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Your pregnancy has been confirmed and you cannot wait to tell the world about the newest addition to your family! Add that extra little touch to your announcement gift by including something that reflects your partner’s hobbies or passions such as a baby size baseball uniform or a mini set of golf clubs with a onesie that has a picture of a baby playing golf on it. Write the announcement on the bathroom mirror before he has his shower – it will then be visible in the foggy mirror.
Change his screen saver to say something like “Hi Daddy” or “We are pregnant” or something that is meaningful to both of you or a riddle that he has to solve.
The traditional “bun in the oven” can still be a great way of surprising your partner – just put some fresh buns in the oven for breakfast and time your announcement of “We have a bun in the oven” to catch him off guard. Give him a printed T-shirt with words such as “Going to be a father”, “Dad-to-be” or “Look what I did”. No matter how you choose to announce your pregnancy to your partner, it will be a memorable event, so try and capture it with a photo or video. You may want to wait until after your first ultrasound or first trimester to tell your family. You have to make the decision on who you tell first, in what order or do you just tell everyone at the same time. As a couple, you could make the announcement in a number of ways such as at a family gathering, or with a card, e-card,  gifts, photos, ornaments, calendars, posters, bumper stickers, cakes or cupcakes, cookies, invitations (with due date on), video, a pair of booties, T-shirts, hats or caps or mugs. Send everyone a mug with their relationship to your baby on it (grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, etc.). The selection of beautiful, cute, stylish, fun or quirky pregnancy story cards to be found online gives you a wide choice. Via e-mail (for distant family members) using creative photos such as a cute photo of your feet, your partner’s feet  and a pair of booties in-between or a framed copy of your sonogram. Let a photo do the talking for you using your pregnancy test, ultrasound or being creative. Give the future grandparents a baby book with the message “something for you to read to your grandchild”. There is no perfect way of announcing your pregnancy; it is for you to decide how you want to break the baby news to family and friends. However you decide to make this big announcement, make sure you have a camera handy to capture those priceless memories. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. First trimester of pregnancy is week 1 through week 12 – in other words, it is the first 3 months of your pregnancy. As well we know, generally pregnancy takes more than 9 months (about 40 weeks) from the first day of your last menstruation to the day of birth.
Frequent urination problem, morning sickness (nausea and vomiting), breast tenderness, missed period, and easy to get fatigue are some common symptoms that occur in the first 3 months of pregnancy. In the first week after your conception, your fertilized egg will be transformed into a structure called blastocyst (a microscopic ball of cells).
Changes of your hormones can trigger some pregnancy symptoms that even some of those may occur in the very early weeks of your pregnancy. You are more sensitive to certain smells (such as the smells of coffee, smoke of cigarette smoking, etc). Mood changes & swings – you are easier to lose control of your mood (sensitive feeling)!

As your body changes and the growth of your baby, you may need to respond this condition by changing some of your daily routines.
For instances, you may need to eat more often with small meals in order to ease your nausea and vomiting. In addition, about 8th week of pregnancy are crucial time when the most major organs of your baby develop. The first trimester can be divided into three major groups; 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks from the day of your last menstrual cycle. As soon as you spotted the positive sign on your pregnancy test, you probably envisioned yourself with a pleasant, round bump — but chances are you'll only gain a few pounds during the first 12 weeks. It's probably safe to say you know to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, but there are some off-limits foods that may surprise you.
Another reason you likely won't gain much weight in trimester one: Your little one is very little.
Since when did your mother-in-law wear such strong perfume, and did your hubby's aftershave always reek?
Before you make any decisions, you'll want to know…Am I really pregnant?It is possible to have a positive home test and not be pregnant. If you are considering an abortion, this information will tell you what type of abortion would be performed. For example, you could choose a very romantic moment and give him the beautifully wrapped positive pregnancy test while proposing fatherhood (like a proposal but with a twist). That decision is up to you, but you should take some time for you and your partner to enjoy your awesome secret and to plan ahead.
For example, would you like to announce your pregnancy to both sets of parents first and then spread the news to the rest of the family? For inspiration, have a look at announcing ideas, pregnancy announcements and family pregnancy announcements. To avoid forgetting to tell someone, make a list of all your friends and sent them an e-mail or video. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.
But typically, you will begin to experience the pregnancy symptoms in the first 1-2 months after your conception.
You do believe that you are being pregnant when you notice that your belly is growing bigger day by day. It is characterized commonly by nausea and vomiting that can strike anytime – but many women say that morning is the worst time of this symptom. And during these changes, your baby is very vulnerable to unfriendly substances, like radiation, alcohol, or infectious diseases. That infamous pregnancy fatigue is probably making you eager to cozy up to the couch right now so you can read up on all that you’re experiencing. Morning sickness is mostly to blame: It will be hard to up your calorie intake when you're having trouble keeping food down. And although your first trimester is technically 13 weeks long, it will feel like way less time has passed. For instance, while it's important to bone up on calcium, be cautious that you're not eating products made with unpasteurized dairy products, which can contain pregnancy-unfriendly bacteria like Listeria.
When you're able to confirm your pregnancy in week 5, your sweetie will be as small as an orange seed.
In your first trimester, you may begin to notice you have a super sense of smell — and that could even start to rub you the wrong way.

