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During the ninth week of pregnancy, you and your baby are going through many changes very rapidly.
Your uterus is still growing, and should be close to the size of a cantaloupe at nine weeks pregnant. If you’re struggling with pregnancy stress and anxiety during this week, find a support group to join. Has it occurred to you yet, that by this time next week you’ll be 10 weeks pregnant?! It is necessary for you to continue eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of fluids along with doing exercises and yoga. On average a pregnant woman would have gained 12-15 pounds at this stage but this is not a rule for all women. It begins to enjoy the warm and comfortable room of the uterus and swims and kicks to show his excitement.
Even the eye brows are fully developed on his face and one can see the fingernails and toenails covering his phalanges. If you haven’t already, you may be preparing for your first prenatal visit with your health care provider. You’re probably feeling extra bloated and maybe a bit lethargic, but remember that this is mainly due to the hormones that are floating around in your system.
At just an inch long, your baby still weighs around three grams, about the same as during the eighth week of pregnancy. This will help you get out of the house, and talking to other moms-to-be will help you cope with the feelings you are experiencing. You would receive few kicks from your baby unexpectedly and you have started to wait for it anxiously at this stage. Apart from regular heartburn and indigestion issues you will have fresh problems like leg pain and swelling of legs. Blood circulation will be in full swing in his body and most of the other systems become functional as well.
To make things easier for your doctor, you may want to write down some things about yourself, including medications, exercise habits, eating habits, and medical history. You may be noticing weight gain, but it’s likely more due to water retention than the baby.
These support groups can be found on the Internet, and they exist in nearly every town or city. The way you are feeling right now is completely normal, even though it’s probably anything but normal for you. Your belly is pooching out very much making it visible that you are in the middle stage of pregnancy. In case of any doubts, you can consult your healthcare provider for the right eating habits. You can spend more time with support group members so that you can share your feelings openly with them.
Many women experience severe mood swings and other pregnancy symptoms during this week, but again, this is due to the hormones (especially progesterone) in your system.
There are also professionals who deal specifically with pregnant women and can help calm your emotions and help your spouse or partner cope as well. Talking with others, especially your partner, will help everyone understand what is going on.

How Big Is Your Baby At Week 9 Pregnancy?Your baby is about the size of a grape that measures 1 inch (2.3 cms) and weighs less than 2 grams.
Some of the pregnancy symptoms that are still present — such as aches and pains, bloating, and fatigue — will last throughout your pregnancy. You can cut the salt intake in your foods and keep your legs elevated (above the level of your heart) whenever you can. Pregnancy symptoms at the stage of 21 weeks include feeling dizzy and fainting in some women.
The digestive system will begin its function by digesting the amniotic fluid that he swallows from time to time. The tail that was once there should have disappeared by now, and the organs and muscles should be functioning on their own. Go for a small walk in your workplace after your lunch that would help in digestion process eliminating gases. His or her eyelids will fuse together, or shut, and will reopen again during the 27th week of pregnancy.
Your baby’s heart should also have divided into four separate chambers, and will be pumping rapidly (this is normal).
The mouth appears as a flat line on the surface, and the tongue starts forming.Limbs – Fingers and toes are visible, wrists and ankles begin to develop. Back To TOPChanges Occurring Within Your Body At Week 9 Pregnancy:You may feel the pregnancy, but you may not look pregnant.
Though there may not be any noticeable physical changes, you will begin to observe the changes in your body.Waistbands Go Uncomfortable – Even if you don’t have a proper bump, you may still find your waistbands uncomfortable. Choose breathable and stretchy fabrics.Breast Size Increases – Your breasts increase in size because of the ducts and glands that begin developing at the early stage of pregnancy. The area under the navel region becomes firm.Pain In The Abdomen – With increasing uterus, you will also experience cramping and pain in the lower abdominal region. The uterus grows and contracts throughout the pregnancy, and the tightening is known as ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions. If you notice vaginal bleeding along with pain, you should immediately see your doctor.Gas – It is normal to pass gas during pregnancy.
To help relieve yourself, you should avoid eating gas producing foods like cabbage or beans. Do not worry or feel embarrassed since anyone can understand what you might be going through.Sense Of Taste And Smell Changes – Though all women in their pregnancy may not experience this, few do sense these changes. Try avoiding the things that irritate you and do not worry since your senses return to normalcy after delivery.Heartburn – Hormones like progesterone help in expanding your body with the growing baby. You can prevent heartburn by taking smaller meals at frequent intervals than larger meals at three intervals. If passing urine more often hurts you, you should better check with your health care provider. You can avoid drinking water two hours before bed, cut caffeine intake and empty bladder as these help to improve the condition.Blood Circulation Increases – It is normal to carry five liters of blood in your body.
The major part of the increased blood is liquid plasma. The red blood cells usually increase in the second-trimester pregnancy.
The metabolic rate increases to 25% and, therefore, your heart sends nearly 40% extra blood to your body. You may also feel dizzy as your blood volume increases.Veins Bulge – You will find bulging veins on your hands and legs.

