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But a pacemaker-like device, put into the bowel to regulate her movements, could hold the key to her recovery.The operation is known as a gastric electrical stimulation procedure. Joanne Turton has a mystery condition that has made her appear 8 months pregnant for the last 15 years and now doctors say they may have found a solution for her. The bloating isn't the only problem, as the pressure causes Turton pains on her sides and has prevented her from having a normal social life.
Turton, mom to a 5-year-old girl, tells The Hull Daily Mail that doctors promised to perform the life-changing surgery, but let her down by canceling days before it was scheduled. Turton already had a trial run of the device and felt instant relief, so she became even more upset since she had arranged a babysitter for her daughter and had packed for her hospital stay. Giselle loves anything involving film, fitness, nutrition, social media and catching up on the latest entertainment news. A new survey says that female graduates are now waiting until they are 35-years-old to have their first child, whilst women who don't go to university are likely to start a family at 25, the same age as their grandmothers.

Living in London in my rented flat none of my peers had children and there were few women at work who managed to juggle work and motherhood with the travelling and late nights in the office. Now I dona€™t mind spending my Saturday night making baby food instead of going on a night out.A  But part of the reason for that is how gratefulA  I am to be a mum at all and if I had missed that opportunity because of my age it would have been devastating. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, and life-threatening heart disease have been linked to low levels of vitamin D in early life. In the winter, when the bodya€™s vitamin D stores are being used up and the sun is too weak in the UK to replenish them, experts recommend eating oily fish or getting a dose of winter sun in warmer climes. The 33-year-old British mom from Hull, England claims that she has suffered from an undiagnosed bowel condition since she was 18, which has severely bloated her to the point that she looks 8 months pregnant!
The Hull Daily Mail says that her doctors were set to operate with a revolutionary machine to help her problem …except they ended up delaying the procedure.

The surgery, known as a gastric electrical stimulation procedure, would involve putting a pacemaker-like device into her bowel to regulate its movements. The RCPCH estimates at least half of the UKa€™s white population, up to 90 per cent of the multi-ethnic population and a quarter of children have vitamin D deficiency.Many people thought rickets had virtually been eliminated after the war but there has been a recent rise in numbers of children with the disease.
Otherwise, multivitamins are needed.Official policy is that pregnant women should take a vitamin D supplement but few are actually advised by doctors and midwives to do so.
The chief medical officers earlier this year recommended that all pregnant and breastfeeding women, children aged six months to five years and people aged 65 and over should take supplements containing vitamin D.The RCPCH will produce a series of leaflets next spring for doctors highlighting signs of deficiency and wants further fortification of foods to be considered.

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