Depending on your partner’s sense of humor, hobbies, passions, demeanor and sense of romance, you may decide to announce your pregnancy in a funny, romantic, creative or unique way. For this, you will need to plan ahead as you do not want members of the family feeling hurt because they heard it from someone else before you told them. First time pregnancy can make you feel like you have been in a tumble-drier emotionally with highs and lows, but it is worth it when you see your newborn miracle.
So there are 3 major trimesters; 1st trimester (week 1 through week 12), 2nd trimester (week 13 to week 17), and 3rd trimester (week 28 to the day of delivery)! Even the symptoms also may be different to your first pregnancy (if you are being pregnant for the second time). And in general, many women will begin to clearly notice this change in the end of the first trimester or at early weeks of the second trimester.
And the process of this implantation can trigger and cause a number of physical and hormonal changes in your body. In pregnant women, heartburn is usually caused by hormonal changes which then affect the way of digestive tract muscles to work. To the rescue: This quick list of exactly what you can expect in your first trimester as an expecting mom.
Here's why: The pregnancy calendar counts your first week of pregnancy as the last day of your period (even though the egg and sperm haven't met yet). Even if you're absolutely certain you know the day you conceived, tacking on 40 weeks won't add up to your due date. And while your baby will be hard at work developing his brain and growing itty-bitty bones, he'll only measure up to the size of a peach by the time your first trimester is through. Some moms-to-be may not be able to stomach their favorite foods, just based on smell, while others may start resenting that co-worker who insists on eating garlicky pizzas and pastas (and doesn't even sit too close to you!).
A pregnancy test shows elevated hormones, but an ultrasound will show if your pregnancy is viable.
Heartburn during pregnancy (particularly in the 2nd & 3rd trimester) usually will get worse – about 50 percent of all pregnant women experience severe heartburn in the last two-thirds of pregnancy. Then your doctor usually also ask you to take your prenatal vitamins, keep hydrated, eat healthy nutritional diet, etc. But there's actually no way to know you're pregnant for sure until week 5, when your hcG hormone level (which turns your pregnancy test positive) is finally high enough to confirm you're really expecting (and that's assuming you take the test the second you miss your period). Instead, add 40 weeks to the day of your last period, or 38 weeks to when you did the deed.
Add that to the fact that you're skipping high-calorie items like alcohol and soft cheeses, and it could be tough to maintain your calorie intake.
But keep in mind that no matter what date you have penciled in on your calendar, your baby will likely arrive on her own time. More to avoid: hot dogs and deli meat, which can also contain Listeria, as well as nitrates and nitrites (in processed meats like hot dogs).
In fact, pass on almost anything with the word "raw" — raw eggs (including Caesar dressings and hollandaise sauce), undercooked meat, sashimi and raw sushi. Speaking of fish, be cautious of sea foods with a high mercury content, like mackerel and tilefish.

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