m sure that TPOC (the power of Craig) will get them over the line in the end.
The civilization that once had prospered has now turned to a tale of dreams, as the inextinguishable flames of war tear the realm asunder. Although that did help him in a sense though, but I get the feeling that the loli priestess knows more then she is letting on though. Support the Industry read the Visual Novel before watching the anime-SPAM Hunter of the boards. The obvious ones are genderswaping, alternate universe, time traveling back to said point, etc.

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