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A few reasons are likely such as blood sugar levels (through carbohydrate and sugars ingested) to hormones being imbalanced. Some after after sugar or chocolate, others talk about savoury – so what’s the difference and reason?
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Check out this chart and try to substitute a food that is what your body actually wants rather than what your taste buds are trying to get you to eat.
If you struggle with weight and food cravings you’ll find some excellent information on this chart. Not only does this cause digestive issues, sluggishness and illness, but will affect how foods are digested and nutrients removed and delivered around the body.

Serotonin is a chemical in the body which keeps us feeling happy and upbeat, and is released from the brain.
Leave these out, and the body doesn’t function properly, you get cravings, toxins and slow fat loss.
According to a study, a healthy high protein breakfast increases satiety and helps to reduce hunger cravings during the day, providing more evidence that breakfast is a useful strategy for managing appetite and regulating intake of food. About 60% of teenagers breakfast-skip every day.For 3 weeks, teenagers skipping breakfast either carried on skipping breakfast or ate 500-calorie cereal and milk breakfast meals containing normal amounts of protein, or higher protein Belgium waffle, syrup and yogurt breakfast meals. Just before lunch, the teenagers completed an fMRI brain scan to determine brain activation responses.In comparison to skipping breakfast, both breakfasts resulted in reductions in hunger and improved fullness during the morning. Results of the fMRI scans revealed that before lunch, there was a reduction in brain activation in brain areas that control food motivation and reward whenever the teenagers ate breakfast in the morning.

The higher protein breakfast also resulted in even greater satiety, appetite and reward-driven eating behavior changes in comparison to the normal protein breakfast.The Incorporation of a healthy protein-rich breakfast can be a simple method for staying satisfied longer, and can help individuals to be less prone to snacking. Snack foods for satisfying hunger between meals are convenient, but these foods are usually high in fat and sugar and a considerable amount of calories are added to the diet.
These study results indicate that a breakfast high in protein could be an effective strategy for improving appetite control and preventing overeating.

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