They also safeguard against the loss of blood you experience during labor.Nipples Change – Your nipples will become larger and turn darker. Do not try to harm them since they have a purpose for your baby.Vaginal Discharge Increases – Vaginal discharge increases by now.
Too much weight can give a big baby, which might be difficult to deliver and too little weight can give a small baby. Too much weight can increase the risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, complications during labor and prolonged labor. Also, the more weight you gain, the more you have to lose after your baby is born.Libido – Some women show disinterest in sex, while some report of showing more interest. Dehydration, feeling of bloating, lethargy are all the other signs you experience.Though you may not feel like doing any physical activity, you can take small walks during ninth week of pregnancy. Back To TOPEmotional Changes During 9th Week Of Pregnancy:Feeling Of Weakness – You will feel a bit weak during this period. You can still have the feeling of fatigue and nausea, but you will feel better by the trimester end.Your Partner May Not Be Into Pregnancy – You may not find your partner as involved as you are. He could only experience your pregnancy through hearing your symptoms rather than himself observing. Do not fret since your baby will not gain cognitive ability at this phase to know your feelings.Exhaustion – Tiredness and exhaustion may have a toll on the growing baby. Always aim for an easy life and do not do things for which you don’t have the energy.Anxiety – It is obvious that you might feel anxious about your pregnancy. If you had an argument with anyone, or if you are tired and fed up, chill out by listening to some music, take a warm bath, try to relax by closing your eyes.Making some time exclusively for yourself is important for your emotional health during pregnancy.
Back To TOPYour First Ob-Gyn Visit:The following is what you can expect from the very first visit to your obstetrician. She will perform an internal examination of the vagina, uterus, ovaries and cervix.Due Date Calculation – It is calculated based on the first day of your last menstrual period.
You can also get to talk with other pregnant women that help you cope with the feelings you are undergoing.
There will be professionals who specifically deal with moms-to-be to calm their emotions.Beat stress – Whenever you feel overexcited or over stressed, you can get along with deep breathing exercises or go for a short walk.
It helps him understand what is going on with you.Connect with your growing baby – Diane Sanford, the clinical psychologist, highly recommends to at least set 10 minutes aside every day to connect with your baby. You should change your sleeping positions if you are facing difficulty in sleeping.Yoga – Enroll in a yoga or ante-natal exercise class after checking with your health care provider. Eat Properly To Avoid Morning Sickness:If you experience morning sickness, keep crackers or biscuits near your bed. Some other potential sources include soybeans, nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.You can also find magnesium in whole grains. You can place dimmer bulbs in place of brighter bulbs.She may have mood swings that can annoy you.
We are a place to stop for a while and hang out with likeminded people, a place to learn and to teach.

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