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If you've been trying to get pregnant without success, you may need some fertility assistance. With the help of our renowned specialists, you'll increase your chances of getting pregnant ASAP! Select one of the locations below and click "CONFIRM" to have someone contact you to schedule a fertility consultation. BISMARCK - When Steph Meier took a job managing a maternity clothing store, she never expected her boss would harass her because she was pregnant. PAINTING OF ALL TYPES Barn painting, Pole barns, Fuel tanks, Hopper bins, Grain bins, House painting, HOT RUBBER BIN SEALS. UND Police Department officers came to the rescue for some very tiny, fluffy and adorable Grand Forks residents Tuesday morning. Grand Forks has been drier than normal this year, but the last 10 days of May was enough to make the area wetter than usual. A 13-year-old girl was sent to the hospital Sunday night after being pulled from a swimming pool in south Grand Forks.
A boy running into the street after a ball Sunday evening in Grand Forks was struck by a 1993 Honda Accord, but his injuries are unknown.

The good news is that with a little extra help, most couples are able to have the family of their dreams. For women who have been trying for more than 12 months without success (or over 6 months if your over 35 years), it's time for a fertility checkup.
Complete the form on this page and we'll connect you to a center within our Attain Fertility® Network. Information collected here will only be shared with a participating fertility center near you, which may contact you as a follow up. Josh Erickson had just finished swimming with his children on Sunday evening when he heard it.
Supreme Court is considering this question in the case of Peggy Young, a delivery driver for the United Parcel Service in Maryland, whose doctor advised her not to lift more than 20 pounds at work during her pregnancy. This led UPS to force Young to take an extended, unpaid leave of absence.Since then, UPS has changed its policy to accommodate pregnant workers.
Women’s rights advocates say such a change can benefit a company’s bottom line by curbing turnover and boosting productivity.State accommodation laws put limits on how far a company needs to go to accommodate a pregnant employee. For instance, employers don’t have to make an accommodation that would cause undue hardship to their business.“Sitting down or extra breaks or things like that – that is reasonable,” said Stephanie Winterquist, spokeswoman for the Fargo-Moorhead Human Resource Association.

On learning the news, her boss and the company’s owner did not offer their congratulations. Instead, their reaction was cold and self-interested, she said.“Are you still going to be able to clean?” Henley recalled being asked. Cleaning the owner’s home was a duty she’d taken on to show that she was an obliging employee.Tensions between Henley and her superiors peaked in September.
That’s when her husband came to the office because their daughter, who was about 15 months old, had hurt her hand, and he needed helped bandaging it.Henley said that for some reason this visit upset her boss, who had her baby in the office at the same time. In an email, KNS denied there was any discrimination.Henley said she’s reached out to employment lawyers for help with her case, but they’ve all told her they represent employers, not employees. McDonald said she also couldn’t find an attorney to handle her case.One of the few North Dakota attorneys who take employees’ discrimination cases is Mark Larson of Minot. He said one reason for the limited of number lawyers like him is financial.Larson said he and other plaintiffs’ attorneys typically are only paid if they win a settlement for a client.

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