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Improving the success rate for IVF treatments is the goal for a collaboration that brings together three institutions and draws on four decades of clinical data. Linking Monash IVF's clinical expertise with the research strengths of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University and Japan's Systems Biology Institute (SBI) will not only provide researchers with a wealth of information but also facilitate fast translation to the clinical setting.
Dr Sarah Boyd, of ARMI and SBI Australia, says that mathematics and engineering methods could be applied to biological research to gain better understanding of complex systems.

Researchers expect to gain insights into the factors that affect the growth of embryos, allowing them to determine which characteristics affect the success of IVF treatments. This is the first major collaboration resulting from SBI Australia, a node of Japan's SBI established at Monash in 2012. Technology developed at SBI will be used to analyse the huge amounts of anonymous clinical data stored by Monash IVF since the early 1970s; Professor Alan Trounson and Professor Carl Wood achieved the world's first IVF pregnancy there in 1973.

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